10 Easy Signs of Teenage Marijuana Use

Highly Accurate Instant & Lab Based Drug Testing

Highly Accurate Instant & Lab Based Drug Testing

Worried your teenaged son or daughter is into Marijuana? Here are some telltale signs they are probably using the drug.

1. Dilated pupils:
This is one of the classic signs of Marijuana abuse. If you notice your child’s pupils larger than usual it might be time to inspect other traces of drug usage. The eyes will also appear bloodshot most times.

2. A bad smell:
Most people who indulge in Marijuana smoking will typically have a characteristic smell around their clothes, rooms or cars. If you notice a weird smell around your teenaged son or daughter, it might be signs he or she is smoking pot.

3. Traces of the drug:
You might also notice cigarette rolled papers lying around your child’s room or the seeds, which are cleaned out of Marijuana.

4. Sleepy and lacking motivation:
If your child seems lethargic all the time and is feeling sleepy it could be a sign he or she is onto Marijuana. Often, the regular intake of the drug can mean a reduced drive to get things done. If your child currently does not lack the zeal to accomplish something or does not seem to have any desires of their own, it is a classic sign of smoking Marijuana.

5. Smoking devices:
If you find devices such as bongs or pipes or even homemade devices used for smoking, make sure to inspect the area thoroughly. You will typically find a sticky substance, which is a by-product of burning Marijuana.

6. Giddy-headed:
If your child is having dizziness or is laughing continuously for no reason, it could be he or she is taking Marijuana. If he or she is acting strange or finding it difficult to remember things occurred a few minutes ago, it is a characteristic sign of Marijuana usage.

7. Bad grooming:
Another common symptom of teenage Marijuana abuse is the lack of motivation to groom oneself. Your child may not want to take a bath or clean himself as he or she used to.

8. Deteriorating relationships:
One other sign of Marijuana usage is seen when the person is unable to maintain healthy relationships with people around. If the person is having regular fights or is unable to maintain a friendly conversation these are telltale signs your child is using Marijuana. Often, your child may lose interest in old friendships and seek friends who are not favorable to you. These new friends may exhibit classic signs of drug abuse, alcoholism etc.

9. Incense:
Many teenagers who use Marijuana need to cover up the characteristic smell. Hence, they typically use incense sticks or perfumed incense for this purpose. If you notice such a behavior in your child, you know it is a warning sign. There maybe similar indicators like excessive usage of mouthwash or using a lot of air freshener.

10. Stickers:
Marijuana users will often like to display their addiction by means of stickers and posters. The Code 420 refers to Marijuana usage. So, if you see a poster above your child’s bed or a 420 sticker on the college bag, you know your child might be smoking Marijuana.

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56 comments to 10 Easy Signs of Teenage Marijuana Use

  • abrinder budeep

    Looking at this list being the kind of person I am: a ‘stoner’…. I must say i was disgusted by the amount of stereotyping being done in the article…the thing about the stickers and the incense brought back the nostalgia of my parents thinking of every little thing they could to get dirt on me for, so thanks so much for inspiring more parents in the world to be high strung and ready to take action so that they can keep their children safe. Of course the child’s trust and respect for you wont be at stake so don’t fear children are very forgiving you see. This was an over all terrible article and who ever did the research and composed it should be burned at a literary stake. Ask some people who know, not arrogant stuffy men and white coat women who have a bachelors in why kids smoke pot. Good night and write a better article so that i can see it and actually be scared that i will be caught by people. Your 17 year old guy bashing the living hell out of this article its been fun! Abrinder Budeep

  • j williams

    The post by Abrinder Budeep above, sounds so like my son, who is also 17. I suspect he is heavily into marijuana, and he is angry in just the same way as this person. It seems teenage boys won’t listen to anyone telling them that smoking marijuana is bad for them, that it has bad effects physically, psychologically and emotionally. If I try to talk to my son about these effects, he just gets angry, and tells me that I know nothing. My relationship with him has deteriorated badly, and we used to be very close. When we went on vacation last summer, we had a terrible first week with him, but by the second week, he was began to return to the person we knew and recognized (obviously he wasn’t smoking when he was away with us). Please listen to people who know – marijuana is not harmless.

  • yoursuchafaggot

    wow whoever the person made this has a bong shoved up there ass!

