Why to Legalize Marijuana

The issue of legalizing marijuana is a hot topic these days, mainly because of the noise being created by the lobbyists who are clamoring for legislation that will decriminalize the possession and the use of the substance. Not everyone, however, is aware as to why there is a need for such legislation.

That is because for many of us, marijuana is nothing more than a weed – a dangerous weed that gets people high, inhibits their ability to think clearly, messes up with their psychomotor functions, and generally gets them into harm’s way. The harm that marijuana poses has caused it to be listed as an illegal substance in the first place.

And yet, scientists have shown that there are medical benefits to using marijuana for certain people. This is the main point that lobbyists are pushing in order to legalize marijuana. What are these benefits and advantages, and are they truly advantageous to us?

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One of the cited advantages of medical marijuana is the fact that it can help manage pain felt by trauma patients, cancer patients and patients experiencing nerve damage. Marijuana has an active chemical component called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which can act as an analgesic that helps patients relax and deal with the pain.

Another benefit that scientists have found in medical marijuana is that it can help prevent the worsening of Alzheimer’s disease among the elderly. According to studies, THC in marijuana has the ability to arrest the formation of plaques in the brain.

HIV/AIDS patients as well as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy also benefit from the use of medical marijuana. These patients are known to have difficulty in stimulating appetites and in throwing up what they eat. Studies have shown that marijuana helps them eat by inducing their appetite. The plant also helps them keep their food down.

Among brain cancer patients, it is revealed that THC in marijuana causes cancerous cells to undergo a process called autophagy. It means that the cancerous cells feed upon themselves and thus disappear, leaving healthy brain tissue alone.

These are just some of the many advantages that scientists claim medical marijuana to have. THC in marijuana has also shown positive development when it comes to treating asthma, glaucoma, lung cancer and breast cancer.

The Caveat with Legalizing Marijuana

The research done in recent years makes it impossible to deny that there is something good about medical marijuana. The plant does have properties that will greatly help sick people who need it. The problem here is that lobbyists are not just pushing for legalizing marijuana for medical uses but also for recreational uses, thankfully with certain limits.

Taxation is among the reasons given for legalizing marijuana for purposes other than medicinal. The proponents of marijuana legalization claim that the government is losing money on not being able to impose taxes on the production and sale of marijuana, as well as on prosecuting and incarcerating people caught possessing or using it.

Many lobbyists also believe that legalizing marijuana will bring its production and sale out in the open. This, they say, will make the streets safer because activities involving marijuana would be more effectively regulated.

Proponents for making marijuana legal for general usage seem to forget that marijuana has harmful, long-term effects that can kick in from continuous use. There are substances in marijuana that can degrade our ability to create short-term memory, maintain attention span, form the right judgments, and other things. This may lead to more harm than any good that medical marijuana can do.

Should marijuana be legalized for general usage or should the legislation be limited only to the use of medical marijuana? You decide.

11 comments to Why to Legalize Marijuana

  • Sanzio

    Marijuana DOES NOT Put us in harms way! If the government illegalized it for that purpose then Alcohol would also be illegal.

  • Skeptic

    Sanzio – such airtight logic as you show in your comment merely proves the long-lasting effects of marijuana usage on judgment and rational decision-making. Probably for some people, smoking one “joint” does not put them too much in harm’s way (though for many, after one joint they no longer have the judgment to decide if they are impaired or not), but promoting legalization of the recreational use of marijuana is a completely different argument from the limited and focused use of marijuana in medicinal applications. Many of those on the medical marijuana bandwagon are simply recreational users looking for an excuse to get high, and their “the government should tax it so it can make money” argument is proof of their shallowness. Admit it.

  • mariah

    it should be legal it would help the ecconomy and it woul most likely take us out of this reccesion and make the economy better for evry one but i also think they should tax the dealers and many of the people that do use ahould not abuse this substance it should only be used if needed and it would not make people look for other subtances to get away from the medical issues that they have

  • troy

    I personally know many people who have been smoking marijuana for over 50 years and are know in their seventies. They play golf and tennis nearly everyday. they are the same as millions of americans who smoke on a daily basis and you have no clue.

  • Tim

    I don’t smoke or drink but to me I think it should be legalized because people smoke it any way and it make no since to keep putting people in jail for it it. The Government can’t afford to keep putting people in jail or putting the money out to try to stop people from using it. I know many people who smoke it and they live a fine life and really if I didn’t know them I would have never knew they smoked it all. Also it would bring in much needed tax dollars for the Government. If you look it the billions its costing the Government to try to fight the war on drugs and losing every day I think this is one drug that should be legalized.

  • lauren

    There is absolutely nothing wrong w marijuana.. it cures much more than what people think; such as headache, stomach ache, anorexia, stress, sleep, etc. It brings more money than any crop we have, it would help the economy & people tremendously

  • marijuana isnt a drug, the government can make so much money from it,it just has so many benefits, drug dealers will go down, all i have to say is to legalize it

  • March 1st 2011 at 1:39
    marijuana should be legalized and the government should stop wasteing tax dollars and resources putting people in jail for a substance that grows naturally and instead spend more time putting murders,rapest and other high profile crimes on the front burner and not to mention the tax dollars bot the state and federal government would make!

  • There is no reason why cannabis/marijuana should be illegal and there is certainly no reason why people should be turned into criminals for consuming this plant, which has been used for thousands of years. Given the current economic issues the U.S. government is having, it would seem that the legalization, taxation and regulation model should be extended not only to cannabis but to ALL illegal drugs. People with addictions should be treated, not incarcerated. It’s insane that cannabis is illegal when it has never killed anyone, yet tobacco and alcohol KILL HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people every year and they are both legal, taxed and regulated. It’s time to make the responsible choice with regard to marijuana: let’s legalize, tax and regulate cannabis to keep it out of the hands of children and allow responsible, tax paying consumers to enjoy this substance without having to worry about being treated like a criminal.

  • Tiffany M.

    Marijuana should be legalized because it is proven to be more helpful than harmful to people. If it can cure lung cancer and all these other health problems, why decriminalize it. No one has ever been known to OD on smoking weed as far as I know. What is the big issue? I mean really, if that is the case then take tobacco and alcohol off the market. Alcohol has killed several who drink and drive, or just do it on a regular basis. I dont think weed has ever killed, and if so you rarely hear about it. Also, it comes from the earth. It is natural. God put it here for a reason so why not enjoy it!!!! You only live once and no one is promised tomorrow.

  • sabrina

    Overall, even though there are many facts that are well stated about the benefits of legalizing marijuana, It fails to mention how it is abused, which we can see when we look at most of the evidence is focused on just the medical part of it. I agree that Marijuana has a place in medicine, but should be researched more to narrow down the list of situations in which it works just as good or better than traditional medicine. The system needs to be more scrutinized to help weed out the misuse and abuse that is prevalent in the medical marijuana market.Marijuana should be legalized to those that need it medically. People who are abusing the drug make it hard for those that actually do need it to be legalized medically. I agree that alcohol has similar effects however marijuana side effects are instant and impair your judgment and train of thought right away, as with alcohol it takes longer to travel through your blood stream.

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