10 Most Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana

This article replaces the “10 Most Common Side Effects of Using Marijuana” article that appeared here previously in the interests of having a more balanced and realistic portrayal of marijuana.

Commonly Disputed Side Effects of Using Marijuana

Marijuana, most commonly known as “weed” or “pot,” can be smoked, eaten, vaporized or (uncommonly) made into a tea to produce a “high” feeling. This high is caused by the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

The high that marijuana induces is extremely subjective and is experienced by people differently but generally will include feelings of relaxation, mild paranoia and anxiety, alteration of visual, auditory, and olfactory senses, fatigue, and stimulation of the appetite.

And although no deaths have been directly related to smoking marijuana, it has been shown to produce some potentially negative side effects in people. Many of these side effects, although backed by scientific studies, have also been disputed and discredited by other scientific studies and reviews, making marijuana a hotly disputed topic.

Physical side-effects

Although almost all reported side effects of smoking marijuana are disputed, some common ones that can easily be observed are reddening of the eyes, dryness of the mouth and increase in heart rate. It has also been linked to a decrease in intra-ocular pressure, which is why it is sometimes prescribed for people with glaucoma (a condition that involves pressure on the eye).

Mental side-effects

Many studies have been done about marijuana’s effects in regard to bipolar disorder, depression, mood swings and schizophrenia, but no reliable conclusions have been achieved, as there are just as many studies that have drawn a correlation between marijuana use and these disorders as there are scientific studies and scientific peer reviews that say there is no correlation at all. For example, in one study, “Moderation of the Effect of Adolescent-Onset Cannabis Use on Adult Psychosis by a Functional Polymorphism in the Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Gene: Longitudinal Evidence of a Gene X Environment Interaction”published in Biological Psychiatry, researchers claimed to find a link between marijuana use and psychosis, however, a different study “Genotype effects of CHRNA7, CNR1 and COMT in schizophrenia: interactions with tobacco and cannabis use” published in The British Journal of Psychiatry has cast doubt on those findings. There are dozens of these types of studies that make conclusions one way or the other depending on how the results are interpreted, making them all relatively useless when trying to pinpoint long-term health effects of marijuana.

And although a German study allegedly found that marijuana use was a direct causal factor in some cases of schizophrenia, the fact that marijuana use has skyrocketed in most countries in the past few decades while cases of schizophrenia and psychosis have stayed the same makes that study’s conclusion seem highly doubtful.

Another study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry, “Causal association between cannabis and psychosis: examination of the evidence,” found that while marijuana generally exacerbates the onset of psychosis in people who are predisposed to having the condition, it won’t cause a condition in a healthy person.

Several studies have also been published that both claim and dispute marijuana’s negative side effects on the development of adolescent brains, long and short term memory and the capacity for learning.


In his book The Science of Marijuana, professor of pharmacology at the University of Cambridge Leslie L. Iversen says between 10 to 30 percent of regular marijuana users will develop a dependency on it but only about 9 percent will develop a serious addiction to it.

In the book, Iversen reviews decades of international laboratory and survey research on marijuana.

Compared to harder drugs like cocaine or heroin (or even the perfectly legal nicotine) marijuana has few severe withdrawal symptoms and the majority of people who use it recreationally are able to quit easily. Withdrawal symptoms might include mild anxiety, depression, nausea, insomnia and some gastrointestinal problems.


Although there has been no long-term study linking marijuana use to cancer, it certainly cannot be ruled out. (And smoking it certainly does not cure cancer like some marijuana users like to claim.)

THC is a relatively harmless drug for the human body but the problem is that to get THC into their systems, most people choose to smoke it and that’s where it can become dangerous. Scientific analyses of marijuana smoke, cited in Iversen’s book, have identified at least 6,000 of the same chemicals in marijuana smoke as are present in tobacco smoke. Smoked marijuana and smoked tobacco are chemically very similar, the main difference between them being the THC in marijuana and the nicotine in tobacco.

A potent carcinogen in tobacco smoke, benzo(α)pyrene, is present in higher amounts in marijuana smoke. And because marijuana smokers usually hold the smoke in their lungs longer than cigarette smokers, this increases the amount of tar deposited in the respiratory system.

Using vaporizers, water pipes or ingesting marijuana by eating it are ways to help avoid some of the chemical found in marijuana smoke.

Respiratory Health

But despite marijuana smoke being quite similar to tobacco smoke, several studies have been conducted and have concluded that even daily smoking of marijuana has little negative effect on the body’s respiratory system.

Dr. Donald Tashkin, who has done extensive research on marijuana smoke, has said “that essentially there is no significant relationship between marijuana exposure and impairment in lung function.” He also added that this could be due to THC’s anti-inflammatory effect.

Marijuana acts as a gateway drug

Many anti-marijuana activists like to point to the theory that marijuana acts as a gateway drug for young people, leading them to try other, harder drugs down the road. However, there has been no conclusive study to prove this theory and because of the fact that both alcohol and nicotine tend to be much more readily available and are often used in conjunction with marijuana by young people, the theory has been impossible to conclusively prove.

The effects and side effects of marijuana will likely continue to be studied, debated, hyped, lied about, proven and disproven moving forward. The only sure thing every person can agree on is that marijuana will continue to be hotly debated as laws surrounding it continue to soften.


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112 comments to 10 Most Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana

  • cd

    the hormones are the key.. they cause your crying, your irritability, your hot flashes, the cramps… and I’m talking to us men here. It’s not the THC you crave.. its a balanced hormone level. This can be corrected, and the anxiety can be helped with minimal Xanax.

    Exercise is the key to quitting marijuana use. It stimulates all the right parts of your body, and it WILL work. Use a vaporizer if your lungs are too full of grey, then do a solid and give it away and feel like santa claus!!

  • Ryan Aldo

    Xanax??? So…replace one drug with another?
    There are holes in this article. Please back up this line:
    “They often have cravings that are uncontrollable and these can lead to results that are damaging.”
    What are the results? Elaborate.

    “Amongst other side effects that are commonly experienced due to marijuana abuse are anxiety, irritability, anger, violent outburst, insomnia, red eyes, dry mouth and even outbursts that are violent.”

    Violent? When and where? I am a police office and I have yet to have a domestic call involving a “violent episode” that is marijuana induced.

    Get yoru facts straight – there are flaws in each and every one of your “points”.


  • True

    There is no way to overdose on marijuana. It is physically impossible, for a person would pass out before they could smoke or eat any more. The potential benifets some will say should be studied but as of now, the us government will not allow testing on human test subjects and will only use marijuana of questionable quality.

    I believe that the drug nation is controlled by the wrong preople, gang lords that would not have a second thought to shooting a stranger. It should be the government that’s in control of the money brought in from marijuana sales rather than drug lords.

    Use scientific fact found in studies made by other, smarter countries before hating a medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years.