  • Billy Bob

    Ha ha ha WOW! Whoever posted this came up with the most riduculously OBVIOUS list of symptoms I have ever seen! Oh, you forgot a few though:
    1) If your child wears a T-shirt with a giant pot leaf logo, maybe it’s not because he thinks the leaf is pretty.
    2) If your child has a bong sitting on his desk, it is possible that this is not actually for decoration.
    3) If your child lights up in the living room right before dinner, expresses extreme interest in eating, and then voraciously consumes his food, there is a possibility that he smokes pot.

  • Cate

    Any parent with a moderate IQ would know that a majority of these “symptoms” are a result of plethora of things, the least of which would be pot smoking.
    Every teenager experiences bad hygiene and terrible relationships. For every teenager that’s happy to see their parents, I promise there’s 5 who cannot stand their parents! What teenager can keep a relationship for longer than a year? This is a terrible basis to use when measuring your child’s drug use.
    As for pipes, bongs, etc. You would have to be stupid not to know those are for drug use. If you can’t tell, then you don’t deserve to be looking out for your child’s well being.
    “j williams” – have you ever thought that your 17 year old is experiencing hormones? Or is your beloved child too good to be a normal teenager? If you don’t know the real effects of marijuana, then OF COURSE your child would tell you that you don’t know anything! If someone walked into a bank and started claiming that loans worked in a way in which they did not, the bankers would CLEARLY be agitated.

    The sad part is, this ignorance will never cease. Become a real parent and teach your kids some intelligence, don’t surf the web thinking the common signs of hormones are cause to never trust your child again. Besides- which would you rather them be doing? That Prozac & Adderal you give them, or pot?

  • tim

    hahaha billy bob is definitly right!! this is all crap

  • tony303

    i agree with whoever wrote a negetive reply towards this dumbass artcle.ur using these stereotypes to get me mom all over my case now.im only 15 and ive already burned more blunts then 1000 hippies at a 420 smokeout.u see i let ma mom kno i smoke bud, this way i can do it at the house safe and sound from gettin caught by pigs and possibly get some sort of ticket or go to jail. even if my mom begged me to stop even tho she already has ima still be gettin high so mite as well do it at home 2 save all the trouble u ken get into in the streets hiding from ur mom or dad.plus half these symtoms dey sed dont even heppen to me or all the ppl i smoke wit.momz sed i got dem bad influence friends but it aint true,i started smokin on my own intrest nd all me friends too. we dont pressure anybody over here.all ma cousins smoke weed just like some of my uncles and aunties and brothers. ma mom says my big bro is a bad influence but the truth is I was the one who first smoked him up haha.

  • buba

    Hell no!!!!!!!!!!! eho the hell do you think you are.

  • Nathan

    Wow……. I just want to say that this is the worst, most sterotypical, brainwashed article I’ve ever read for signs of marijuana use I’ve ever read. This reminds me I my parents so much. If I spray air freshener after using the bathroom my parents will ask me why I used air freshener (thinking I used it to cover up smoke). Then if I am watching a funny YouTube video she will ask me why I am laughing (thinking I am high). I am extremely allergic to pollen and when my eyes get red from my alergies she asks me what made my eyes red (once again accusing me of being high). The list goes on and on of her accusing me of smoking marijuana for absolutly no reason. She doesn’t trust me any more, when I say I am going to the movies she thinks I am going to smoke weed.
    If you are a parent reading this I strongly advise you to ignor everything on the Internet about the “signs of teen drug abuse” and don’t ruin your relationship with your child over a completly harmless plant. Yes, a plant, not a chemical made in the basement of a crack head, a plant that god made. And yes I said it, HARMLESS, if you auctually did some real research you would find there are no dangers to marijuana use at all.

    Bottom line: don’t ruin your relationship and trust with your child over this article.

  • Common Sense

    Okay, I was searching for some information on drug testing, and after running across this article, I am appalled. If you suspect your child is smoking pot, DO NOT DEMONIZE THEM OR THEIR HABIT. If they are psychologically addicted, and there is evidence this CAN occur, then it’s like an intervention, they lash out. Maybe they light incense because they like the smell. Maybe they’re just naturally lazy, I know I am, and I’m certainly unkempt. I don’t need pot to do that for me. I also have a hard time maintaining relationships and I laugh at innappropriate times. Get a damn clue, THE WAR OF THE SUITS AND THE BLUEJEANS IS OVER. Marijuana is not dangerous, has never been found to cause health problems, though it is correlated with COPD, chronic bronchitis, and the such, akin to smoking cigarettes, though unlike tobacco, has never been found to contribute to death.

