10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About

Caffeine testing is one way that some people take up in order to measure the amount of caffeine they consume in a day. They either buy caffeine testing products or make use of online daily caffeine intake calculators.

After all, one cannot have too much caffeine without feeling its side effects at least two hours after the intake. It is common knowledge that drinking too much coffee can lead to experiencing the jitters, as well as insomnia. But these two are not the only side effects that you can encounter when having too much caffeine in your system.

Five Negative Side Effects of Caffeine

Caffeine is good because it gives you a popping burst of energy and can keep you on your toes – at least for a couple of hours. That is because caffeine blocks adenosine, which is a chemical in the body that tells it to shut down when tired.

However, keeping the adenosine in the body continuously blocked is not something to be desired. After the initial caffeine high, the bad things that caffeine is known for sets in.

Some of the negative side effects that caffeine has, which you may not be aware of, are:

1. Panic attacks. Caffeine keeps us up because it triggers the fight-or-flight mechanism in our bodies. But after heavy doses of caffeine and after many hours of it being in our system, the fight-or-flight instinct gets reduced to panic attacks. Your hands become shaky, your skin sweaty, and you always expect bad things to happen to you.

2. Addiction. Caffeine is addictive. Once we get into the habit of getting our caffeine fix, our body begins to crave the boost that we get from it. If we fail to get the dose of caffeine that our body has adapted to, we become irritable, tired, and even depressed.

3. Dehydration. One would think that since coffee is liquid, it can hydrate you. Actually, the caffeine in coffee and any other foodstuffs that has it is linked with dehydration. That is mainly because of caffeine’s diuretic properties.

4. PMS. Women who drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of chocolates tend to experience pre-menstrual syndrome more acutely than women who do not. The headaches, the bloated feeling and the belly cramps become keener with the added consumption of caffeine.

5. Emotional fatigue. Caffeine wakes up the body, but what it fails to do is to tell the body when to stop moving and simply rest. The body needs rest and when the body does not get it, it can lead not just to physical tiredness but also emotional fatigue.

But Caffeine Is Not Totally Bad

So far we have talked about the bad side effects that you can get from caffeine. But caffeine is not that bad at all. We can also gain some good side effects from caffeine, too.

1. Alertness. Caffeine keeps our minds alert, even for just an hour or two. Regular consumption of caffeine can keep our minds more active and increase our brain power.

2. Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that it is highly possible for caffeine to prevent the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease. The purported reason is that caffeine keeps the dopamine in the system active. Dopamine is the chemical that activates the pleasure centers in the brain.

3. Heart disease. Caffeine is said to prevent heart disease – as long as you do not already have it in the first place. That is because caffeine is an antioxidant, and antioxidants prevent heart ailments and some forms of cancer.

4. Diabetes. Caffeine triggers the production of adrenaline and cortisol – two substances associated with the body’s fight-or-flight response. When these chemicals are released into the system, they cause the liver to burn up more sugar. However, this works only with the caffeinated foodstuffs that are not sweetened.

5. Stamina. Again, this has something to do with the fight-or-flight response. Consuming caffeine before workout or doing any athletic activity slows down the adenosine that causes muscle fatigue. This makes you move faster and endure more.

Caffeine is good for the body, but it is also bad if the intake is too much. Too much is defined as more than 300mg of caffeine every day. In order to measure and monitor the amount of caffeine you are taking in daily and to reduce the negative side effects of caffeine, do some caffeine testing with your food.


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51 comments to 10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About

  • Judith Suto

    I know someone, who when he drinks a caffinated beverage, such as Pepsi, or coffee but especially Pepsi it immediately makes him drowsy. I never heard of caffeine making one sleepy. His job is driving for a living and seems to be addicted to pepsi, about 50 lbs overweight, and kind of sedentary. He is only 44 but family history of diabetes and leukemia on fathers side and alzheimers and parkinsons on mothers side. I am worried about him and his love of the wrong kind of food but I am really interested in the effect caffeine has in making him sleepy.

  • Dylan

    he is not drowsy becasue of the caffeine in pepsi but the fatty acids and sugars in pepsi.
    Pepsi has more sugars then caffeine so this effect is common

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  • Caleb

    I have been researching for a report and I learned that caffeine blocks these glands in your brain that when chemicals produced by your cells enter tell the brain to be tired… but when the caffeine wheres off, the chemicals that have been built up(which depending on how long you’ve been under the effect of caffeine could be a lot) come rushing into the gland and then you crash.

