How to Dry Urine Sample for Transport & Mailing Purposes

Urinalysis or commonly known as urine test has been a widely used drug testing method in schools, universities, workplace, government institutions, hiring agencies, and so forth. Although surrounded by controversy due to its invasive technique, urine test is an acceptable and effective medium to detect whether or not an individual is using and/or under the […]

Medical Conditions and Diseases That Might Cause Urine Discoloration

A healthy person usually excretes urine of clear or slightly yellow color. At times, one might notice a discoloration in his or her urine. Sometimes, the discoloration may be due to the food that one consumes. Eating beets, for example, can cause urine to be a reddish color. Eating excess amounts of asparagus, on the […]

Why Split Specimen Urine Drug Testing?

This is a form of testing required by all Department Of Transportation testing sites. The Department of Transportation (or DOT) regulations for drug testing are also often used by employers to determine if their employees are drug free when conducting their work. This is because these regulations are fair both to the employer and the […]

Drug Testing Myths Busted

Drug testing has been an excellent deterrent to continuous drug abuse around the world. A lot of people, though, have found different methods to cheat drug tests to be able to enjoy years of continuous, undetected drug use. Some of these cheating methods have seemed to allow users to pass simple urine testing while many […]

How to Detect Urine Adulteration and How to Prevent Drug Test Tampering

Although drug testing has become a practical, inexpensive way to determine whether your staff or your family has been abusing drugs, people has found ways to tamper testing samples to pass drug tests and yield negative results. Urine adulteration is a very popular way to cheat drug tests and the knowledge and understanding of how […]

How Does Urine Drug Test Instant Devices Work

Although a number of different types of drug tests are available, most work in very similar ways. Some are more effective than others. One of the weaknesses of the tests has been the slowness with which results could be provided because the samples had to be sent to labs. Now instant urine drug tests are […]