    I hope you rot in hell, there’s a special place for people with such refined ignorance. If you suspect your kid is smoking pot, tell him the truth: Tell him you don’t want him doing it because you don’t want to see him get busted, you don’t want him to end up in and out of court, and that it’s okay that he wants to do it. Don’t cry, don’t plead, be honest and straight forward. I wish my parents would’ve done that, I wouldn’t have ended up like I have if they would’ve approached me with COMPASSION and EMPATHY.

  • Steve

    Ok.. Our parents are just trying to keep us out of harms way. That is there job. Im 14 and i smoke on occasion. Im not retarded or stupid, i still get a’s and b’s in school. I love my family very much and take showers every day. This article is extremely stereotypical article. Get your facts straight

  • listen,ive been smoking weed for 4 years.im 15. i do wonderful in school. respect my parents dearly. and such on.
    but seeing this disgusts me. you dirty people that think you can just insult us. how dare all of you. we smoke weed b/c its good. its not addictive. ive only ever done marijuana so its not a gate way drug. im in perfect health. and my post deppresion state went away b/c of it mostly. it is healthier than cigs or alchohol. AND THATS A FACT. why wouldnt you want ur kid using marijuana if he could be out dying in a car accident b/c of alchohol use. of course kids are going to try stuff. but this is a herb. not to be classified as a drug. drugs consist of meth and crack. this is the real healing tree. it is great. i use to condemn people as well. then only thing to fret about is the fact that they could go to jail.
    and THAT IS IT. nothing bad for him. all the parents should try it to. it relieves stress tons. come on people. cancer and aids patients take it. it isnt BAD at all if they do it.
    so try something new. cuz its gods herb. this is a hate full and insulting and just stereo typical writeing. how DARE all of you people trying to keep this herb from people that need it. such as aids,glocoma,cancer,add patients, people with joint athritis and back problems. just leave it alone guys. youve lost. its about to be legal. and no ones going to let you or any of you people take this medication from the ones who need it. cannabis has been around forever and not one death has uccored. if you people are so smart and know the best for us. then you guys already know that. peace for all.

  • all u niggahz r dumb shit i get high 24/7 for 5 years and never got caught

  • Cameron

    To the comment from “Common Sense” I applaud your views. I’m 20 years old, and I’ve smoked marijuana for recreational purposes for a while now. Temptations in this world are endless, and amongst them is marijuana. I think a message for all parents and teenagers is that this issue should be approached very carefully towards anyone you wish to confront about their usage. Teenagers are constantly searching for outlets to express themselves, often times through less than reputable sources. Don’t blame your son or daughter for their use in marijuana. Kids are well aware of their parent’s scolding abilities, and often fear the consequences of getting caught. This can cause them to lose the pride they hold in their relationship with their parents. Kids are smarter than you think – they may realize that the only reason they’d be scolded for using pot is because their parents rely on word of mouth of the drugs, rather than the facts. If your child smokes pot, do some research. Find out what key points it is that doesn’t settle with you, and voice only an opinion, not a statement. Keep them on the safe side of the legality issue, and most importantly – REMEMBER! We were all that age once.

  • addict to pot? I think not!

    Alright I cannot but help laugh at this article. Why on earth would parents not know the signs of marijuana especially when they grew up in a time where marijuana was AROUND! This article is completely retarded and the fact that marijuana has such a bad reputation really ticks me off.

    @j williams. WTF? what proof do you have at anything you said please do this…go on google and instead of listening to your opinions look at THE SCIENTIFICAL FACTS AT HAND that many sciencetest have come to proove that not only is tehre no possible way to overdose unless u have the eating capacity of 1/3 in 15 minutes no connection to lung cancer and all effects are temp. The emotional affects r nothing but good ESPECIALLY for teens. I am a parent 3 children all in there 20’s now they all experince a depressive point in time which weed cured for them. How do I know this? Because I parent my children not as a bone hard son of a bitch that thinks marijuana makes you automatically die -.- I in my personal time smoke marijuana once a week. Don’t drink Don’t consume any other drug. So check your facts next time you acuse a gift from god

  • bernmon

    Well,well,well – I must say that the young lad posting under the alias “Diablokiller27”, seems a bit outspoken. Dude, at 15 years old and the fact that you have been smoking this stuff for apparently 4 years definitely shows in your grammar (that is the things we use to communicate). I am quite familiar with the effects of smoking “God’s Herb” as I am a correctional officer of 16 years working with youth. One thing in particular I have noticed is the lack of respect they have for themselves when it comes to presenting and expressing themselves via literature. Poor attempt at justifying the use of the “Herb” dude. Ya gotta use the spell check feature and maybe next time you may be able to pull it off. Peace out.