  • Dave

    Dear Judith Suto, Your friend should try the new Xe drink from Xocai. It’s an energy drink with no caffeine! It has cold pressed chocolate, acai, ginseng, and fruit jucies.
    Instead of caffeine it has theobromine, which is found naturally in chocolate and is a longer lasting stimulant with none of the side effects of caffeine and no crash when it wears off. And because the chocolate is not heated it is high in antioxidants which have many health benefits.
    Please contact me for more information at: dave.farmer@yahoo.com

  • I am 72 years old and it picks me up like nothing else. I take 1/2 or 100mg pill, to a full 200mg pill a day. I understand that 200mg is in one cup of coffee.
    It’s great!

  • Gary


  • Matt Kay

    im 16 and before i play a basketball game i take four energy pills which have 200mg of caffeine each. the only negative side effect i get is staying up late (hence the reason its being posted at 5:20am). are there any other negative side effects taking place on my body that i just dont know about?

  • Jeremy

    im 16 and i drink a lot of soda. in a normal day i drink close to 250-300 oz. i havent seen negative effects yet(iv been drinking it like this since i was 9). im not over weight from the sugar or anything but im a little worried what might happen in the future.

  • Carol

    My friend drinks coffee all day long. Never drinks water. At times she has stomach problems like nausea and diarrhea when eating highly seasoned food. Can long term caffeine use have an effect on her stomach? She oftens complains about foods not tasting right. She does have trouble sleeping which I attribute to the caffeine.

  • Jerred

    To the 72 year, there is not 200mg in a cup of coffee.

  • charles

    Recently, I have been keeping mental notes about caffeine side effects.

    Here are some results based only on experience:

    POSitive> drinking coffee between 10am and 12pm changes my whole day. I am more alert, positive, and productive than ever.
    NEGitive> drinking coffee at the wrong time can make you very tired while not allowing you to sleep
    NEG> I have no fear to spend money on things I later regret. In fact, I feel that I really need them at the time
    NEG> I tend to think that the way I feel is my own new enlightenment and outlook of life. I don’t realize that I am just high for the moment
    NEG> caffeine makes me talk way too much; interrupting people, talk-hoging conversations, and commiting to things that I later dred to follow through with
    HELPFUL HINTS: Caffeine has a much stronger effect when you are hungary
    If your mind and body are fatigued you will be much better off taking a twenty minute nap than drinking coffee.
    plan ahead: if you usually have a coffeine crash at three pm, plan your lunch for then(if you can), and take a nap
    Don’t ever make new decisions inspired by caffeine (or you will learn the hard way); write them down and decide later.

    CAFFEINE AND SPORTS> I played four years of college basketball, and I wish I knew then about the outstanding positive responses the body and mind have to the right amount of caffein
    HERE IS my advice on making sure you have a fight reaction and not a flight (or lathargic) reaction.
    If you already have sufficient energy, don’t drink caffinated beverages just because it worked last time; it may decrease your energy level.
    THE key is CRAVING. Try to drink a caffinated beverage that you crave about 20 minutes before your workout or game. you only need about 3/4 a cup of coffee worth (of course this is my experience as a basketball player who plays the whole game). If you drink more than this you may be up till about three in the morning.
    Hope these comments were helpful.

  • Doris Smith

    My husband drinks 8 to 10 diet mountain dew
    a day. He suffers from headaches and at time
    they are very severe. I know withdrawal will
    cause headaches, but this is not his case.Can
    anybody give me a website or have any information on this problem? Thanks

  • Emily

    My friend drank a lot of rc pop and mountain lightning and she was crazy all night at my sleepover. She was super energetic and jumpy. Why was she like this? Then a few minites later she crashed and like passed out. Again why did this happen?

  • danny

    My best reason is that caffeine could increase your heart rate Elevates your blood pressure and may have a risk of heart attack Many people experience a burning sensation in their stomach after drinking coffee because coffee increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid leading to an increased risk for ulcers Coffee is an irritant to the urinary tract and bladder Caffeine forces the liver to release glycogen into the blood stream.caffiene could cause many harm to the body such as High cholesterol, liver disease and gall bladder problems such as gallstones etc. Caffeine is a substance that exists naturally in certain plants but mainly in the leaves.