  • Brittany Anal

    well actually to be honest with you…i f!@#$ love muh gurl MARY JANE!. she be there for me to make me feel better whenever im in need in comfort. She helps me to just forget about all the bad times and to just lay back and chill for a bit.! Word Up Dawg!

  • tony303

    i dont know what that cop is actually talkin about but i agree. what they mean about violent acts really! when im high, im happy and everybodys my friend. ive been smokin for the longest ant still havent grown any boobs.also i can still run quick and still have quick reflexes. i just wanna let yaw kno something and think about what ima say!!!! IF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SMOKED A BLUNT ITLL BE A BETTER PLACE. well maybe we’d all get addicted but i asure u violence ant crime would dissapear.

  • tony303

    danm!!! it look like nothing but smokers reply to this article thing.aint no way to overdose on weed! aint no efin way. u can get so high ull pass out for several hours but not overdose. MARYJANE is my thang. im pretty skinny but i aint down wit no rocks or needles. plus id probably would’ve benn skinnier if i didnt smoke kuz dam i be gettin da munchies everyday! diz iz TONy V from dat East side of the MILE HIGH CITY 3O3 BELLSIDE

  • Jot

    Where are your medical references to studies that support the “information” provided on this site?

  • Arthur 420

    Can smokng herb cause me to become less hungry when Im sober ?

  • shauna

    Yea that is all b***sh*t no possible way to overdose. I know one thing tho ppl say its not addicting but for the past 6 years I have been getting high at least 5 times a day and now if I have to go even a few hours without it I am so stressed out to where that is all I can think about and can’t concentrate on anything else. Now I even find it hard to eat without getting high first. I’m not sayin weed is bad obviously I love the f*ck out of it. I don’t get high like I used to when I first started I would laugh and laugh but now I guess I’m so used to it, that it just makes me feel normal, relaxed, and stress free.I might giggle at somethin stupid every now and then but its nothing like it used to be. Weed should for sure be legal if you really think about it alcohol is worse than weed. Ppl drive drunk and kill ppl in car accidents but for some reason ppl seem to think that is better than gettin high.

  • Mo

    I am a mother of 3, happily married for over 11 years. I am also a working professional and consider myself to be smarter than the average bear. I also have Fibromyalgia which can hurt so bad, I just want to cry, scream, hit something. I smoke pot and it has made my life much better. It stops the muscle spasms and the pain that encompasses my whole body. Not all pot smokers are young and irresponsible. There are MANY of us out there. We just don’t always admit it in public.

  • i is(snoop dog) believe that the act of smoking marijauana is has effected me in a shitty ways folks. i smoked since i was 6 years old and im now 37 years old. i truly belive this plant has done some damage now. and im not about to not tell the truth. the truth of the matter is that pot has made me sick. sick in my brain. period.

    good luck (moderation is the way out)

  • rob

    i think its true im quiting tommorow

  • Depression?

    Another less than amusing article. It looks official, if you overlook the butchering of factual information. Do you just write this as you go along? I really doubt there’s much – if any strong/supporting evidence of many of these symptoms. In a lot of ways marijuana is medically proven to actually be an ANTI depressant, when smoked only moderately (I’m not talking about burning through half a field for one night’s party at your neighbor’s house) and CAN have reverse side effects when taken in high amounts. Marijuana can also reduce pain levels in certain areas. The real reason you’d pin marijuana for depression is because too much use actually reduces serotonin, resulting in tired, more stressed feelings. Now, to top of my comment, I’ll leave my own evidence, http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2007/10/a-little-mariju/ – And if you’d like for me to pull out the “facts” book to disprove your article for any other of your claimed side effects, I’ll be here.

  • Chris

    Marijuana may not be physically addictive and it may not cause people to become violent but does that mean this drug is problem free? I know some young kids that work part-time and spend all their money on pot. If they don’t have any of their own money they steal from other people. So what if you can’t overdose on marijuana. If you are smoking pot everyday you are hiding from life, you are working at a job just to make money to smoke pot, you are lieing to yourself that everything is great. Paranoia, depression, anxiety, reduced mental capabilities – these are all symptoms that I experienced as a pot smoker. Living life with goals to travel, hike, bike, and learn are much gratifying and exciting than smoking pot everyday.

  • Alex

    All of you are just potheads!!!!! When you high everything is alright you feel great, you’re not violent ofcourse not… But what happens after?? what happen when you’re not high? The side effects does not happen to everyone but it happen to some. The problem is the people that have addiction problems. When you have to smoke everyday to escape your problems why not face them the problem is when you can’t stop by yourself.

  • psykhe

    If you smoke only once in while (2-3 times a year) does it have side effects?

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  • George`

    Too be honest i think that smoking weed is not that bad..they just make it seem like its really bad. I am a dad with 3 kids..and i’ve been smoking weed since i was in gr.11. Bob marley is my idol because he made smoking weed seem like its such a normal thing, how it shuold be .
    The line is ” when u smoke herb u reveal you to urself ” :)

  • Ina Wolmarans

    Can a pot smoking man transmit bad behavioural habids to his offspring, maybe because of DNA changes or undeveloped sperm

  • rashemetash

    when you smoke weed to forget about your issues and problems, then where do you think these issues go when your sober again,they dont just dissapear and delete themselves and you can just start fresh again the next day.their still there,
    the more you choose not to deal with issues by any kind of approach weather itll be weed,alcahole or just running away from it the more you become angry,violent,anxious and even depressed,so my point is even if weed does not give you these side effects directly you are still creating them by not dealing with it.
    so is it weed thats the problem here or our approach and intetion for using it.

  • fry17dude

    “Other common side effects

    Amongst other side effects that are commonly experienced due to marijuana abuse are anxiety, irritability, anger, violent outburst, insomnia, red eyes, dry mouth and even outbursts that are violent”

    i literally lol’d at….whoever wrote this article has never been high

  • Dr Prater

    The link to this article was left in the comments to an article I wrote on treating glaucoma with marijuana.

    In all honesty, the research is ongoing and the “side effects” listed here are speculation, at best. THC is a cannabinoid, so it binds to the endocannabinoid receptors, not estrogen or androgens (male hormones). Breast enlargement? really? I have never heard of this and I’ve been studying the medical literature regarding marijuana use for years.

    Some of the effects listed are actually the side effects of withdrawal when chronic smokers quit cold turkey (notice though that they can be worse if quitting legal tobacco products).

    Ina (in the comment above), marijuana can decrease sperm count, but it doesn’t alter the sperm or cause DNA damage that can be passed on. Any DNA damage is in the cells in direct contact with any carcinogenic agents in the smoke (mouth, throat, lungs, nose), which is actually debated for marijuana. Some evidence shows that THC counters the carcinogenicity of cigarette smoke. Any evidence about cannabis related cancer has the complicating factor of most users also smoking cigarettes, so cancer data is highly in doubt.