  • Bryan

    Ok look im 18 and i smoke a lot of pot, i mean alot. I was actually looking for ways to make an incenerator when i came across this article. Im a college student with a full ride to become a History teacher. This list is the most dumbest thing ive ever read and i have alot of friends who right some pretty dumb shit. Hell i even did my senior project on the benifets of smoking marijuana well “medicinal Plants in the Medical field” but 90% of it was on the benifits of pot. But this list just blew my mind i assume it was written by one of those ppl that have never tried anything but judge others. Some of the most awsomest nicest most productive ppl ive ever met smoke marijuana

    Im sorry i wrote a long boring article but judging somebody for smokin weed is wrong, just because we do dosent mean were fuckin crackheads, were a peaceful bunch

    All in all i hope yall have a good day.

  • hard-on-dope-420

    i agree with all above comments cept for j williams hes a faggot. who ever made this list obviously never smoked weed before. it angers me. kate and billy bob got this shit on lock down

  • mom

    Ok. Let’s be fair to everyone.

    My daughter who is 15 was an excellent athlete and student. She had dreams of going to vet school. Entering grade 9 has been a disaster for our family. She left the neighborhood school to go to a big high school and met wonderful new friends who introduced her to smoking pot and drinking Vodka.

    She has since done poorly with her grades. She has no motivation and her personality is changed. We don’t know who she is anymore. She has very little respect for the members of her family, even her dog and is starting to be impolite at school.

    So I am asking all the wonderful young people on this site:

    Explain to me how smoking pot is beneficial to teenagers? I would like to know.

    This is my conclusion for now:

    The herb itself might be ok for the body but the garbage that comes with it (bad friends, marginal friends, bad habits, unhappy kids, kids in trouble with the law, memory loss) is not. Just like alcohol, it should be for adults, if they wish to go that way.

    I wish my daughter could wake up and understand that these people are not her friends. If they were, they would worry about her going down the hill and missing out on life, the real life: snowboarding with friends, enjoying a good book, playing basketball with her sibling, shopping with her mom, being proud of herself in achieving her dreams!


  • mom

    I am a sad mom.

  • your name here

    ok weed is not bad if used in moderation like it makes me sick to see things about people smoking weed every day or just smoking it to get high as possable i think it should be made totally legal that way drug dealers working for the mexican cartell have bags and bags of worthless crap and everyone has a pot with pot in it on there patio, and if it was legal people would be smoking real weed not questionable stuff off the street laced with pcp or stuff that has pubic hair in it due to the dealer crotching there product.

    btw i dont smoke weed im lazy eat alot like incense and most of the other stuff listed this list is the biggest load of shit its the next reefer madness! its as bad as the reason weed was made illegal (racest bullshit spread about it to get it illegalized due to the most common smokers of it being mexican immigrants)

  • Shelby

    My bestfriend is addicted to weed and has gave up all her friends and family for weed. How can i help her if she dosen’t want to be helped?

  • Urine Drug Testing Terminology « Urine Drug Testing

    […] of the primary reasons that parents use a urine drug test kit is to see if their teenager is smoking marijuana. When you use urine drug testing for this substance, you will be looking for THC, which is the […]

  • Im an ex hippie from the day,smoked many a tokes,battled with the highs and lows of weed but this is what i conclude.. yes it does change the personailty esp. when consumed by younger kids who veiws and personailites are still growing cuz pot seeems to open the psyche to any and all influences so if its sterotyped that anyone that looks and acts as adult is the enemy then guess wht/ they become just that and mom and dad is no longer viewed as friends and loving caretakers a word of warning to young kids opening that door it will be hard to go back thru it, addicted? i dont think so deluded ohhh yeah, it changes you and not for the better you will become self absorbed and isolated and who can blame mom and dad for wanting to perserve the best thing that came into their lives after all they didnt look at ya in the crib and say”gee i hope this brat grows up to have a miserable life and hate me and our relationship becomes severed b ecause of pot generated selfishness now the good side about it???…….

