Ten Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs

Each year, more and more children fall into the many traps of drug abuse. Even children as young as ten years old have started experimenting with illegal drugs, most of which they pick up from their peers in school. Some even smoke marijuana at home and keep their stash in places undetected by parents.

Keep your children safe from the dangers of drug abuse by becoming a more vigilant guardian. There are a lot of places where kids can hide drugs to keep from getting caught. The following lists the most popular places where kids and teens hide their drugs from the prying eyes of parents and authorities.

1. Highlighters or pens. Your teen-ager may look like he’s seriously studying since he has his highlighter with him all the time but that innocent-looking writing tool may be where your son keeps his secret marijuana stash or other illegal drugs. Marijuana or hash may be stored in the space between the nib of the highlighter and the edge of its cap.

2. Lip gloss or lipstick. It’s rare that tubes of lip gloss or lipstick containers are checked for drugs, that’s why these are such good hiding places. Ecstasy tablets or even LSD can be concealed safely inside lip gloss or lipstick containers. Small amounts of Cocaine or other illegal drugs can also be hidden inside lip gloss tubes.

3. In cars. Sometimes the best place to hide something is in the most obvious place. There are a lot of places where kids can hide drugs in cars–from under the hood to the area below the dashboard, where they can tape tea bags of marijuana or cocaine.

4. In pens or pen holders. Teenagers who use cocaine need paraphernalia to be able to use this drug. Sometimes, miniscule amounts of this drug are hidden in pens, since pen barrels can be used to snort cocaine. You can also check handy compact mirrors for traces of Cocaine.

5. Underneath toilet tanks. Wrapped in plastic, small amounts of illegal drugs can safely be taped beneath toilet tanks and be safe from detection. Bathrooms with exhaust fans are also the perfect place for kids to smoke marijuana. Some even go as far as lining a toilet paper tube with dryer paper and blow through this to dissipate the smell of marijuana.

6. Candy wrappers. Candy or gum can be removed from their wrappers, replaced with tiny amounts of illegal drugs, and then the ends of the wrappers are glued shut.

7. Belt buckles. A lot of belt buckles are being sold in the Internet or other shops that have secret compartments to hide drugs. Some can even be transformed into a pipe to smoke marijuana with. Ordinary belt buckles, likewise, can hold a small amount of illegal drugs.

8. Behind posters. Posters tacked on walls offer a huge area wherein kids can hide drugs. Drugs that can be stored as flat as possible, such as Marijuana, Cocaine or Heroin can be placed inside a small bag and taped to the wall. Posters are then tacked over them to conceal the illegal drugs.

9. Inside socks. Sock drawers are usually messy, especially in teen-agers’ rooms, and can be a good place to hide drugs. Small packets of illegal drugs can be hidden inside a sock and stashed beneath a couple of socks.

10. In game consoles. Most game consoles have hollow parts in them that can be good hiding places for different illegal drugs.
The worldwide problem of drug abuse is far from being solved and addressed completely. But you can start helping put a stop to this and preventing your kids from wrecking their lives with illegal drugs by knowing where and how they hide these harmful substances.


Lena Butler

My name is Lena Butler. I live in San Diego, California. I work as a customer service representative for TestCountry.com. I attended the University of San Diego and majored in marketing. I enjoy spending time at home, working on my painting and playing with my two pet rabbits, Carl and Lenny, when I am not here sharing interesting posts :)

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12 comments to Ten Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs

  • john

    I only read this to see which places are obvious hiding spots. I will hide my marijuana elsewhere. Marijuana is a herb not a drug which is better than consuming alcohol and tobacco, it is not a gateway drug and does not kill brain cells. So do some research on it before you judge and take a side. Many people are ill informed on marijuana causing them to think its bad. Of course you should use it responsibly just like anything else but it is a beautiful herb. If you refuse to research facts on marijuana and continue to say its harmful then you are just very ignorant.

  • austin

    what the hells so bad about pot? ive smoked it since i was 9 and im 16 on dec 6 and im fine in fact, i think it keeps you from gettin sick and bad temperd as often. people who think its bad, whats so bad about it? look up marijuanas cons and pros before you pick a side.

