PCR Product Clean-up General Information

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique in molecular biology that is used to amplify copies from a piece of DNA to generate millions of copies of a particular DA sequence. Cleaning up PCR products may not be needed before the DNA amplification, however it becomes significant during the next step. PCR product clean-up is […]

Rare Genetic Diseases and Disorders

Abnormalities in the genes or errors in the chromosomes of an individual can cause genetic disorders. Although these two terms are being used interchangeably in medical science, Ashley Montagu, a Ph. D at Princeton New Jersey, said that there is a distinction between the two.

According to her, diseases cause morbid changes on the tissues […]

What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease that largely affects males. It starts from the degeneration of muscles, progressive damage and loss of muscle cells, to the weakening of the musculoskeletal system. This condition soon impairs the ability of the affected person to do the daily activities, such as walking, standing, sitting, or running.

A […]

Facts about Human Genetics

Human genetics is an interesting field of science although it encompasses complicated studies. Human genetics paved the way to the discovery of the nature of human genes and the abnormalities that may occur if any of them are not replicated properly. Today, researchers delve deeper into human genetics in order to find some cure for […]

Children’s Genetic Disorder and Screening

Genetic disorders in children are basically caused by the variation of the genes, also known as mutation, or problem in the chromosome. Most genetic disorders are typically inherited from parents. However, some are also caused by environmental factors, such as exposure of the mother to harmful chemicals, having vices, and exposure to radiation.

According to […]

Important Contributors to Genetics

The science of genes is known as genetics. It involves a clinical study of how heredity affects human beings and distinguishes the different kinds of organisms using DNA. Genetics gave birth to what is known today as genetic testing, an important tool for detecting defective chromosomes, establishing biological relations, and solving crime investigations.

Before genetics […]

Common Prenatal Genetic Testing

Prenatal genetic testing is a test done during pregnancy to screen or diagnose possible birth defects. It aims to assess whether or not the chance of a baby for developing disease is high or low, although it may not directly indicate the presents or absence of the disease. About 2% or 3% of babies have […]

World’s Largest Medical Database and Gene Repository

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launches the Million Veteran Programs (MVP, which aimed to collect blood specimen from 1 million veterans for future health research. VA also called this program as the “genomic game changer”, where the veterans’ blood specimens will be used to build the world’s largest medical database and gene depository. Along […]

Pros and Cons of DTC Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has many uses. In fact, it has been proven helpful in many things, such as determining ancestries and assessing the possibility of acquiring diseases. There are many types of genetic testing; most of them are becoming more available for the public. Although genetic testing is usually done by doctors, people can also send […]

Types of Genetic Disorders

A genetic disease is any disease caused by an abnormality in an individual’s DNA or genome. There are different types of genetic disorders that range from small mutation in a single gene to the addition or subtraction of an entire set of chromosomes. Genetic disorders are passed on from parents. However, genetic disorder can also […]