  • Young C

    it is impossible to overdose on weed…. i have been smoking for almost all of my life and i love to do it. I get high everyday and it is the best feeling i ever had… and i havent growen boobs and they havent gotten any bigger so thats a lie!! If i could i would be high all day every day…

  • Married Jane

    Yea smoking some reef ain’t terrible, i mean im not coming up with excuses but i will say we “pot heads” are not the scum of the earth i believe if you look up top ten most dangerous drugs weed is not on the list but alchol is, now when i do get high i try and do productive things either read, play chess anything that challenges the mind, not all people who smoke pot are dumb and not motivated i will quit in do time i kno this and have stopped many times in my life jus to prove my point to myself, it depends who you are sometimes people can’t deal with the affects others can and conquer it thats my prognosis

  • Simone

    I wouldn’t totally discount the violent outbursts. They most likely don’t mean right after use but perhaprs before you get your fix…..I live with a chronic user and if the smoking of the weed does not happen then irratible they become….one little thing that would not normally set them off spins them into a violent rage….The glass on my oven door has had to be replaced and holes in my walls fixed…violent outbursts are possible.

  • MF


    AND SIMONE: your violent friend is probably dealing with some issues themselves, have you talked to them about it? Were they angry before they EVER started using. Its a coincidence. SIMONE, do you drink? Does it EVER effect your mood or emotions, maybe the next day after you wake up a little hungover do yo feel emotional or mad for no reason?
    Its not the weed that does that to your friend. its your friend in general.


  • Sarah

    I have to disagree with your opinion, I too, live with a pot smoker and it’s so sad to see how that person slowly drifts from reality, Pot is the priority nothing else. They inmerse themselves in their own world of dreams.Is it addictive? f*** yeah, once it runs out you have to put out with their outbursts and bad temper oh and lets not forget paranoia main ingredient for all arguments.Let’s face reality:
    Too all pot smokers, one day hopefully you’ll stop making excuses WAKE UP !!! LOOK AROUND IS THERE ANYONE THERE? or IS IT JUST YOU AND THE TV?
    I’ve been with my partner for 5 years, lost everything couldn’t cope with the bills and now been living with he’s parents for 2 years, no more for me.You know what hurts the most? I love him but can’t see him waste his life away.
    By the way he’s 40. I’ve bought my ticket I’m leaving him.

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  • ..

    ok first off to that police officer that said that all the points r wrong.. have u ever smoked weed? as someone who jus quit after 10 yrs of doin it n being around it a lot ill tell u it can make ppl violent.. tho it is rare..all the points on here r correct. it jus effects ppl differently. not everyone will get all the effects n u can overdose on it jus not in the traditional sense.. u smoke too much at one n itll cause ur heart n lung to start actin up.. ive suffered many vasovagal attack due to smoking too much. on top of that it can cause blood clots, cancer n tons of other things… honestly ppl who say its actually good for u or their no negative or long term effects n jus addicts who dont wanna think about the consequences.. it will catch up to u one day.. ill admit tho that its not as bad as the other drugs out there.. but its still gunna mess wit u.. this is personal experience. i was one of u guys sayin the same shit over n over bout how its not like that. IT IS! open ur eyes ppl. ur not as healthy as u used to be.. btw hows the memory? haha

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    […] by Lena Butler, the author of Home Testing Kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Most Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as Sperm […]

  • Zack

    The Female Reproductive System…

    Now I don’t know much about the effects of Marijuana on the female reproductive system, but can somebody tell me what’s so horrible about smaller, lighter, painless periods?

  • Zack


    Worry about your nutrition while you have the munchies, and I’m certain you’ll do fine toking out your tummy toddler. Just not TOO much toking, as it CAN retard the growth and produce a smaller-than-normal baby.

    Hope my input helps in the fight for green freedom!!

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  • Kevin

    This is all a load of BS. Out of all the people that I know, it is the people that smoke or vaporize marijuana that appear to be the most intelligent. You have to love the pharmaceutical companies that can’t stand the thought of marijuana becoming legalized because of all the profits that they will lose. It is also the same with the beer and liquor companies. The biggest sponsor for the war on drugs are the beer companies. I have done extensive research on marijuana,and including taking it in moderation on a daily basis and what I have found is that while on the drug, I feel relaxed and clear headed. I have terrible anxiety and depression and marijuana takes all of my anxiety away and the part that I like the most about it is the way that I feel when I come off of it. Marijuana has a half life that stays in your body so you don’t feel any kind of withdrawal symptoms. It is almost as if the drug weens itself off. Violent outbursts???? Come on really? My girlfriend encourages me to take it so that I’m not full of angst and my girlfriend doesn’t drink or smoke cannabis. The people that are against marijuana, and you can tell who they are, are usually stupid, misinformed, dishonest idiots and on many occasions border line retarded, if you don’t believe me talk to one. Let’s legalize marijuana, tax and regulate it and that way we can do our best to keep it away from teenagers and children. God gave us marijuana to use as a cure for some cancers and to alleviate both physical and emotional pain. Marijuana is a miracle drug given to us from God and what do we do with it, we dig it out of the ground and waste it. If our world is going to be a better place, I think that we need to be a little more open minded. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Prohibition doesn’t work and will not work, it has been proven. I have been smoking marijuana for a long time approximately 15 years and never had a problem. I vaporize now so there are absolutely no negative side effects. I’m not trying to hate or be mean here, I just think it’s time that everyone wake up and realize that THE PROHIBITION OF MARIJUANA RUINS INNOCENT PEOPLES LIVES AND COSTS A LOT TO KEEP IN PLACE (BILLIONS OF DOLLARS). Do your research, I have.

  • Kevin

    Sarah, It sounds like your partner has issues and I’m sure it isn’t the pot.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, this is really sad.

  • Don

    Everything in this world has good and bad u just got to know how to balance it out. And not everyone is the same, so every single person will experience different kinds of side effects bad or good.
    One typez i would like to leave for all reads
    Smocking M.J on a depress moment of life is one of best thing one can do. because it relaxes ur brain and make u happy and all, but for how long u going to keep smocking, one day u have to face ur problems and deal with it, so y not do it right at the very begging when it’s easy to deal with then wasting ur money, time and one day u going to be force to clean ur shit.
    Life is full of downsides, if u want to enjoy life then you better start enjoy challenging and being a winner in every step of ur life

  • Jamie J

    Effects will vary from person to person. Just like with alcohol. I have known many frequent pot users and weed does indeed have differing effects on each individual, or creates some strange behavioral traits. Don’t try to justify the use if you are crazy to begin with. You may say, “I have no such problems with it”…are you sure? I have personally experienced hostility with some heavy users, laziness, loss of motivation and the inability to handle daily stress. But then I also know users who can still walk and chew gum at the same time and are able to handle anything that comes their way, good or bad. One is even a church minister. (Non-Coptic)

    I knew a brilliant artist who, after 30 years of moderate use, has a body that is in a state of rapid decay. Poor joint health and weak bones. He can’t carry a conversation without constant scratching of his face and he is extremely irritable. Probably from the munchies and those Big Macs. MacDonalds should be equally ashamed. But, hey, profits for investors.