  • jj

    there is no such thing as weed addiction, you have to be fucking stupid and weak to be addicted to weed. its extremely easy to smoke weed everyday and continue to perform in your selected field of work or study. I have kept a A+ average at university while smoking a joint everyday, you just have to be smart about it.

    also, this list is ridiculous, stereotypical, and stupid. Whoever wrote this does not know anything about the culture of Cannabis

  • johnz

    I’m just flat out offended and appalled.

    And by the way you don’t “take” marijuana

  • Aaron

    Im pretty disgusted at how stereotypical people are about weed. You have been severly brainwashed and need help. It is no different them gambling,alcohol etc. People do that shit to chill out relax it makes them feel good, sometimes people take it too far and they abuse it and become addicted you CAN become addicted to anything that brings you pleasure. So really it all boils down to you should #%$^&# and mind your own god damned business. I dont judge you for believing in some f^%$g christian religion that is sucking you dry for your money and corrupted as fuck just because you need to pray for help from a “higher power” to get through your life everyday.

  • Give me a Break

    Legalize marijuana?? What’s next? cocaine and heroine

  • Xx420xX

    You can’t compare weed to cocaine and heroine, look up the scientific facts; your brainwashed mind might just be surprised.

  • Rocknowledge

    Yes, legalize cannabis, cocaine and heroine.

    hmmm… lets see cannabis, 3,000 + years old and referenced in many studies of ancient to modern day societies. illegal

    Coca leaves 3,000 + years old (some say as much as 8,000 years) found in the stomach of mummies. illegal

    Opium been around long before Jesus – 6,000 + years old. illegal

    Big Pharma – a little over a hundred years old. Legal

    So, in summary, it aint going no where, get used to it.

    Don’t blame the substance, the friends or environment, blame the person who makes their own decisions. For every 1 person that has their life “destroyed by drugs,” there are 5 more that lead productive lives and use with responsibility and accountability.

    and yes, you are a sad mom – if your daughter is 15 and behaved in a certain way in middle school and then went to high school and now she acts differently – it aint the weed honey. Get a grip. If as a parent you look externally for the problem instead of internally, expect your offspring to follow suit. These are not results of drug use – “bad friends, marginal friends, bad habits, unhappy kids, kids in trouble with the law, memory loss” these are YOUR perceptions of YOUR high school daughter’s behavior around YOU.

    We don’t legalize for kids, why would we “illegalize” because of them?

    For all those parents with kids “taking the weed” would you rather they get tossed in jail or receive medical/counseling help?

    While we’re at it, lets make twinkies and ho hos illegal for obese people – I’m tired of seeing fat people ordering big sandwiches, big fries, pies and a DIET soda – that should be illegal!!! What if my kid makes friends at school and they go to mickey d’s one day after school – oh no! Now every time my kid is upset, he’s going to eat, or when he’s happy he’s going to eat, or when he’s relaxing he’s going to eat – those d*mn fat kids at school! They’re gonna make my kid so fat!! and he used to be so skinny… nooo, the humanity!!

  • Debbie

    Actually, if you do the research, there is plenty of scientific evidence as to the detrimental effects of marijuana use. In fact, new scientific research shows that if used daily, it causes worse cancers than cigarettes. The worst problems though, seem to be mental issues. I have seen the extremely negative impacts in my own family involving 3 beautiful little girls and the damage being done by their weed smoking “father”. From the posts on here, it’s pretty obvious that the mental effects are pretty bad. They would make any parent worry even more for their children. Thanks for caring enough to publish this article.

  • Sam

    I am a 64 year old parent of three. I have smoked herb just about every day since I was 20. I first took a hit at age 12 and smoked occasionally for several years thereafter. I had a 4.0 through high school and went to Georgia Tech as an engineer and then to Harvard Business school. I started a business as a 26 year old and sold it for upwards of $1mil (a lot of money in 1975) two years later. I retired and invested much of my money and have grown it by a considerable amount. I am still in perfect health, playing ice hockey every day, and I still light up with my wife just about every day.
    I took a realistic parenting approach with my three children all of whom have gone to good colleges, and smoked a lot of bud! My youngest is a medical user with chronic back pain from a snowmobile accident (he was not under the influence). From an early age my children were taught that cannabis is like wine: to be used in moderation, and only for adults. At age 16 I allowed them to smoke, so long as it was what I grew, and inside of the house. Before that we never smoked in front of them.
    Herb has helped my family in many ways, and I urge all of you to use a similar approach. None of my children have ever had a problem with the use of any drug.

