Dangers of Driving Under The Influence

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, there are nearly 1.3 billion people who die in road crashes each year. Apart from this, about 20-50 million are injured or disabled. Road traffic deaths account among younger individuals aged 15-44. It is considered to be the fifth leading cause of death worldwide.

In the […]

Drunken Driving & Its Effects on Your Auto Insurance

Unbelievably, driving under the influence can affect your automobile insurance as well! Any person, who is convicted because of high BAC levels while driving, will find his or her insurance rates shooting up for 3 years or more. During this period, the person will also be educated about a term called SR-22.

Penalties depending on […]

Legal Penalties Imposed on Drunken Drivers

If you have been drinking and driving the penalties imposed by law could be very serious. If a police officer vaguely suspects that you have a higher amount of BAC in your blood, he or she could very well get you to do a breathanalyzer test. This is basically an alcohol test which will determine […]

How Alcohol Testing Devices Work

Drunk driving in America has been one of the major causes of road accidents. To minimize such tendency, the government is strict in implementing the law against driving under the influence (DUI). Violation to such law subjects the driver to penalties or imprisonment. DUI is determined if the person is proved to be drunk while […]