    I tried it a few times at the behest of my friends and it didn’t work for me. Can it serve as a relaxant under proper medical supervision? Of course it can. But it should be refined and administered by the professional medical community. Otherwise someone will eventually sue a “medical marijuana” distributor for practicing medicine without a proper medical license and for malpratice. Oh, I can see it coming! The current availability through these bullshit distribution clinics is a joke. As for alcohol, it is truly a deadlier game and I think we all have seen the damage it has caused in our society, especially in families.

    Pick your poison, it’s your choice. (And some of you learn to write will you? Shit!)

  • Oldtimer

    Today’s premium CA bud is so strong that a single toke is very roughly equivalent in punch to a glass of wine, or a whiskey on the rocks. A full joint is roughly like a 5th of whiskey. Moderate usage based on these figures is roughly an ounce a year. If you are using many times that much of premium bud, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you get odd side effects. The upside is that an equivalent alcohol consumption would hospitalize or kill you. The heavy pot use will just leave you wasted all the time.

  • Crystal

    its obviously those who replied that theres no side effects are the ones using which proves with your replies that your all id%$s and maybe its not from the use of the drug its probably from the use your parents did i know people that does it and i wouldnt put them in anything that has to use there brain and if you guys want to do it to yourselves thats fine but a pregnant mom should quit while shes pregnant or have the baby tooken from here cause if your REALLY care about your child then you wouldnt harm them as for being smarter than the ones who dont then maybe you can supply the people i know who does it because there dumber than a box of rocks and have no lives and as for no side effects ask the babies that are going with withdrawals about them

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  • B

    i laugh at those who really think mary j is so terrible. im a strong believer in theres only 2 reasons why one doesnt smoke. 1, their job and 2, they simply dont like the way it makes them feel (paranoid). as for me, the only bad thing i can say is that i dont sleep well and i always have wierd and/or bad dreams unless i get right. other than that all is good so “roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhale, exhale.”

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  • shannon

    wow im a weed smoker i smoke like 5 – 10 joints a day…. i can be a lil depressed at times.. but who isnt?? the weed calms me .. lets me just be… im the most ladi back person i know.. yet im smart out going.. sporty..have many friends am social.. love my pets and family…i kist smoke weed.. barley drink do do other drungd. barley even take tylenol…and let me tell you ppl i am normal.. happy. 23 and just bought a house wit my bf.. have my own car that i bought myslef have full time job.. whers the problem??? i think smoking weed is amazing and i dont plan on giving it up ne time soon.. were all gonna die of somthing wether it be lung cancer or or getting hit by a car.. or wtv.. ill live a happy relaxxed life!!!!

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  • Big Bo

    Lol i love hearing this bickering back and forth. fact of the matter is a lot of this article is spot on. I used to smoke pot in college, and upon quitting suffered a lot of these withdrawal symptoms. After a month or so after i felt like a new man, with recovered cognitive abilities it’s easy to look back and see how dumb it really made me. If you think pot is so great then continue using it, You may have a fascinating career of ditch-digging ahead of you :) Being a drug addict is something to be truly proud of, especially when we pay for you’re ravaged lungs with our tax money =) And for the gentleman who said he has 3 children, has been smoking all his life, and idolizes Bob Marley? oh gosh, where do I begin? I could start by calling you a horrible care-provider slash role model, but that’s too easy. Where would the fun be in that? How about i just laugh at the fact that while you’re zoned out taking bong hits and playing donkey kong, you’re kids are probably eating paint chips and drinking wood polish? :D

  • USA's on dope

    smoking will mess up your life. sophomore year i was one of the most promising baseball players in my area and getting looks from all over the state. my team wasnt very dedicated and most upperclassmen smoked pot. me and my sophomore friends who were on varsity were introduced to this drug and from there on we lost our drive, our work ethic, we just laughed and couldnt wait to get high after practice. we didnt know it would eventually hurt us in the long run. by senior year we were the upperclassman getting the youngsters to smoke, not helping with there swings, or ours.. my friend died in a car accident from being physically impaired on “weed”. after that day i never smoked again. i tried playing college ball but was soon cut due to my lack of conditioning. many of you will think this is a pointless story to read but in my opinion weed is one of the worst drugs, you just dont realize it til its too late.

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    […] first used as a tool to study the cannabinoid system. It was intentionally formed to recreate the effects of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa L). Its appearance is usually in white powder or solid form and produces effects […]

  • R.M.

    Yeah, Im not too sure about this artical guys, but I do know one thing, smoking weed has made me a bit less hornier then I used to be, which in all truth is pretty ok because my huge addiction to sex did cause me alot of depression…. Ironically…. Im kind of a weird case. But no, I also have ptsd cause I was in the army, and when I smoke, suddenly the world just feels good again.

  • R.M.


  • R.M.

    One more thing hommies on the real, we both have a pretty long life ahead of us weather we think so or not, we are amung the longest living animals on the planet, everyones got a different pair of shoes to walk in, perhaps its best to let each take their own path and let them choose how best to make it through the day. I guess the point of it is, lets just let people be people, to each their own, the most important thing is to love one another, and live together.
    P.S. Im pro marry jane

  • drugs are bad emkay

    believe me people dont smoke weed you might think its not bad but it is do you ever think where the fck this green piece of shit comes from or what is in it? unless your growing it yourself you probably dont. over the years of me and my friends smoking weed we have went threw countless different kinds of weed i dont know what chemicals are in the weed? i dont know if its just THC and the plant marijuana itself some of these fcking dealers probably spray weed with who knows just to get you so high and addicted so they can rob your ass of money.

  • Eri

    i been doing weed for alot of years but outta the blue i endend up passing out i bearly smoked

  • What is JWH018? Myths and Facts | Better Than Iphone - Samsung, HTC is Better Than Iphone

    […] first used as a tool to study the cannabinoid system. It was intentionally formed to recreate the effects of Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa L). Its appearance is usually in white powder or solid form and produces effects […]

  • Sam

    Ok, all of you peole doubting this article. How many happy go lucky successful stoners do you know? Thats what i thought.

  • Bob

    I’ve been a daily pot smoker for over 10 years and it most definitely does have its side effects. Life is passing me by and I haven’t accomplished anything because I was too busy getting high every chance I had. Meanwhile I’ve been damaging my health and my brain.

