5 Things Parents Should Know About Marijuana

Marijuana is a widely abuse illicit drugs in the United States. However, it is appalling to know that most of the people who are found to be abusing marijuana are kids. According the National Survey on Drug Abuse, kids are very prone to abusing drugs. In fact more than 55 percent of kids admitted that they have easy access to marijuana while 17 percent admitted that they have been offered the same drugs at schools. These kids were 12 to 17 years old, and having kids at this age may probably pose concern to parents.

In truth, there are a lot of things parents should know about marijuana. Despite its popularity as one of the prohibited drugs in the United States, there remains underlying truth that needs to be cleared out behind the existing myths about marijuana. The following are five essential facts parents should know about marijuana abuse.

Your kids are always exposed to marijuana

Most parents typically expect that kids are already safe when they are picked up by a school bus and sent to school as early as possible. But little did they know that despite the effort to give full protection, kids can always be exposed to marijuana. The National Survey on Drug Abuse found out that illicit drugs are commonly sold at school while their availability anywhere else have a been a growing concern in the community. Thus, if your kids want marijuana, they can always find it. In fact, they can be exposed to the unyielding barrage of marijuana messages in the modern society such as the lyrics of some songs. The footages on the movies they watch and the feature articles on the magazines that they actually give them the idea on how to obtain and use them. And there exist the internet which offers a wide variety of drug legalization websites that promotes marijuana use. In fact, records show that the number of kids who are affected by marijuana in urban areas accounts similarly to the number of kids living in rural areas and suburbs.

Marijuana is associated with school failures

One of the adverse effects of marijuana targets the mental alertness of a kid. Even though it creates a relaxing feeling, kids who smoke before going to school are most likely to get lower grades and drop out at school without informing parents of their decision. Basically, marijuana slows down the attention and motivation of kids to focus on class discussion as well as impair the memory in a way that they tend to be more forgetful and less attentive. The euphoric effect of marijuana is simply a feeling, but studies show that marijuana actually decreases overall life satisfaction and decreases good health status.

Marijuana causes most driving accidents

According to surveys most of the teens that died in vehicular accidents were positive with marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs. The adverse effect of marijuana in the brain or central nervous system (CNS) causes loss of concentration among teenagers causing them to be less responsive on traffic signs, sound of vehicles coming, and the signal lights before them. Often times, marijuana is detected along with alcohol and other drugs.

One of the reasons for marijuana abuse is to get along with parents

Curiosity drives kids to try marijuana. And while marijuana is simply available anywhere, kids can get anytime they want. However, according to surveys, curiosity is not the only reason why kids abuse marijuana. Youngsters who already have tried smoking are also prone to marijuana abuse. Especially if their friends are smoking marijuana, they are most likely goaded by peer pressure to do the same. The same thing happens to kids who have parents and siblings with heavy vices such smoking, drinking, and gambling. In fact, this is the most influential factor that leads children to do the same because they perceive parents and elder siblings as role model. Research shows that the more they see their parents smoking, the more they are motivated to do the same in order to get along with them.

Paranoia among kids can be brought about by Marijuana abuse

Long term abuse of marijuana can be addictive, however; inhaling marijuana smoke even in just in a few minutes can immediately cause dry mouth, loss of coordination and balance, as well as rapid heartbeat. Most of the kids after inhaling marijuana naturally become paranoid as one of its adverse effects. According to surveys, most kids also feel suspicious because they are guilty and fearful to get caught.

How do parents know if their kids are abusing marijuana?

There are many ways to know if your kids are abusing marijuana. Aside from the signs and symptoms, using the marijuana testing kits will allow you to detect if kids are smoking marijuana. In truth marijuana stay in the body for hours and marijuana testing kits will detect for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC metabolite using hair, saliva, or urine sample. This easy access tools which are actually available in various souks are one of the most efficient tools to detect marijuana abuse among family members at home. Proven safe and secure parents can actually take a hair, saliva, or urine sample from kids and determine if they have been involved with marijuana abuse in the past few days. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Association, the new federal cut off of THC in the body for immunoassay and gas chromatography should be 50 to 15 ng/ml to conclude a positive result.


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