  • Steve

    Caffeine is AWESOME!!!

  • […] by Lena Butler, the author of Home Testing Kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as Caffeine […]

  • […] by Lena Butler, the author of Home Testing Kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as Caffeine […]

  • 10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About | Flashartpro

    […] by Lena Butler, the author of Home Testing Kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Important Caffeine Side Effects That People Do Not Think About, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as Caffeine […]

  • Gregg

    I take MRI labs black powder which has 200mg of caffeine and that’s my only caffeine intake for the whole day no soda or chocolate or candy. However while I’m in the gym I get shaky,nervous about what is happening to
    me and over all scared is this normal since I don’t have a normal caffeine intake except for the gym and should I see a doctor about it????

  • […] On the other hand, individuals who already have high blood pressure or are at a risk of heart disease, should first consult their doctor before deciding the amounts of caffeine they consume, and should beware of excessive intake, as it can lead to several health problems that may occur as a result of high blood pressure. Find additional information about the effects of caffeine on: Caffeine Side Effects  […]

  • Spike

    This article is incredibly misleading. You should NEVER use caffeine to prepare for working out or playing sports; it’s a very unhealthy way to gain energy. If you’re looking to boost your energy beforehand, think ahead and eat foods which will naturally prepare your system for high physical activity. The jolt-of-caffeine approach is terrible for your body, as well as (given the other side effects associated with caffeine) likely to result in some immediate negative effects (like trouble concentrating).

    Seriously, who writes this stuff?

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  • Lyn

    My husband and I drink about 2 cups filter coffee (Coffee shop coffee, not home coffee) about 3 times a week. What would 300mg of coffee amount to, as this is the maximum safe dose per day that you reccommend.

    Thanks a lot

  • Tim Krisan

    I was wondering if to much coffee will decrease stamina in men?

  • Leo

    Hi there,

    I’m 32yrs, married but no kids yet. I dont take any caffeienated softs drinks at all but my wife does and very often too,which worries me. Will this affect her chances of conception?

  • Caitlin

    OK so Caffeine is safe in moderation like anything eles, If all you lived off of was choclate you would be very unheathy. Caffeine causes what I cann Jitters i.e.:hands shaking,worried about whats going on and so forth. Caffeine can also cause kidney and liver damage. Taking a high does before working out or doing alot of physcial activity is never a good idea. As long as you moderate your caffeine intake and make sure that you still have a balanced diet you should be okay.

  • mary

    I know I have been drinking coffee over 40 years. If I don’t have any coffee after several hours I get the worst headache you can imagine. Its awful the only way to get rid of it is to drink coffee. I’m hooked on it, but I figure thats better then being hooked on narcotics.

  • Bamaw

    I’d like to know if caffeine (the amount in about 2 1/2 cups of coffee) will cause ringing in the ears. That’s what I had this morning and the coffee is the only thing I can think of that could have caused it. I didn’t wake up with it; I checked my morning meds and they don’t cause tinnitis. What do you think?

  • im a 20 year old and im addicted to coffie in such a way that I even drink 10-15 cups of coffie per day.I’ve been doing this for the last past 5 years. Am I at risk?

  • kay

    have a question: anyone ever had fullness in their ears and head (kind of like you feel on an airplane when you need to pop your ears)? could this be related to coffee? I drink 2-3 cups of coffee within the first 3 hours of being awake each day. I notice these symptoms at the same time of day.

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  • amy

    any time i take coffee or coke i have a problem with my kidney

  • Jared

    G’day all, i am 20yrs of age and i drink on average about 6-7 cups a day(maybe more sometimes), and have done so since i was around 14, and i can honestly say it is the lubrication for my brain’s thoughts, i also find i begin to get like a tension headache when i have gone the entire day without coffee.

    I believe the the benefits outweigh the side effects by a long shot.

  • Jose

    Hope everyone is doing. My nake is Jose and I am 28 years old finally stopped drinking sodas 3 weeks ago but ever since than I have been getting headaches and could not figure out why . So went to the doctor and had to see what is going on with me and they told me with stopping you caffeine intake your body was addicted and shocked it wanting more caffeine. So to you that all drink a lot of soda . I would suggest you stop but do what I did . Started by trying just drinking light soda without caffeine . Its hard and believe it does get easier . I get headaches here and there but will go away but I feel a lot better not drinking that crap. Kidneys are sensitive and when they can’t go anymore it is going to cause you alot pain.