    I used to be one of those stoners who only saw the benefits of pot and saw it as the solution to many of my problems. Now I agree with all of the points in this article. In moderation it’s probably fine, but some people have addiction issues that make that moderation impossible. If you smoke a lot, don’t be surprised if you get hit in the ass by a big dose of depression and anxiety. I’m not saying it will happen to all heavy smokers, but it sure happened to me.

    I just hope my body and brain aren’t too fucked up to get back to normal. Weed may have made me temporarily happier each day, but now I have to face reality.

  • elise

    first, i am pro-pot and i have family members with multiple sclerosis and chronic pain whose lives would be made unbearable without it.

    i also live with a *heavy* pot smoker.

    it makes me sad to see misleading information, because the extreme statements take away from the validity of the truths in this article.

    smoking will not make you violent, angry, twitchy, paranoid, depressed, apathetic and selfish.

    hiding behind any altered state to avoid dealing with life tends to do all of those things, though, when you’re forced to come back to reality. being high doesn’t make you an angry person. resenting sobriety does.

    in conversations like this, i don’t ever ask what is the person’s relationship with pot. i ask, what is the person’s relationship with reality?

    there is nothing evil in this world about altered states. there is something tragic, though, about slowly watching someone you love come to rely on altered states as their sole coping mechanism. there is something not very mellow about walking on eggshells around them when they’re sober and consequently agitated. and it’s really hard to watch someone who used to be fearless and motivated lie on the couch and stare off into space because every time their life sucks they just smoke more.

    i have only one day a week that my partner doesn’t smoke himself into oblivion. he treats it like it’s something really special he does for me. the rest of the time he’s there-but-not-there, and wondering why he has no motivation or sense of meaning. i bite my tongue.

    i would say, don’t look at your relationship with pot. look at your relationship with reality. look at your relationship with those around you. look at what you’re doing with your life. and if you can’t look at those three things without a bowl you probably *are* anxious, angry and apathetic towards the rest of your life. if you have good relationships with all three, don’t worry so much about what the Internet tells you to fear or not fear.

  • To begin, Marijuana has a positive effect on your health.

    To explain, there are plenty of myths of marijuana.

    For example, Marijuana is More Damaging to the Lungs Than Tobacco. The reality is that this statement is completely false. Moderate smoking of marijuana appears to pose minimal danger to the lungs. Like tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke contains a number of irritants and carcinogens. But marijuana users typically smoke much less often than tobacco smokers, and over time, inhale much less smoke. As a result, the risk of serious lung damage should be lower in marijuana smokers. There have been no reports of lung cancer related solely to marijuana, and in a large study presented to the American Thoracic Society in 2006, even heavy users of smoked marijuana were found not to have any increased risk of lung cancer. Unlike heavy tobacco smokers, heavy marijuana smokers exhibit no obstruction of the lung’s small airway. That indicates that people will not develop emphysema from smoking marijuana.

    In conclusion, SMOKE WEED EEER DAY

  • Jessie

    Weed effects people differently, for me when I got high I felt as if I had no control over anything it felt good at the start, but later through the day my body felt like it was traped. This was the worst/scary moment i’ve had in awhile. I dont have any mental illness, I am in good shape and only 21. I smoke because of the people around me and stress of school and family. But I know that there are others ways of dealing with the issues rather than just get high and bock the problem. It is addictive so I advise people to not do it everyday.

  • laini

    wow. couldn’t read all of these comments but a few of them threw me off. and yes alot of you are right. smoking weed is not good for your health, yea we all know that.. neither is the air thats downtown or the salt in our chips… sugar is no good cuz it has the ability to make you fat… so try sweetner… and a few years later… guess what,… that sweetner that we’ve all been dumpin in out coffee isnt good either… good old aspertain… nothing is really good for you so fuck it smoke some pot .
    weed isn’t near as bad as alot of other drugs that are out there.

    and also very true about the slow you down thing… ppl dont really get violent when stoned… more like get violent when coming down from something like coke.

    i used to say they should make it legal… but ya thatd be cool.. but that would only mean its ok to ssmoke it… cant sell it.. cant make money off it (legally))) there would still be an age on it.

    ok.. so we’ve got it in our stores… first thing… its going to be taxed to shit.. secondly…its going to be dank and third:its going to be lousy pot.


  • I have been with a pot head for 16 years it is a huge strain on me and my family he has panic attacks now and no goals he smokes about three to five blunts a day he has had a high IQ he could of been a Doctor today but his addiction came first me and my family were hae suffered through this addiction POT destoys familys and is addictive. so you young kids who thinks it is all that the effects are a life time you are hurting you and the ones that love you

  • omg wake up pot mask the way you feel It is addictive and has side effects that can damage your life so stop sugar coating it

  • You guys are dumb

    hahahahahaha you people will believe anything! It had been proven marijuana is NOT addictive. This is just another lie the government is telling you to keep it from being legalized. It actually helps to get with depression. AND it has been proven NOT to cause lung cancer, I mean HELLO they give it to cancer patients come on people! Tara…you are stupid. I agree with you Lizzie. And just to let people know..there has NEVER been a death caused by marijuana..ever.

  • Miranda

    Tara. You know nothing. The man you were with probably had prior problems. Weed is something people do, I will admit, use to cope. But that is the choice of the individual. NOT the effect of the herb. Yes it causes slowness and forgetfulness. But that is when you smoke it and let yourself do jack shit nothing all day. I know plenty of very active people and very smart people who smoke marijuana. Once again it is NOT the herb It is the choices of the person smoking it. So before you go off saying it destroys lives, take a look at other factors. Not just the so called “drug”.

  • Miranda

    To lizzie. The only reason weed smoke is damaging to your lungs is this. It IS smoke. Your lungs are lined with little hairs called cilia, which are like little vaccums to clean out gunk you inhale. Any sort of smoke will pollute these little hairs. In humboldt county they call the cough that goes around “the humboldt crud”. It’s just from how many people smoke pot, and how often. Weed causes resin to form on the bongs and pipes and joints and blunts people smoke. But what doesnt get caught in these goes into your lungs. No that does not mean it causes cancer, it just makes it harder for the cilia in your lungs to clean out harmful germs such as common coughs. It’s a side effect yes, but nothing fatal, or cancer causing.

  • Jared

    All of the Original statements above are propaganda from the pharmaceutical industy. Do not listen to their lies about Medical Marijauna. They are not true. Go to a real website and get real facts that are not associated or paid off by the pharmaceutical industry! Go natural for your health get off the pharmaceuticals its the number one killer in america look at the statistics and wake up! They want to keep you sick so they make more money!

  • munchies

    He forgot to say about laughing to death.I heard the other day that a boy was high on weed and coudnt control his laughing and couldn’t breath.