  • Patty

    Looks like I’ll be hiding my stash elsewhere for now on. I wouldn’t want my parents to find an article like this one and search my stuff. Thanks for the advice

  • Jackie

    Wow, go figure the only comments made come from users. And this is directed to the author; Austin who commented on December 2, 2011. You obviously have become dumber from using pot since you can’t even spell, your grammar sucks, and you’re so dumb that you state the exact date you turned 16 but don’t think that just maybe your parents may visit this same site and make the connection of your identity. Yeah, what’s so bad about it?? Just look in the mirror to get the answer to that one.

  • "slaves


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  • Lisa

    Check your childs ski hat for a self made slice; Kids hide pot & any drugs in their winter hats, inside flap of their baseball caps, check your house linen closet. Other places are their closet shirts, inside the pockets. Curtains bottom or top hem is another place. I have had to deal with my younger brother and now my teen hiding pot, drugs and pills. Be aware parents. Also, lock up Advil PM, kids use it to hallucinate. I keep all my household medicine and prescriptions in a lock box.

  • Unanimous

    I am 16 and have been smoking marijuana nearly every day, multiple times a day, for the past year and did it for my first time in early June 2011. All through the summer of 2011 I had a blast with this new part of my life. Marijuana has really opened my eyes. I truly believe that it has helped me become at peace with myself for who I am. Not just with myself but with others. I have more of an open mind and do not judge others. I’ve always been an A student and was worried this would affect my grades for the worst. When my upcomming junior school year began I continued to smoke marijuana, even every day before school. My problem was Chemisty was my first hour followed by Pre-calculus and I was worried. To make a long story shorter, at the end of the semester I had an A in Chemisty and an A in Pre-Calculus (3.7 GPA)…..
    I could tell many more stories on how marijuana has come to benefit me. Above, John, Austin, and Patty….keep smoking my fellow potheads! oh yeah and to the above Lisa, and Jackie….quit judging people and open your mind!

  • Joe

    This article can be helpful but still makes me gag that parents can’t encorperate the right steps to keep there children from wanting to try drugs… Before the fact of ransacking your child’s own private place.. I mean how hard is it to know your child is high as a kite. Open your eyes and stop being paranoid you will know and smell when your kid is high.. Until then quit looking for something that’s not there.. It will definitely further distance your child from you and they will start hiding things that they didn’t need to in the past.

  • Nick

    First of all, if your child is smoking weed, please, for the love of cannibis, don’t hop on their *&$% about it until it becomes an actual problem. And also, parents, you have better things to do with your lives then scour your home for substances that people you’ve never met, and hold no tangible respect for, have deemed “bad”. You’ve all got about seventy years to live, give or take. Use every day wisely. Thank god for your good fortune to have a healthy child and a computer, don’t return his generosity with defiance, as you prevent one of his children from enjoying the obviously intended benefits of a PLANT.

    btw: buddy, if you think weed gives is the sole cause of bad grammar, i’m surprised you have the mental capacity to find this site. stay thirsty my friends.

  • Nick

    Also, consider the blatant, and tyrannical corruption of our congressional system. Drug companies lobby the tits out of washington, promoting shit fifty times stronger than weed, with chemicals that wreak havoc on the human body.

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  • My once best friend and older brother is walking the streets as we speak looking for a motel to live in that has not kicked him out before. His wife had to choose between their twins him because he was diagnosed with Paranoid Schitsophrnia (sp) and Child Protective Services got involved. He started smoking marijuana in college and now is too sick to understand what is going on at all. He has been in and out of hospitals for years. This illness does NOT run in our family. We are all almost glad that our mother is not here anymore to see her baby boy, his daddy and the rest of the family including his 10 brothers and sisters go though this. My brother was living with my dad for a while and his own health was quickly deteriorating . There is NO mental help out their kids!!!! It’s a matter of time that this drug catches up to you “bragedocious potheads” and your love ones. I’m on this site because I’ll be damned it my own son goes though this and I’m too selfish to let him ruin his life but mine and my families as well. Our Government is considering making it legal blows my mine. God bless!

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