Alcohol ETG Urine Test

Since decades, simple urine tests and alcohol breathalyzers were used to detect if one has consumed alcohol recently but no method was able to answer if one has taken alcohol last week!

Alcohol Saliva Test Approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation

Alcohol Saliva Test Approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation

This is because, alcohol dissipates itself from the system in a matter of hours, and no one gets to know if you had that kickin’ drink at the party last weekend! But now, to the utter despair of those all-time boozers, the brainy chaps-in-the-labs have come up with a new protocol, which is being tagged as “gold standard of alcohol testing” for this can tell if someone has taken alcohol in the near past! This latest method works on the concept of Alcohol Biomarkers.

Alcohol biomarkers are the physiological compounds that are produced when alcohol is metabolized the by the body. They are used as an indication of consumption of alcohol. Researchers have reported two types of biomarkers – Indirect and Direct. Indirect biomarkers are the traditional alcohol biomarkers, which suggest heavy alcohol consumption by detecting the toxic effects that alcohol may have had on various organs or body chemistry. Direct biomarkers are the biomarkers that are produced as byproduct during the alcohol metabolism. One such direct biomarker is ETG i.e. Ethyl Glucuronide which forms the basis of this latest alcohol detection method which is also known as The ETG alcohol test. This test serves as a measure to trace out those individuals who are legally prohibited from consuming alcohol, either by the law or by their employer.

ETG & ETS Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection

ETG & ETS Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection

The Alcohol ETG Urine Test is a biomarker test that detects the presence of ethyl glucuronide in the urine samples. Actually, alcohol, when metabolized by the liver, forms ethyl glucuronic acid i.e. when someone consumes alcohol, in the liver, a compound called glucuronic acid reacts with it and forms Ethyl glucuronide as a metabolite. Alcohol dissipates within few hours but ETG particles remains in the system for as long as 80 hours, so a Friday night party can get you in trouble even on Monday morning! In some cases this test can also detect ETG markers even after 5 days of consuming alcohol. This amazing sensitivity makes this method most suitable to be applied in a diverse array of situations to find illegal, long term alcohol consumption. No wonder, since its instauration, this test has gained wide popularity & acceptance all across the globe. Nowadays, this test is also conducted widely in the corporate world to profile the alcohol habits and use of illicit drugs by their prospective employees.

Although this test has been proved to be able to detect alcohol usage for as long as 80 hours but still, it has got some booby traps! This test “can not distinguish in between the beer and the purell” says the director of federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). It doesn’t bother to find out why and how the ETG has been produced or the identity of the real substance which has been metabolized to produce ETG. If it detects ETG, it will simply label you as an inebriate! So, it may get you in trouble for no fault of yours! Moreover, there are no known threshold levels determined for ETG that can distinguish between the incidental exposure and the intentional consumption of alcohol. Therefore, the federal agency has reported that – “as the test is so sensitive, it can also falsely read positive for alcohol consumption even if the test taker has taken a medication containing alcohol!”

Still, if the medication profile of a person is known, this test can greatly facilitate alcohol detection in those individuals who are legally prohibited from consuming alcohol, either by the law or by their employer! Beware Boys!

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  • Ernie

    Does vigorous exercise or diuresis impact the accuracy of the EtG test?

  • Steve

    I was wondering if the ETG itself would detect anibolic steroids such as deca durbolin? I would think they would have to have a certian test just for the steroids? thank you for your time Steven

  • blake

    i was wondering if i will pass if i had 4 beers seven days ago just found out im on resrictions never would have went to the football game if you know what i mean

  • Maine Emmerson

    I have to test THU. and it is Sat.
    My test is cort ordered and how long will alchol stay in my system

  • John:

    What other factors can result in a high ETG detection.
    Can Liver disease or Diabetes effect the results, or any
    other substance, other than drugs or alcohol

  • John Dewey

    As far as I know Liver disease does not effect the result of ETG Alcohol Urine test.

    I know it can detect alcohol use up to 3 days or something

  • taylor

    if i drank on friday, will alcohol be detected with etg test on wednesday

  • where are the answers to the above questions

  • If a person drank 3 glass of wine on tuesdaynight. And then was tested friday afternoon. What would the test read?

  • Common sense

    Here’s the answers to most of the questions. If you aren’t supposed to drink because you are court ordered no to, DONT DRINK. It’s pretty easy people. If you still think you need/want a drink in spite of court order prohibiting it, I wonder if that could be the sign of a problem?