  • What nonsense. This type of exaggeration of the dangers of marijuana does a great disservice to drug education. Nearly every point is either untrue or distorted beyond meaning just to demonize marijuana. According to a well respected reference for health care workers, the Merck Manual, “Critics of marijuana cite much scientific data regarding adverse effects, but most of the claims regarding severe biologic impact are unsubstantiated. Findings are sparse even among relatively heavy users and in areas intensively investigated, such as immunologic and reproductive function. However, high-dose smokers develop pulmonary symptoms (episodes of acute bronchitis, wheezing, coughing, and increased phlegm), and pulmonary function may be altered…Even daily smokers do not develop obstructive airway disease. Lung cancer has not been reported in people who smoke only marijuana…Any drug that causes euphoria and diminishes anxiety can cause dependence, and marijuana is no exception. However, heavy use and reports of inability to stop are unusual. Marijuana is most commonly used episodically without evidence of social or psychologic dysfunction. A mild withdrawal syndrome may occur when the drug is stopped…” TYhe truth is that marijuana is about as addictive as caffeine.

  • Jezz

    This article forgot to mention the side effects of pot on your wallet. My boyfriend admitted he was spending something like $200 a month on pot before he quit, might have been more. That’s money that could have went to bills, a car, a house, an education, clothes, food, and on and on.

    I can’t vouch for or against pot and its side effects, but my boyfriend’s been off the stuff several months now and he seems happier, healthier, more clear eyed, sleeps better, more ambitious,and less strapped for cash :P

  • white rabbit


  • aly

    dear all i agree with that skunk gives you a relaxtation but its realy harmfull when you stoped that as i am suffering with diffrent kind of pains in my body i use to take but not anymore drug is drug mate just think before u do cheers enjoy your life

  • huntsman

    Obviously this is propaganda to promote anti-marijuana scare tactics. Probably by Christian republicans who are against anything that has to do with having any fun. I agree that if you are smoking out everyday you are going to go no where and end up getting nothing done in life and that in very extreme cases some of the side effects may happen, but if you are using occasionally and resposibly for pain, insomnia, or just to relax there’s probably almost no chance of there being any of the problems listed in this article.

  • […] test kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Most common side effects of the health of marijuana , and resources for home health articles and other tests are used in well-being such as . […]

  • Joe

    After going over all the reply’s in this article its obvious that people dont have a solid idea about cannabis and its been around for ages. First, if youre smoking or drinking because youre trying to get away from life’s problems you are prob depressed and doing drugs wont help you cope with your life, you need to either be counseled or figure out a way to deal with life’s problems..weed is not going to help you its just going to make you feel good for a few hours. Second, all people are effected differently by the use of cannabis, Age is a major issue, family history of addiction and mental well being is also a key factor in “abuse” of cannabis. Truthfully people in all countries have used or abused weed and still the toxicity level of cannabis is truly mild, on a medical drug chart it rates lower then most drugs you can think of, does that mean its good for you and smoke away without a double thought? no of course not, moderation is always the key..understand what moderation even means is like sigh language to a teenager with a developing brain (weed is not for you!!!) grow up first and experience life and then indulge in what you want. Third, having a medical background i know plenty of physicians who advocate the administration of weed to patients suffering from illnesses, its not a healer plant but rather a natural painkiller Example: effective towards relieving pain from something as serious as MRSA ( a serious form of Staphyloccocus Aureus) So, i agree it can cause lung damage from the smoke you are inhaling but eh active ingredient THC is a natural chemical that grows within a plant that has been around for ages and will be around when all of us are gone, there is no way to classify this plant as being so dangerous that people lose their lives over it..its so mild and its toxicity id50 is at such a low level that if you know what youre inhaling into your system you should be able to understand that you can quit weed..its like a herbal root called valerian that helps you calm down, except it has more powerful psychoactive ingredients that elevate your reactions/your feelings and so forth..if you stop using it, after 2 weeks youre back to normal…Im a nursing student, who has tried weed/alcohol/tobacco

  • What is JWH018? Myths and Facts | Medical Marijuana Club

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  • How does weed effect your appetite?

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  • doesntmatter

    I’ve dated a few pot heads… and they all exhibited these side affects. Sure, they are wonderful when they are high, but when that high goes away, I make sure im not around for it. But everyone needs to remember this: Drugs affect people differently. Sure, you may not experience any. But that doesn’t mean a large amount of people don’t as well. I’ve smoked before. I have Social anxiety disorder, OCD, Depression, and Sensory Processing disorder. Smoking pot makes my symptoms a lot worse. I felt like shit. Someone like me shouldn’t smoke pot. But if you are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, then you are less likely to display such problems with these side affects. I know a lot of people who cannot give up smoking. But Mary J. and I never clicked too well so I stopped smoking without giving it a second thought. Wish I could say the same about cigarettes, though…

  • […] by Lena Butler, the author of Home Testing Kits a longer version of this article is located at 10 Most Common Health Side Effects of Using Marijuana, and resources from other home health and wellness testing articles are used such as Sperm […]

  • Fivedaysclean

    Ok so im 24 been smoking since 16…. I quit five days ago…. I feel better not completly though still having withdrawls…. Basically for the last eight years weed has been my top priority… Ive had a miscarraige and cyst on my ovarys in pain everyday taking 8 advil a day all for weed this shit is a silent killer over time if you keep smoking you will be left with some issue.. So anyway five days clean and my ovarys havent caused me pain once dont even need advil anymore!!! Life will only get better now that im getting clean and cant wait to have my social life back too.

  • Jade

    Damn people, learn how to spell! No wonder why people look down on potheads.. Well i can say that(after smoking pot a dozen times) the effects vary.
    I feel very clear when i smoke and for some reason my lungs have been making it harder for me to take breathes(wasnt caused by weed) and when i smoke i can take huge painless breathes. I have horrible anxiety and so far pot has taken it down a couple notches. I havent even got very high yet. I can say that i have been a little lazier. I cant tell if its the pot or just the fact that im sick of school but its hard for me to sitdown and do homework. So far i have had no sideeffects besides the laziness and the munches(i like getting hungry because im skinny and trying to gain weight so it works. Real review

  • margaret

    I smoke pot at night before I go to bed to help me sleep and also to help with cronic pain caused by fybromyalgia. my question is does pot interfere with the growth of fingernails? Mine are all spliting and breaking.

  • Chuck

    Umm just in case no one has mentioned it yet. Infants born with higher cannabinoid levels may be smaller sometimes but study after study shows they out survive babies born without. Its also becoming accepted that mothers who smoke or eat cannabis while breastfeeding have much less fussy eaters which translates to the baby getting the right amount of nutrients and vitamins and healthy babies. There isnt even a set ld50 for cannabis because they have not been able to kill anything larger than a rat with intense amounts which would translate to us eating about a quarter of our bodyweight worth of cannabis at once. There are very few substances that have never caused a single overdose death, cannabis is one. The times for all these retarded lies surrounding a harmless plant are coming to an end no thanks to the bright creator of this fear mongering article.