  • Silvia Castellanos

    Hi, I’m 35 athletic, overall heathy. I started drinking pre-work outs drinks that contain caffeine about six months ago. Mesomorph, Jack 3D, force factor-Dr. Body rush, some times pepsi, some times coffee. I never had two drinks the same day, but every day I had mesomorph. I took this drink more because of the focus, and good mood feeling effect. I know I had to sickle off. When I did, I started to have horrible panic attacks I have been feeling dizzy and numbing in my face and leg. I’m also very tired and I run out of energy quickly. I’m feeling better each day but I will see a dr. Tomorrow aug 14

  • Gloria E

    When I wake up during the day I have two cups of coffee throughout the day and then I usually have a energy drink or two before work since I work third shift at UPS. The cost gets steep after awhile so I figured I had better look into something else. I had always heard bad things about caffeine pills and their evilness but upon a review about it I came to the conclusion that the arguments aren’t really easy to uphold. Most people will drink coffee and energy drinks but think negatively of caffeine pills for some odd reason. Caffeine should still be taken in moderation of course and it is no answer to a lack of sleep as well.

    Overall the Dr Max Powers Burn Pills give me a good boost to help me get through my night at work and so far no bad side effects. I did notice I can’t sleep sometimes so my solution was just to take a pill a little earlier. I take a whole pill since I am not really to sensitive to caffeine but if you don’t know how you will react than you should probably go with a half or so. You will know pretty fast if you had to much so just don’t over do it and don’t feel you have to absolutely always have them to get through what you need. You can probably get a good habit going if you think you absolutely have to have pills to get you through everything. Make sure you sleep enough since there is no substitute for it or you might find yourself driving and feeling the need to close your eyes to rest a second and not have them reopen. If you don’t like coffee or energy drinks I would say these would be the best way to go to get a caffeine kick.

  • Lauren

    Actually caffeine can make you tired and drowsy If you have ADHD or ADD… It changes the chemicals in the brain with people who have ADHD or ADD.

  • sarah

    I’m 13 and I’ve been drinking a lot of Mountain Dew and energy drinks. While 3 or maybe 4 a week are fine, I don’t suggest more than 1 a day if you can help it. You become addicted to quickly. I was addicted by the time I was 11. I’m trying to stop drinking tons of caffeine. I think I probably could, but if I go without it for even two days I start to have headaches. There are some good things that come with caffeine though, so after I completely stop then I might drink a little bit. Don’t become addicted though. A lot of your life will revolve around caffeine

  • Jo

    omg….. reading these posts is very scary! heres my story, i started drinking full fat coke when i was about 16 im now 30, i have found over the years of drinking this i gained alot of weight probably not just through drinking coke but eating unhealthy too… trying to keep upwith my b/f eating habits as he is quite big too!!! anyway in february 2010 after 2 babies me an my now hubby decided to get married after being together for 10 years and i was certainly not going to be fat on my pictures so decided to go on a healthy eating plan and tried to cut out the coke completely but suffered terrible with headaches so i changed full fat to diet pepsi (cant drink diet coke) i lost 4 stone in weight an looked really healthy for a change! we got married in october 2010 i went from a size 18 to a size 12 in under 9 months i felt great, then i started getting these awful pains in my lower back & burning around my privates :( this went on for months and all my doctor keeps saying to me is go be tested for std’s it took me months to actually build up the courage to go but i did and all was clear it nearly ruined my marriage…. then for some strange reason it just came to me 1 day about my ph levels so tested my urine and low and behold my ph was very low (to much acidty) then the leg pains started, muscle weakness, depression/anxiety, i would just snap at my hubby for no reason im still under going tests to find out what is causing these symptoms but i bet my life on it that its the diet pepsi thats causing it, i am trying to slowly wean myself off it but finding it really difficult atm as this is all i drink a drop of water never goes near my mouth and i know thats bad i would love to hear if anyone else has suffered these symptoms.

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  • Hanna Franklin

    I wanted a healthier and cheaper way to intake caffeine when I needed to study and although I have no problems with five hour energy or sodas, the pills have given me negative side effects during both experiences. I’ve experienced terrible feelings of nausea during both times that made me sit by the toilet for minutes at a time waiting with no vomiting. This is how I feel after just one pill by the way. Not to mention that last night, even though I took the pill around 8, I was up uncomfortably waiting for my body to get tired until around 4:30. And when I finally did sleep, I woke up multiple times. From my personal experiences, caffeine pills have been a really bad way to intake caffeine. Would NOT recommend.

