6 Effective Tips to Protect Your Children from Lead Poisoning

Childhood lead poisoning is very common. This is because kids don’t really know that what they could be munching or touching on already contain lead. Though the ill effects of lead poisoning don’t instantly show up, they can still be a threat to the health of your child. Lead can combine in the blood and may be stored in different parts of the body, such as in your vital organs. It’s also known to cause mental disabilities and stunted growth. Some victims of childhood lead poisoning can suffer from brain damage or even death.

Here are 5 simple but highly effective methods on how you can prevent lead poisoning:

1. Know the sources of lead. A lot of homes that are built before the 1980s contain high concentration of lead because they contain lead-based paints and pipes. However, lead is not only found in them. Stained glasses, potteries, and even toys can have a significant amount of lead, making them major causes for lead poisoning in children.

One of the first things you have to do therefore is to perform lead testing. You can start by purchasing lead testing kits. A lot of them can already give you accurate results. Nevertheless, it’s still recommended that you work with a professional, one that can not only inspect but assess the risks of lead right in your own home.

2. Change the paint. Covering flaking paint is not enough. You have to change everything, especially if it has lead. The paint can mix into the soil and dirt, and your children may play with them. Lead can enter their body through their pores and their mouth.

3. Clean your house at all times. Since dust and dirt can also contain lead, make it a ritual to remove them through vacuuming or sweeping. There are already plenty of vacuum cleaners that possess HEPA filters. This way, possible lead poisoning causes such as dust will be trapped.

4. Check the toys. The toys should be screened first before you buy them. Only lead-free paint should be used, and this should be indicated in the label. You must also take note of recalled toys. There are websites that offer updated list. See if the toys that your children have belong to the list and get rid of them as soon as possible if they are.

5. Enrich their diet with vitamins and minerals. You can reduce the risks of childhood lead poisoning by training your kids to eat foods that are rich in iron and calcium. These will prevent the immediate and easy absorption of lead into their bodies.

6. Have your child screened. Even if your kid looks healthy, you still have to check his lead content to ensure that he is not suffering from gradual poisoning from lead. Most of the health care facilities are equipped to perform the procedure, and it doesn’t usually take a lot of time to accomplish.

As parents, it’s your main responsibility to ensure the health and well-being of your kids. That’s why you need to know how you can prevent lead poisoning.

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