How to Get Rid of Black Mold Infestation

Mold removal is a must for households. A house that has molds is not a fitting residence to live in. Mold removal is important in order to maintain the beauty of your home and at the same time in order to preserve cleanliness in your dwelling place. But before we go into the directions of how to get rid of mold infestations in the house, let us first discus the presence of molds and its most dangerous variety—the black mold.

There is no denying that we are surrounded by mold. It isn’t just something that grows on the very old bread that has been left neglected in the cabinet. Mold is more complicated than that. When you discard of the molded bread, you would often think that the mold problem is over and done with. Yet, mold spores fill the air around the object where it grows. Hence, mold can easily start new colonies wherever the spores land. So if an object in your house has molds, then if you neglect the problem like you did with the bread, prepare yourself for a very nasty and unhealthy mold infestation.

The most dangerous form of mold is the stachybotrys chartarum or commonly known as the black mold. It is the most dangerous variety of mold due to the fact that it may be lethal in some cases. There have been reports that breathing-in the spores of a black mold can result to death. The black mold is often found in damp places like your bathroom and your kitchen. It is very important to get rid of a black mold infestation in these two parts of your house. This is due to the fact that your family members may inhale the mid spores of the black mold. And if a sizeable quantity of black mold spore has been inhaled, it is highly likely that a member of your family may experience health problems, which will then become a burden to your family’s finances.

In addition to that, black mold can cause structural damage. Since it feeds on any organic material, it can destroy an object when left alone for a considerable amount of time. Floors and walls can be eaten away by black mold. They are the reason why some floors suddenly weaken and walls suddenly abruptly crumble.

Mold removal can be done in two ways. The more costly but the easier approach is to hire a professional mold abatement company. When you hire them, they will get rid of the black mold infestation for you at the same time try to repair the damage that has been caused by the block mold. More often than not, they do their job really well. But then again, they are quite expensive.

The other approach to get rid of black mold infestation is to do it on your own. Here is how you remove the black mold infestation and how you clean it up so it won’t return to bother your home. First, you need to acquire a good breathing protection. You do not want to inhale the spores of the black mold. You need a good respiratory protector when getting rid of those molds. A painter’s face mask might do. Defend yourself first before you proceed with the offense. The point here is to kill the black mold, not let it kill you. Second, remove whatever can no longer be salvaged. Throw away those building materials, carpets, and moldings that can no longer be returned to its former state due to the black mold infestation. Third, spray the affected areas where black mold infestation is highly visible with either a mold cleaning product or an anti-fungal liquid. These liquids will loosen the spores. In order to remove the black mold from the surface, scrub them. You may use a stiff-bristled brush or you can sand the infected area with a sander or a wire brush. Repeat the same process twice. Lastly, spray the area with long-lasting anti-mold fungicide. You can also paint it with anti-fungal paint. You need to do this to secure the area from a re-infestation of black mold.

The do-it-yourself approach in removing black mold infestation may be tedious. However, as long as your follow the correct procedure as detailed above, it can also provide self-satisfaction since you are the one responsible in cleaning your own house.

Once you have found black mold infestation in your house, never let it linger. Remove those black molds as soon as possible.

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