  • Aida R.

    Hi, i’m 23 and i don’t drink coffee on daily basis, but when i do, especially during exam period, i tend to drink a cup of espresso with another cup of milder coffee every night. My friends are worried about my caffeine intake. Is there any substitue for coffee that i can use in my situation? Another thing is, sometimes i get dizzy when i drink coffee, especially iced ones. Why so?

  • Harold S.

    I have been drinking regular cola/coke/pepsi since I was 5. Progressed to the point where I was at 2-3 liters a day in my teens, to nearly 4 liters in my early twenties. All those years wreaked havoc on my stomach and intestines causing me to now have irritable bowel syndrome. During my university days, I added coffee, energy drinks etc. Before going to gym, I took pre-workouts that had caffeine etc. My daily intake was easily over 900+ mg a day. Even drinking 2-3 energy drinks in a row no longer had an effect. I gained weight, became lethargic until I had all the caffeine. It got to the point where I couldn’t function without caffeine nor could I sleep at night. I started to become a little ‘wacky’ and went to the doctor who wanted me to go cold turkey. After my whole life since childhood on caffeine, coke etc. It was brutal. The first few days I was like an honest junkie. I had chills, migraines, runny nose, aches and pains. I had to lie in my bed all day. I had to take numerous tylenol and migraine relievers. It took about two weeks which could not come soon enough otherwise I wouldve gotten addicted to the pain killers. Its ironic I needed headache pills with caffeine to fight the headaches I got because of caffeine withdrawal.

    All in all, I have been off caffeine for almost two years now. Though I am not as energetic I would say, my health is much better. I am healthier, my diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome is gone, I drink tons of water now, and I get a good night’s sleep. I would even say my memory has become better because my brain no longer relies on the stimulant of caffeine to function.

    Believe me, caffeine is just as bad a drug as any other. Try and get off. You will feel much better once you are off completely for a few months. For the first little bit, you may be tired, fatigued or not used to not having the fix, but have the willpower to stop. A lot of studies are unproven. Caffeine may have some benefits, but the risk of addiction and dependence is high.

    Heck I think I save at least $200+ a month no longer buying pepsi/coke or coffee etc. If you have to withdraw and have kids or work, don’t do cold turkey like me. Gradually decrease. But don’t worry, the chills, pains, headaches, lethargy is normal. Your body has been used to it for so long its crying for more. Have the willpower to cut it. I just wish I didn’t waste my teens being a fat chub drinking so much pop.

  • krystel

    I drink a lot of mountain dew every day all day and its like a drug. If I don’t have it then I start getting headaches and shaking and all that. I wish I would of never got started on this I never new it could couse so much problems as I’m faceing liver problems now. We don’t no from what yet but I found out mountain dew can couse liver promblems and more.

  • alex

    all the caffeinated drinks are not good to our health…despite of its good effect it has more bad effects…so better not to take any food or drinks that contains caffeine…we all know that our body is the THE TEMPLE OF GOD,so we should take good care of it by avoiding those substances..

  • robzilla

    Artificial colors have been linked to autism/hyperactivity in kids and certain types of cancer.

  • keith

    Coffee, mmm how i miss it, but unfortunately being a coffee drinker lead me to have bad panic attacks like you would not believe,i use to drink alot like 2 pots a day but since these panic attacks to hell with it lol

  • Chris

    I have been drinking mountian dew for a long time (6 year old) and I am 20. Can I now get a woman pregnant after almost 15-16 years of mountian dew intake?

  • I started taking caffeine when mum brought me MC Donald’s an it change my life completely and years after that my behavior was very very bad and also poorly sick which happens anytime.
    I enjoy my caffeine every day 7 times a week and as I get older with tattoos somebody somewhere will take me to rehab so go and @#$@ my family.

  • David willett

    Yes Coffey will make youre ears ring more if you have tinnitus but mostly its the blood rushing past youre ear drums it happend to me cause you get older but i think drinking coffeys on a empty stumces
    Will make youre right lower side feal werid so I’ve been trying to eat
    More better food before and after drinking my coffeys yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmieeeeeesssss. :-) david willett