  • ETG Expert

    In order to determine how long you will fail an etg test you need to know the cutoff the lab is using. If they are using a 100ng cutoff you could fail for up to five days (about 120 hours). People fail on that cutoff for using too much hand sanatizer or listerine. If they are using a 500 ng cutoff, which most labs do, then the absolute longest you will fail is about 90 hours, even if you drank as many as 20 drinks (however, be careful to make sure you are not dehydrated when you go in for the test or the time can increase to 130 hours; see The average, adequately hydrated person will pass after about 65 hours (the range varies from person to person and heavily intoxicated people have passed after only 40 hours). Also, keep in mind that there is a slight correalation between how much you drank and when you will pass. If you stay under 1g/kg of alcohol, which is about 2 to 3 drinks for most people, you will pass as early as 30 hours but likely in 40 (at most 50). All of you will pass for sure except the person who drank a few glasses less than 3 days before the test. That person has a chance of failing.

  • susie

    Does extreme vomiting the day of alcohol consumption effect the detection of alcohol using the ETG urine ?

  • Joanne

    I live in a sober living facility and I was recently UA’d I have never worried about the results because I don’t drink, I am diabetic and it would just cause major issues with my health if I did. Although I was just recently made aware that my test results came back positive. How can that be possible? I do use an extensive amount of hand sanitizer and use a lot of different kind of cleaning products, and if that is the case how do I prove to the establishment I reside in that the test they used came back to be false positive! I’m frustrated and I’m trying to prove that I do not drink!

  • Richard

    I have been doing ETG testing for 2 years and depending on how much you drink it usually has a detection range of 80 hours and i have had one or two non alcoholic beers and passed but those are still at .5% content and a regular coors light is at about 4.-6.% so you can figure the math out.

  • Michelle

    If a positive test comes back and they mentioned 700, what does that mean? Does this test just show that you drank or will determine the amount and frequency? I am very confused as to how the results determine your drinking history. I drank on a Wednesday evening and was tested that friday morning. What does the 700 result really tell them??? Please let me know

  • jerry liddy

    I recently found out I failed a etg test but haven’t drank in months. Wondering why, I realized that chemicals I work with may have triggered the positive result. Is it possible to test positive if you are exposed to Isopropyl Alcohol?

  • Tiffany

    I had about 3 or 4 sips of red wine last night (approx. 1/2 glass) i got tested with an etg this morning. it was exactly 12 hours after i sipped the drink. the cut off level is 500, will it test positive?

  • […] Alcohol ETG Urine Test | TestCountry ArticlesThe Alcohol ETG Urine Test is a biomarker test that detects the presence of ethyl … proved to be able to detect alcohol usage for as long as 80 hours but still, … So, it may get you in trouble for no fault of yours! Moreover, there are no … My test is cort ordered and how long will alchol stay in my system … […]

  • Kristi

    I have not taken a drink for months, but did use an inhaler with albuterol in it the day before a ua and tested positve. I know it had to be that because it was my first and only positive ua in almost a year of taking the etg tests.

  • todd

    I had 3 drinks friday the last being at 10 p.m..I have a test tuesday at 5 p.m.91 hours after the last drink..Will I pass?

  • Matt

    I am currently on drug court probation in IL where i am subject to ETG and all other types of drug and alcohol testing. Because of this i have done a lot of research on the ETG test and i think i can answer some of the questions here.
    First, it does not test for alcohol directly, it tests for a marker that results in urine due to EXPOSURE to alcohol. You will get a positive result for any exposure within approximately 80 hrs from the time of the test. This time is approximate because everyone is different. Things like dehydration, kidney function, and metabolism will effect how long an individual will test positive after exposure. Also, the amount of alcohol you are exposed to has a small bearing on the time, but that really depends more on the cutoff for the test, which i will get into later.
    Secondly, i say EXPOSURE to alcohol because u do not necessarily have to consume alcohol to test positive on the ETG test. Even epidermal (skin) exposure can cause a positive test result from things like hand sanitizer and mouthwash. This is called “incidental exposure”. Many other things can cause incidental exposure, such as, cold medicine, communion wine and certain foods or food additives like vanilla extract. This is where the cutoff is important. Others have mentioned positive levels of 700 or 500. This is very low. Many labs are now using 1000 as the cutoff and even advertising this as a “gold standard” for ETG testing. However, there is currently a class action law suit in the works against several of these testing facilities (including the one my probation office uses) because the cutoff for incidental and intentional exposure has NOT been accurately determined and many false positives or incidental exposures have been reported even at a level of 1000.
    At current, all ETG tests are admissible in court. I myself have seen others sentenced to jail time for a positive ETG test. The class action suit in the works now is only a civil suit. However, I can tell u in IL they do not use this test for most people on probation and they will tell u if they are giving u the test. I myself get drug tested 3 times a week and have never had an ETG test although i am banned from drinking as a term of my probation. This is prob due to the expense and disputes with accuracy and incidental exposures. They do use the test, however for others on probation that are under 21 or who are on probation due to an alcohol related offense as opposed to a drug offense like me.
    Some states wont use the test at all, and there will prob be an increase or decline in states currently using the test pending the results of the class action suit mentioned before.
    Basically, it comes down to the fact that this test has not been in use long enough and not enough research has been done to determine all aspects of it’s accuracy and dependability and there are currently several advisories against using this test in situations where the consequence for a positive test is jail time or losing ur job, however, until more research is done and/or legislation is passed the test is considered the final word when it is used. The only way to fight a false positive is to hire a lawyer and go to court.

