DNA Terminology

Adenine – is one of the four bases that make up our DNA. It is abbreviated “A.” The other bases are thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). Adenine always pairs with thymine.


Admixture – refers to ancestry from more than one recent population group. Many people today have ancestry from more than one […]

How To Choose a DNA Ancestry Test?

Many people today are becoming curious about their genetic ancestry. DNA testing has become a useful tool in identifying and finding ancestors. DNA tests have been around for many years but it is only recently that the cost of genetic testing has finally come down into the realm of possibility for the average individual interested […]

DNA Relationship Testing Between Family Members

DNA relationship testing can be used to confirm the existence of biological relationships between relatives. Types of relationship tests include sibling or siblingship DNA testing, avuncular DNA testing, and grandparent or grandparentage DNA testing.

Sibling DNA Testing (or siblingship DNA testing) is used to determine whether two alleged siblings have biological parents in common when […]

Walmart DNA Tests

Walmart is an American retailer that operates a chain of grocery stores and discount stores in 15 countries. Walmart stores offer general merchandise, grocery items, pharmaceuticals, and different services like photo developing stations and optical centers, portrait studios, and much more. There are 8,500 Walmart stores operating in and out of the United States and […]

DNA Tests You Can Find in Walgreens

When it comes to getting tested, it is best to do it in a clinic with professionals performing the tests. However, there are some tests that you can now perform in the privacy of your home, on your on time, and that are cost effective and easy to use.

If you are thinking of getting […]

Forensics DNA Immigration Testing: DNA Tests To Prove Your Parentage

DNA testing plays an important part in completing the immigration process of family members. It helps establish a biological relationship between a petitioner and beneficiary, especially when evidence like birth certificates is missing or considered insufficient to support the application. These tests have to be carried out in an accredited and recognized lab and include […]

Brain Fitness Techniques for All Ages

Brain fitness is the quality of the brain in good condition achieved by exercising the brain. According to studies, brain fitness maintains the cognitive abilities of an individual. As part of a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable for people to maintain a healthy brain exercise, too.

Listed below are the 5 areas of the brain […]

The Basics of Nucleic Acid Quantitation

Nucleic acid quantitation is an important process in molecular biology that aims to determine the average concentrations and purity of DNA and RNA present in a mixture to achieve an optimum performance.

Quantitation of nucleic acids can be done through spectrophotometric analysis and UV florescence in the presence of DNA dye.

Spectrophotometric Analysis


Plasmid DNA Isolation Procedure

DNA isolation aims to separate the plasmid DNA from the chromosomal DNA and the cellular RNA of the host bacteria, known as E.Coli. The most common procedure in isolating DNA, especially for forensic and molecular analysis is cell lysis. In cell lysis, the plasmid DNA is separated from the chromosomal DNA through phenol extraction or […]

All About Agarose Gel Extraction

Gel extraction is a method used to isolate a specific fragment of interest from an entire DNA through agarose gel electrophoresis. This method separates DNS fragments ranging from 50 base pair to millions using a variety of specialized apparatus. Gel extraction is a common process of genetic engineering or genetic modification. Bacteria and mice are […]