  • […] would have to the person, a teenager may exhibit different symptoms which parents may see as a sign of drug use ranging from runny nose to hyperactivity and […]

  • the one

    hahaha hilarious list.

  • justin h

    @mom “smoking pot and ‘drinking vodka'” hmm lets see here… marijuana TEMPORARILY causes your brain to act a little ‘un normal’ but alcohol PERMANANTLY kills brain cells. idk put 2 and 2 together its not the pot messing your daughter up. me (16) and my friend (also 16) sharted weed together, and he started alcohol at the same time (i didnt bother with it), now hes dead and im making straight a’s??? its not the pot at all

  • thatsnutguy

    Alot of things on this list are silly. And that mom worried about her daughter,well sometimes smoking dirt weed can turn ur kid into a burnout,but when i smoke that good shit wich is pretty much everyday,i can do anything,i could snowboard like sean white if i wanted.my advice..if ur child starts becoming a lazy type of stoner tell them to stop smoking that bunk sh!t

  • Toby Chihuahua

    I just caught my daughter smoking that crap in her room. I don’t care if she is 18 or if the substance is good or bad. All I know is that if I smoke that at my work or driving I would get fired and a DUI I should kick her out of my house so she can do whatever the hell she wants with her fricking pot head of hers.

  • joe clare

    Honestly this is one of the funniest things I have seen on the internet about marijuana. This whole article is common knowledge and to stereotype that everyone has emotional attachments or like issues due to cannabis is probably the dumbest thing ever. I’m pretty sure no one get angry while smoking cannabis. The religious approach would be if you believe in God he created all things on this planet for us to be thankful for. If you drink alcohol and think it is appropriate for adults, that are of age, to consume alcoholic beverages then what is the difference between that and marijuana. You distill and add flavors to certain things to create alcohol the same as taking plants and doing the necessary process to create something with thc

  • Toby Chihuahua

    Hey Joe clare! One big difference? Weed is illegal alcohol is not. I have had a few drinks with my bosses and not in a million years will I ever smoke weed with them. Or by myself for that matter.

  • Sali

    The fact that Marijuana is harmfull and it appeares gradually should be internalized by teenagers. we recognized the signs. Ok, can we monitor our teenager in avery moment they are not around us? Us and other countries where smoking pot is a common thaing to do should do something basic about it.

  • Sally stoner

    Ok , the fact that this site thinks parents are this stupid and clueless is outrageous , my father for instance smoked marijuana and did other various drugs in the 70s and 60s , hmmmmm I don’t think he could tell me what weed smells like , or what a pipe or bong looks like , and weed is one of the mildest drugs out there , maybe If your child smokes like 3 gs a day he/she might display some of the things I’ve heard from other parents …..

  • I love you

    Ok first I want to make it clear that I respect you if you do or don’t smoke marijuana. Having said that I want to say that I am 14 years old and have been smoking marijuana for nearly 2 years now and haven’t noticed any change in how I behave or act around others. The only thing that has changed is my opinion and liking of marijuana. I also am just an average kid, I go to a regular public high school and usually score a C+ average, this has usually Been my average since the 6th grade and has not changed due to smoking marijuana. I also love my whole family more than anything in the world even if all of them are completely against marijuana and judge others for smoking the herb they are still people that care the most about me and only want the best for me if even their version of the best for me is wrong.
    I have been stressed, angry, and depressed when smoking marijuana before but let me just say it’s not because of marijuana…it’s because how people will judge, criticize, and even hate you for doing it without even getting to know the true you makes me sick…just because people smoke marijuana doesn’t mean they’re bad people, in fact some of the most kind and generous people I know smoke marijuana everyday and I wish other people would see that too.


