Brain Fitness Techniques for All Ages

Brain fitness is the quality of the brain in good condition achieved by exercising the brain. According to studies, brain fitness maintains the cognitive abilities of an individual. As part of a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable for people to maintain a healthy brain exercise, too.

Listed below are the 5 areas of the brain and the suggested exercises that you may follow in order to promote brain fitness.

  1. Memory – Memory plays a significant role in cognitive activities, such as reading, reasoning, and mental calculation. Not all people are gifted with an excellent memorization skill; however, you can enhance your capability to recall things through an effective brain fitness scheme. Some of the best techniques to enhance your memory are to stay active and focus; listen to music; being attentive when someone is talking; and paying close attention to details when reading.
  2. Attention – Attention matters in performing everyday tasks. However, as we get old our attention span may decrease. You can refresh your mind by changing your habits and creating new routines. For instance, rearrange your desk or change your route to work. Combine some activities, such as listening to music while taking a brisk walk or watching cooking show while cooking your own menu.
  3. Language – Language makes people understand each other. It can also be a symbol of intelligence. Aside from merely reading encyclopedias and dictionaries, you can continue to improve your language skills through your travel experiences. Learn and adapt to new cultures, dialects, and tradition. You’ll be surprised at how much things you can learn from others, too.
  4. Visual-spatial – This is the ability of an individual to easily visualize objects, plans, and outcomes in life. Not all people are gifted with spatial ability; however, the skill can be developed. People with good spatial ability are able to easily remember directions, pick-up significant details in maps, and remember places through images and pictures. Practice your brain to develop spatial ability by using imagery. For instance, for every place that you visit, try to remember a landmark or an object. So every time you see the object, it will easily remind you of the place.
  5. Executive Function – An example of this is the reasoning ability which you use every day: when making a decision, developing hypothesis, and finding solution to a problem. Some people find it hard to understand things, thus making it more difficult for them to make decisions. There are also individuals who get easily confused and terrified when faced with pressures and life-turning situations.  In some cases, a person’s inability to cope with life can lead to mental problems. To keep your brain healthy and become a fast thinker, you may join social activities, team building, and retreats. Assume the role of a leader and try to lead the group. Do not ignore simple things, such as solving a cross-word puzzle, answering a question raised by people on TV, or giving advices and suggestions to your friends. These simple activities can exercise your executive function and allows you to practice reaching a decision at the shortest period of time or even under pressure.
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