  • dan

    I agree with most of the side effects that were put here . MJ is a dangerous drug , do you know why ? I have been smoking MJ since i was 16 years old.The first year was chaotic , constant smoking almost every day , minimal of 4 joints. In the beginning , it was fine , i could recover from the drugs side effects very quickly. But as time was passing me by , it started to get more difficult to keep my life in balance and smoke weed , not only that but my puberty was affected as well.I noticed that my physical changes were very slow and that i was becoming more lazy with every joint smoked. I didnt work out frequently , i had bad eating habits(eating in the wrong time, eating junk food etc.) , learning issues , memory problems started to appear , lack of motivation , strange behavior, like distancing from my family and friends that i knew all my life(anxiety?), depression , irrational fears(like paranoia)and worst of all and probably the root of the problem , hormone imbalance. The thing is , over the years my smoking habits were not constant( sometimes i would smoke the whole week , sometimes i wouldnt smoke for a month , every third day etc.) but nevertheless i was getting worse, all the people i knew were pot smokers, it was difficult to admit to my self that MJ isnt that great as i thought in the first place. To be honest , pot can be a positive thing IF smoked occasionally AND after all of the work is done and the problems(those that you can fix that involve you ) are solved just to relax and enjoy your free time. Extracts from MJ, black oil like , is on of the most valuable medicinal substances known to man , in my opinion ofc. Google it find out more. Now 21 , smoking occasionally , currently on college , and a lot baggage from the last year , i need to study more than ever, and have decided to quite for good. Every time i smoke a joint i risk repeating the cycle, i dont need weed in my life any more. Smoking weed is an individual thing, every person reacts differently , and that is why you will have to decide on your own, to stop or to find a way you and the weed can coexist in your life with out disrupting your balance. I just know that i made a lot of mistakes and a lot of self control and discipline dmg to my self that i need to fix and sort it out with my self. More smoking will not solve the problem.Learning and absorbing new knowledge isnt as easy as it used to be , but it is getting better.Exercise dose help a lot.The bottom line , every single substance is bad if abusing it. Balance is the key. I hope this will help someone out.

  • chrix

    “violent outburst, insomnia, ,,, and even outbursts that are violent.”

    delete one violent outburst..

  • Chris

    Well for starters I have to say, some things some of you are saying are true and false. Let’s start with the pros of using weed. Helps with side effects of illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, chromed, and several others. But how does weed help. It helps dull the pain people it does NOT cure shit. People with chronic illnesses, smoke up if you have to, you don’t deserve the pain, but beware studies have shown it may cause your body to give out sooner. But it’s better than having to suffer in pain 24/7 and dying only a month later in agony. As for men growing breasts, I know a lot of male pot smokers that have gotten breasts, and well bellys too,and not good bellys heart attack fat bellys. Just remember everything I am telling you, and yes everyone is different. So settle down and keep reading before you all get butt hurt. Yes weed can make some people sterile. Yes it reduces testosterone in males, also resulting in shrinking your testicles. Women can become sterile, and are at even more greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Being high actually causes tremendous strain on your heart, lungs and brain. My husband will be 26 soon and he has the lungs of a man almost 15 years older than him. To be honest he doesn’t really smoke cigarettes he smokes weed. He is addicted. He claims it does nothing wrong to you. He is never sitting in my shoes, and sees what I see. I love him no matter what, but he doesn’t know that when he’s high he….doesn’t pay attention well, moves really slow, sex last shorter (even though he thinks its lasting longer) takes him over a minute to finish a sentence, has a harder time reading outloud, never stops eating (due to munchies) acts paranoid about everything, thinks everything is funny, does stupid things like lie and can’t remember what he said and then realizes oh shit, repeats the same thing over and over, doesn’t know when he sleeps sometimes he quits breathing and I have to move him or shake him into breathing again. When he withdrawals he gets angry fast, thinks I’m fooling around, physically throws me around, pulls my hair, cries, loses appetite for several days, makes every excuse to why he needs to smoke again, calls me every name in the book, loses sex drive. When he is finally sober, gets jokes, wants to go for long walks, pulls out more jobs at work, appetite is normal, cuddles, amazing lover, better skin less breakouts, can beat me in games, says romantic things, does romantic things, laughs more happily not forced, smiles more, saves more money, doesn’t eat my faces when we kiss. To all you people that smoke pot video tape yourselves and watch the tape sober. You will be surprised at what you really see. And hey learn how to take a frikin picture with your eyes open before the 20th shot. Potheads are only mellow because their brains aren’t working as well. Yes I’ve smoked pot, yeah I got messed up, but I was smart enough to realize what I was doing to myself and quit. I have stomach problems, and other medical conditions as well as some mental (mild depression and what not). It made everything seem better until I realized I was harming myself more. And yes a cigarette has a filter to block most of its resins and tars, what blocks weeds resins and tars. Fools that’s all in your lungs and mouth.

  • Will

    I am 35 and have been an all day, every day smoker since the age of 22. I have watched my life pass me by while not really caring much. As long as I had MJ, everything else was secondary. At first I smoked with friends, but now, and for the past decade or so, I mostly smoke alone. I suffered from anxiety and mild depression since childhood and at first I was probably self-medicating. It felt like finally I could be happy whenever I wanted. Now after wasting so much time, and money, I just don’t feel like smoking anymore. If I don’t get my mind on other important things, and become dependable, I will end up old, and alone. The most perplexing part is that I am an intelligent, good-looking man, but over the past 10-12 years my confidence and self-esteem have become non-existant. It has caused me to lose my career in Banking and have been underemployed for two years…Some people have no emotional issues and can handle smoking heavily without suffering negative consequences. Others like me only benefit from MJ to a certain point, then it just becomes abusive and self-destructive. I have been using a vaporizer exclusively for almost a year, and so far my withdrawal seems much milder than the past. The one and only other time I quit, I didnt eat or sleep for a week. By the way, xanax or klonopin are invaluable during the withdrawal period. Its when you’re most likely to relapse because of the anxiety. After a week or two, you wont need to benzos anymore. It’s time for me to finally grow up and stop being so selish.

  • Will

    And remember, even drinking too much WATER can kill you! My point is, there is a place for MJ, without question. But even a good thing can do harm if it is abused.