    @Debbie. HONESTLY.. “Actually, if you do the research, there is plenty of scientific evidence as to the detrimental effects of marijuana use. In fact, new scientific research shows that if used daily, it causes worse cancers than cigarettes.”
    Debbie im afraid to say you may be insane. This new scientific research of which you speak, where exactly did you find it? I believe there is a MASSIVE difference between scientific evidence and propaganda. Cannabis has been a medicine for nearly 30,000years, EVERY civilisation has used it as such. Are you sayin that all these civilisations were wiped out by a sort of super cancer caused by the herb? I dont think so. How can there be ‘worse cancers’?? And actually, recent (completely unnecessary- as ‘THEY’ already know the truth) scientific studies show that cannabis causes cancer cells to attack themselves, therefore killing off the tumour (see Harvard- YES HARVARD- studies since 2007, and various other universities and scientific research centres) You have no right to post what you have done with no references. You are as brainwashed as the ignorant writers of these nonsensical, scaremongering, and all round bullshitting articles. You sincerely need to…*read name*

  • The Dude

    Hello I am 14 , I started when I was 13 and I smoked over 2,000$ of weed so far , some of it I paid for myself and some I get from friends and such.In school I have been doing better before I started I never did homework , in fact I remember back in the 6th grade I literally did not turn in my asighnments for a year and I was a loner. But when I started I was socially accepted , I had motivation to go to school for some reason , I do my work and I love to skateboard with my friends also sometimes I cant sleep before a big test so if I smoke a bowl of mary j it helps me get relaxed and I get to sleep quickly.
    PS @ Parents : If your child smokes weed wouldn’t it make sense to let him smoke where he wont get caught by the police or some official where it will cause more trouble ? Also lets face it , EVERYONE that is against weed exaggerates the side effects like short term memory loss it only happens when you recently smoked some it is NOT permanent ! Also when everyone says it changes your emotion to being angry ? That is not true people! Have you tried it ??? All my friends that smoke pot are super chill and relaxed and we share our buds ! Also its not addicting I have a friend who recently stopped smoking the green because he did not like using his allowance to buy some so he just stopped! You guys need to here the true stories behind the actual users of Mary J.

  • Rochelle

    These signs all occurred in my child and I managed to get over that fact that my child was a “stoner” however I now think he’s showing signs of doing harder drugs. Here’s are some examples of his behaviour:
    1- he’s always rushin around and telling me he loves me
    2- he’s always “going to meet mandy”
    3- I can’t see the green in his eyes and his pupils are fat.
    4- he seems more enthusiastic about his work and has been more efficient with everyday tasks since “his first date with Mandy”
    5- he has a girlfriend but he’s always with Mandy and she seems cool with it?
    Can someone tell me what they think as I stopped doing drugs when they became mainstream?

  • Adrien

    Smoke weed. Allow your children to smoke outback. Talk to your children and describe how anything that makes you feel better can be bad if used to frequently . Prescriptions in your medicine cabinet are more likely to be abused by your teenager. Your kid most likely has good friends and is failing in school because you are pressuring her/him to stop something that helps them go. Coffee , marijuana, vitamins, a healthy workout, and diet . Yes I’m right . Starting weed is like starting an anti depressant. It takes time and support to adjust to the choice that makes you better . Also parents your teen has a higher risk of suicide on anti depressants. Not to mention your teen will eat more (were all growing).
    As with any substance or medication a problem with use can develop, their are plenty of resources available . For the most part don’t control your child’s life, it can only lead them father down the road you don’t want them on .
    Express your concern and opinion and ensure their safety as always .
    Thank you and peace out .
    P.S mommies, it sounds like your teen may have a chemical drug dependency . That is a concern. A bong you thought was a beautiful vase that is used for smoking is not.

  • Adrien

    Perhaps he is just showing initiative . As with any kind of drug/medication there are ups and downs. The downs on hard drugs are extremely noticeable next to impossible to cover up. Perhaps he is jittery from drinking coffee to prevent a total burnout? Hmm well the answer are infinite the best thing you can do is calmly ask him about it . If he doesn’t wanna talk perhaps you have your answer .

  • Jenn

    1.) Weed actually constricts the blood vessels in the eye, making the pupil smaller. So Sign #1 listed above is completely false.
    By just looking at the inaccuracy first sign you can tell this entire article is complete BS.

    2.) It’s very difficult to determine if one is high on weed or not. Your only chance of knowing is if you’ve been high yourself, but even then it’s really difficult. This article won’t help you at all. It will, however, cause you to be suspicious of common teenager characteristics, and to lose trust in your kid. I would consider looking into the exact scientific effects that smoking marijuana has on the body.

    3.) Parents, if you really want to help your kids It’s important to keep an open mind to such a controversial subject. By being one-sided and judgemental you could further harm your childrens’ self esteem and self worth. I would not consider listening to such a foolish attempt at an article. There are plenty of articles that explain the benefits of smoking MJ, and there are few that provide solid proof of the negatives of MJ. MJ has pros and cons like any other thing in the world. It’s important that you understand both sides of the issue. Being educated on the subject is the first step towards understanding your children and their habits.