  • walt d.

    Im on probation and am very afraid of thisETG test!!I do like to drink on ocasion!!I know most po,s do use this test I have been studying test results etc. for two days!!This is what I have determined.If your on probation dont drink!!Im going to jail cause i did!If you do drink 72 hours of flushing should do it!!

  • Big D.

    Thanks for your posts “Matt” and “ETG Expert”.

    I am subject to random drug/alcohol testing by my employer due to past indiscretions, mostly alcohol related. I’ve just received notice that EtG is the new test they are using. I have no idea what test they were using prior to EtG, but I was passing.

    I was given a three page summary of things to avoid from now on. I’ll spare you the details, but “ETG Expert” pretty much covered all of the things that could cause a positive test.

    WTF!!! I could lose my job if a chef in a restaurant uses some white wine in my Alfredo sauce, or my girlfriend puts vanilla extract in rice pudding?

    I’d like to hear from more people like “Matt” and “ETG Expert” as to how to avoid a positive test and still live a normal life.

    As for the post from “Common sense”…NO SH1T $@#$@@$!!! Granted, we put ourselves in the position to be tested, but we will NOT be overrun by sanctimonious turds like you. This is a site to find answers to our questions, not to be questioned or preached to!!!

    In closing I’d like to ask anyone with experience or knowledge with this “EtG” to share their story.

    Thanks, D.

  • My Name

    I have looked all over the internet, posted on forums, and no one can give me a straight answer. HERE IS MY QUESTION: Is ETG testing done in the legal system in Minnesota? I am on probation, on random UAs because of alcohol (although tested for everything of course), and was never told what kind of UAs these are. I don’t want to ask my PO, OBVIOUSLY. If you don’t have a definitive yes or no answer, I don’t need any “I would suppose they could do that…” answer. THANK YOU.

  • JRM

    I was told i tested positive for alcohol after i submitted a UA for lab testing. I told the p.o i didn’t drink and am a diabetic. I took so many tests since december 2010 and have passed all tests until this recent one, I have not drank since June 2010 and wondering how would my test be positive? I am a diabetic, and control it taking metformin. That is the only explanation i can provide. I do take other meds and have medication printouts that indicate a false reading could happen etc. I don’t know how to proceed, because as a result i absconded from the law and wishing I could get someone to help that has been in similiar situation

  • Ashley

    I’m really just trying to figure out if my probation officer uses etg testing because when I am tested the results are instant as in I pee in a cup and she says I passed right there. If she was using etg testing would the results need to be sent to a lab? Or what kind of instant tests are there?

  • hdr

    If I take an etg test Monday afternoon around 3:30, and had approximately 30 drinks (evenly paced) between 9am Friday morning and 12:30am Saturday morning (so, about 15 hours of alcohol consumption, but never becoming “drunk” per say… just buzzed), is it possible to pass the test under the following conditions:

    I am male and extremely healthy. I run between 5 and 7 miles everyday and lift weights. After drinking on Friday, I ran about 5 miles on Saturday morning and walked about 4 (total 9 miles). On Sunday (today), I ran around a total of 9 miles. Tomorrow morning (Monday, possibly the day of the test) I will run between 5 and 7 miles, plus lift weight for about 45 minutes.

    On a daily basis I take lots of vitamins, drink lots of water, excercise avidly, and have a healthy diet. I am male, weigh about 185 pounds. I guess my question deals with metabolism. Does the amount of exercise I do have any affect on the excretion time of etg?

  • adrock

    All you guys awaiting answers should just read all the previous posts…. most of you will have your answers there already.

  • Ryan

    What about urine alcohol produced by fermentation?
    EtG/EtS is only detected in urine when ethanol is ingested. This is important since it is possible to have ethanol in urine without drinking. Ethanol in urine without drinking is due to the production of ethanol in vitro. Ethanol in vitro is spontaneously produced in the bladder or the specimen container itself, due to fermentation of urine samples containing sugars (diabetes) and yeast or bacteria. Since the ethanol produced is not metabolized by the liver, EtG/EtS will not be produced and will therefore not be detected in a urine containing ethanol as a result of fermentation.

  • Unanymous

    I drank two pina coladas on a friday….drank one glass of wine on sunday night…..passed an etg test on tuesday at around 6:00 pm and was not hydrated.