  • Boomer420

    Damn near anything that I would have said based on this bogus article has already been addressed and if not I’m sure it is assumed by others like me who have been enjoying the glorious herb for many years. The one thing I will elaborate on is the importance of moderation, I used to smoke from morning to night constantly, now I still smoke when I wake up to “right” myself for the day and depending on how bad of a day it is maybe only a few times more. My reliability on it to eat and sleep is still there but I do not have any of the other side effects that I’m sure those like me are aware of. Anything you come across in life whether a drug, a feeling, or a product if used excessively will for lack of a better term “destroy” you or your abilities. Like those who use it strictly for body pain moderation is key and only when needed, same for all of those who feel dependent on it. I can safely say without shame that I am in one way or another dependent on cannabis, due to the fact that it slows me down, I don’t react on feelings like anger so violently without thinking, and it definitely has improved my critical thinking. Yes I would say that my memory has taken a hit along with my increase in depression without it but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I will state one thing, it is physically impossible for any person to overdose on bud or shrooms, I’m sure most are already aware as to why you cannot OD on bud but as for shrooms the fatal amount of psilocybin cubensis in a 130 lb human is 3.7lbs of dried or 37 lbs of fresh mushrooms. Your stomach would explode before ever reaching the 4 lb mark, there have only been 2 reported fatal cases of the use of mushrooms and they both had other drugs in there system. Whoever is getting paid to write these bogus articles needs to be shot in the kneecaps and have there entire wealth spread about charities, for libel against glorious cannabis, Thank you for your time.

  • Evelyn

    Hi everyone I need to tell my story..I have not yet found anyone with my problem see I suffer from anxiety problem. Weed doesn’t make it better I hate it and can’t stand when people smoke around me what happens is I get paranoid and start to see things that are not there. I feel like I’m dying and walking to heaven I always end up at the hospital. I was never like that. I don’t know whats wrong with me I have thoughts of killing myself when I’m high then days later I still feel like I’m high when I havent done anything. I wonder if I’m going crazy can someone please help me???!!! I also feel like I sometimes I talk to myself.

  • kirst

    i often get numbness in my face is that normal?

  • Darryl

    Obey this propaganda if you know what’s good for you.

  • Richard

    One time I smoked some pot, and after I got through killing my family, I developed these horns on my forehead. So I went to buy a hat to hide the horns,but it suddenly made no sense to pay for it. So I stole the hat and killed a bunch of people with my car by driving on the sidewalk all the way home. The next day when I woke-up, I ate some marijuana pancakes. The horns were gone my family was alive and I couldn’t find my new hat. Wow it was all a dream.

  • Richard

    It sounds to me like a few of you folks have some underlying emotional issues you should probably be dealing with instead of getting stoned. Or playing video games or watching TV or any number of things that you spend time doing. Maybe if you invested in some therapy and did the work it takes to get well you could enjoy some fine weed in your spare time without abusing it. Good luck. Life is full of things some people are not able to handle responsibly. That shouldn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy them. Has anybody seen my hat?

  • Joe

    Marijuana like other illegal drugs has side effects which can be damaging in many ways. This is true. Too often smokers come on web sites like this and attempt to justify their pathetic need to smoke this vile stuff. It isn’t just the effect on the smoker but the effect on other people in their life.

    Only selfish losers who haven’t got the guts to deal with life have anything to do with these drugs.

  • cicme

    Hi.I read many comments about this drug. I now many people who using this and also i know many people who dont use this. When you look them some of them are sukcesful people and some are looser… Some of them are crazy and some are normal… Some have sex problem and other dont.. Some of them have healt problem and some dont. And this problems have adict of marijuana and non adict. Marijuana is not heroin. I think is less danger than alcohol and cigarets… And mc donalds ;) . Use it with caution. In uk study of top 20 moust danger drugs heroin and cocain is on 1,2 place. Alcohol is on 5 place. Cigarets is 8. And weed is 11 place. So think about that… Do sport and dont use drugs

  • Ginnie

    While researching, I ran across these comments. I quit smoking MJ a number of years ago, as I developed Barretts Esophagus. I have been told there is DNA changes to my thoat. I was NOT a heavy smoker. So far I have found no research on this topic, except some vague references. Hard research evidently is not there to support these issues. If someone can show me different, that MJ was the cause of this, I would appreciate it.

  • Ginnie

    I quit smoking MJ a number of years ago. I ran across these comments doing research, and I would like to smoke again, though a vaporizer. I was never a heavy smoker. I developed Barretts Esophagus, and was told I have DNA changes to my throat. This is why I quit. Noone can give me a straight answer if MJ was directly responsible for this. Has anyone out there experienced throat problems? Research is all over the place and none is proven. thankyou

  • stacey

    hey i smoke weed and it calms me down but dont mix it with alcohol coz my heart was beating fast but that is all over now and everything is good

  • stacey

    and smoking weed is healthy it calms u down u only live once so fuck what other people say

  • Leahcim

    for me, it has many positive effects. i think it depends on the intention of an individual why he/she smoke herb. I’m just 19 years old and marijuana made me a better person. When i was in high school, i got addicted to alcohol and it somewhat almost destroyed my life. when i get drunk, i get irritated easily and sometimes it leads me to do violent actions. Then, when my college years started. i started smoking herb and listen to reggae music. when i get high. my mind is in a state of peace. my sense of appreciation of things around me got higher. People say that you’ll get lazy when you are under the influence of weed, i dont think so. with or without the influence of weed. people always has the tendency to get lazy, it’s up to you how to overcome it. i think there’s nothing wrong with getting high as long as you know how to control yourself and your intention is good. much love <3

  • Fantasy

    Well, it does has its worse side effects like any other drug but one can’t neglect the happy part of it. I did not try so many drugs but I’m sure this drug is controllable in a way that you don’t get addicted to it. You have better control over yourself unless any other drug. What I’ve experienced using weed is so much pleasant, thought regret at the end. It results in sweet temptation in your whole body and you start to enjoy things around, you focus on people, their words, you enjoy music, you enjoy laughing at each other because you think everybody has gone out of their minds :p One thing more, you develop new ideas like taking things in a unique pleasant way, I mean you become creative in a sense and ya you eat much :p esp you wish to have cool juicy things, etc. The worst thing I have come to know about this is that you get pale and tend to loose your intelligent skills of your mind. You take much longer time to solve or calculate things than before.

  • Chris

    Beer drinkers lose their mind and beat their loved ones, kill people with knifes guns cars. A pot smoke most likely do this if he isn’t using another substance. Also he will remember killing someone I can bet you that,

  • Hunter Hayden

    Why must ones opinion be viewed and judged period. I smoke, do I shun those who don’t, no. I am a active member of society, with a job to boot, and I smoke daily, several times daily. It not only gives the hand of no longer needing prescription medication and it has regulated my diet and mood. Though not justifying, just commenting why must anyone persecute another for wanting to live their life, bc if me getting lifted effects you then you must be the lifeless loser.

  • Ahealthyhorse@yahoo.com

    It all depends on how you use it guys. Everything in moderation.

  • uriel Vasquez

    I have smoke mj ones and its nit the best feeling people say its the best feeling not ist not.at first I didn’t know what were the side effects by reading this article am a little aware of the feelling after a month or two I still have the felling of my vision sometime I fell like a gona faint or my vision is wierd the come the anxiety thax to this article am aware of what might happen to me