Is the Test You Need CLIA Waived?

When a test or a laboratory procedure is deemed CLIA waived, it means that the test is simple enough and innately accurate on its own. As long as the instructions for using the test are followed, the results will be correct and foolproof, and no harm will come out of it.

Many medical tests that [...]

What You Need to Know About CLIA Waived Tests

When you need to get some lab tests done, either for yourself or for your home, you may encounter laboratories or facilities that declare themselves to offer CLIA waived tests. They would also probably have a certificate saying that hanging on a wall. But perhaps the question you may have would be: What are CLIA [...]

All You Need to Know About Caffeine During Pregnancy

Is it safe for women to consume caffeine during their pregnancy? The general consensus among obstetricians is that pregnant women should stop their caffeine intake during their pregnancy. However, if completely cutting back on caffeine is not possible, they should at least limit their consumption.

The reason why obstetricians advise against taking in caffeine during [...]

Largest Non-Profit Organizations That Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy

There have been an increasing incidence of teenage pregnancy reported worldwide, and each poses problems in the society. Teenage pregnancy is simply defined as incidents where girls in their adolescence, typically at age 13 to 17, get pregnant. Usually such cases are unplanned. The first period for menstruation among girls starts at 12 years old [...]

Evolution of Pregnancy Prevention Methods in History

Pregnancy prevention methods have considerably evolved through time. Let us trace this evolution.

Pregnancy Prevention Methods from 1960s to 1970s

The first pregnancy prevention methods have been developed as answers to the discoveries of research studies. These studies reported the downside of unwanted pregnancies and parenthood. Because of the findings of these researches, there has [...]

The Signs & Symptoms of Ovulation and Ovulation Calculators

Trying to get pregnant seems like it would be easy, right? After all, conception is completely natural. But there’s really a lot more to it than that. In order to take advantage of your optimal fertile moments, you’ll need to utilize ovulation predictors and calculators to know the best times to conceive. You should also [...]

When Ovulate? Yours Signs of Ovulation

If you are trying to conceive a child, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is when you will ovulate. Ovulation is defined as when your ovaries release one or more eggs into the fallopian tubes each month. This process may be performed by either ovary. The ovary that will actually release [...]

Symptoms and Signs of Pregnancy & EPT Tests

Finding out you are pregnant can be both an exciting and terrifying experience. The thought of bringing a new life into the world can make for a simultaneously joyous and scary moment. However, being prepared for pregnancy can make it a bit easier. Knowing what to look for in yourself as far as the symptoms [...]

Signs of Pregnancy That You Can Watch For

Do you think you’re pregnant, but you don’t know for sure? Pregnancy testing can provide the answer to your question if you’re experiencing signs of pregnancy. A pregnancy test works by measuring the levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. This hormone is first produced once a fertilized egg has [...]

How Do EPT Pregnancy Tests Work & Their Accuracy

Early pregnancy tests, also known as EPT’s, look for a hormone present in the urine or blood called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG). One myth is that you need to wait until your first missed period to begin testing. While that may be the case with many drugstore brands, more sensitive tests allow you to begin [...]