  • me

    I unfortunately have taken over 92 ETG tests in the past year and have failed only one to date. I drink every Thursday night and test every Monday and Thursday. I normally have a 84-90 hr span in between my last sip and my test. I cut it short once and paid for it. Stay hydrated and give yourself the 80+ hrs and eat protein the 2 days prior to test (for creatine levels) as well as consume a lot of water and cranberry juice. Don’t over do the liquids on the day of the test as you can come up diluted.

  • i tested possitive for alcohol and havent drank in almost a year i would like to know why and what else could cause a possitive etg?

  • nervous in illinois

    I am subject to three EtG tests a month here in Illinois as a result of probation. Last night(Thurs. 11/17/11) I was at a bar for a friends birthday party. This friend is also the bartender/owner. She asked me to cover the bar for her while she had a smoke and got off her feet for a short 30 minute break. I agreed (I was formerly a bartender) and proceeded to tend bar for her. I served a few drinks and saw some glasses and mugs next to the sink. Bartender instinct took over and I washed about a dozen various glasses for her to help out. It suddenly dawned on me that I may have absorbed alcohol in the three stage process of cleaning those glasses. I immediately washed my hands in soap and water and began to worry. I have an EtG test that I am scheduled to take on Saturday morning at 8 A.M. I have good repoire with the lady that monitors the testing and I have never failed one in the past. I honestly drank only Coca-cola and had a few pretzels to any non-believers out there!!! Am I in danger of failing? Should I be honest with her and tell her what occured in hopes of rescheduling the test? I would rather come clean with her than have to explain it the judge in person later on. any suggestions?

  • nervous

    i had five 16oz. beers ,got so sick i had to go to ER . I have hep C. at ER the doc gave me a moraphene. 84 hours after my last drink I had a UA. for 2 days I drank cranberry juice and water before the UA.however when I took the UA tues. morning my urine was consentrated. Will I pass that UA. my liver cannot handle alot.can the condition of my liver effect the test?

  • ashowers

    I have a friend that had three strong mixed drinks 48 hours prior to an etg there a possibility she could pass?its for drug court and this was an isolated incident.thank you!

  • 1stimentrouble

    this is my 1st time being in trouble with alcohol wasnt aware of the testing until i was told i am going to be tested is there anything to revere the results of the test like drinking alot of water, cranberry juice or taking vitamins or herbs

  • “slave…

    BDSM in itself is not illegal: :.”…

  • angry

    How is there no way to fight this test (confirmed with MS)….. How can an employer force an employee to take said tests and then make some junkie program a mandatory part of continued employment?

  • name

    If I took some off brand Cold & Flu Medicine like NYQUIL, and then had to do an etg test 2 days later, will i test positive?? please helppp

  • Curious gal

    I am confused whether I get tested for ETG/ETS. Wouldnt it say on my results It says Eethanol but the screen limit is 20 mg/dl. I know ETG is more like 250, 500 etc. Can I safely assume that I am being tested only for ethanol. It is for the state and I think personally their funds are too tight to be paying for an extensive test such as ETG anyways. Any thoughts?

  • Kizzle

    Ok so i drank roughly 9 days ago just had about 3 or 4 shots i was wondering if theres any chance it will be detected, the place is using the 100 cut off level thing so im kinda worried any help would be appriciated.When they tested me it was 10 days after i drank but ill just say 9 i havnt got the results back yet so please let me know if i should be concerned…Thank you!

  • I take an etg test every week I went under the 80hr time frame twice and both times I failed my lab uses a cutoff of 100ng my time ame was 69 to 75 hrs when i failed each time i drank a 5th 0f vodka and beers on friday and beers on saturday and sunday stopping at as late as 6 oclock sunday evening this has been my experience with the etg test hope it helps

  • cw

    can carbon monoxide poisoning cause afalse positive on urine drug test for alcohol

  • Kc

    I Ingested liquid codiene syrup for strep throat the night before ETG test and tested POSITIVE. Had no idea it had alcohol in it.

  • ams

    I have heard exessive use of hand sanitizers can cause a false about one?I used a little sun afternoon and got a test mon am..will that small amount show up?

  • paul

    I had two sips of wine a Moscato castello and had a etg test 45 hours later . would those two sips be detected ?

  • comfused

    All these people on here are trying to beet a test all I want ti no is how I went to an alcohal assessment they gave me a breathalizer I passed but failed my urin screen when I had not drank in days I don’t understand why I failed the urin test I feel like I’m being framed please help.

  • marshal

    I am confused. i did not consume alcohol in one month timreperiod. when i went to do blood test it showed serum/blood=38.0mg/dl, breath =0.0000, urine=00000. can someone explain. thanks.note i was a heavy drinker.

  • Ben Herr

    So if I decide to drink a 12oz microbrew beer at about 7% alcohol and I weigh 240lbs at 5’8″ would I fail an Etg urine screen 24 hours later?

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