  • Pam

    Actually my kid is smoking Pot and I find that many of the signs on that list are spot on.

  • Kristen

    P.S. I used to take anti-depressants and they made me more depressed! I’ve never had much luck with prescription medications. And I felt better when I stopped taking them!

  • Percy

    Rochelle i really can’t tell if you’re taking the piss :0. If you’re being serious however, Mandy is a name given to MDMA which your child is no doubt taking, all those signs are a complete giveaway. As for the this article, i suppose many parents have never knowingly come across weed smoking; some of the comments i thought were a little harsh, despite my soft spot for bud. However, as someone who has smoked since the age of 14 (20 now) i think parents are right to be worried about their children smoking dope. It is an addiction after all so is bound to change who your are and how you behave, not to mention the financial problems it can leave you in. Weed is not a joke drug, the high may be mild in comparison to some but it drains your emotions and destroys your personality like every other drug, especially before adulthood. I didn’t listen to my Mum either and just kept on blazin and it is probably my biggest regret. Weed just ends up controlling every aspect of your life and it really is not worth all that when the world has so much else to offer. For all the amazing times I’ve had blazin up with friends, i would trade it all for a clear mind in a second, it has just taken me a while to realize. Hate to be a hypocrite but i think all teenage dope smokers will have this same moment of realization at some point, it’s just hard to accept.

  • kayla

    How exactly is weed bad for you .To be honest I can’t think of any logical reason .

  • Juju

    Wow. I’m amazed at these responses!
    1. I’m a 46 year old that was actually 17 once.
    2. Believe it or not Pot was around long before most of you we’re born!
    3. We have seen and heard it all!
    4. Truths are:
    A. You do “pot” because of a “deeper” reason in your life…unhappy with school, lack or a job, girlfriend/boyfriend issues, divorced family…. The list can go on and on.
    B. you experimented and liked the feeling.
    C. All your friends do it so you do too.
    5. Pot will further “mess up” your life because its illegal!
    6. It’s illegal
    7. It’s illegal!
    8. If you do it you may lose your job , or not get one.
    9. You will miss out on “life” cause you are “stoned”
    10. If you could do something more interesting with a group of friends wouldn’t you? Skiing, boating, hiking, many things in life are exciting! Let me guess….you don’t have the money for these things right?! Well… quit smoking (get help to determine the why) get a job when you can provide clean urine and go get a fulfilling and enjoyable life!!

    If you need a drug to alter your state of mind then there is a bigger issue. God made you in his image and you are a unique person. Drugs will just distort your view of yourself!

    My son does pot. It upsets me greatly. I still love him and wish he wouldn’t. I try to show empathy and support but he usually pushes ne away. I understand its normal at his age and point in life but I still worry. (I worry about the “why”

    Wisdom is something that comes with time

    A concerned mom! To all you kids on this thread. Your families worry and snoop and lecture you because they love you more then anything else in the world!!!

  • Dan

    You can smoke and keep your life together. I work 40 hrs a week, go to school full time and smoke weed on the regular. My bank account is probably bigger than yours and i get high and have a good @#$ time doing it……

  • Barbie

    I’m 19 and I smoked pot for two years but its been about 6 months since I have smoked. The reason I stopped was because my parents asked me to stop ( they said that they don’t want me to end up an addict and homeless) I strongly believe that weed is not a “gateway drug” for dangerous drugs because only idiots do crack and all those other crazy drugs. I also don’t believe that smoking pot changes your behavior because my parents never noticed me changing at all and they are really strict/ old fashioned (I wasn’t allowed to go out without my older brother until I was 18 >.> But I’m not a rebel so I didn’t really mind lol) when my parents caught me, and asked me how long I was doing it, I told them I only did it for 2 weeks. They said that they noticed me changing those two weeks but obviously they were lying. The point is a person changes because they want to, not because of weed. And it is a stereotype that pot heads are lazy and don’t care about anything because I got a’s and b’s in high school and even in my first semester in college :p

    I love weed but I love my parents more. If you really want your kid to stop smoking weed just ASK them to stop don’t make them stop.

    Ps. This article is BS lol

  • bryce

    Readn this stoned is the best idea I’ve run acrose in 1 year
    PS. I’m 12 (;;