Pro’s and Con’s of Hair Drug Testing

Hair follicle drug test is one of the common and easiest methods used in the workplace to screen drug use by employees. It can effectively detect drug metabolites in the person’s body and is preferred by some employers because of its longer detection window.

Hair drug testing requires 40-50 strands of hair that are cut […]

Why is Hair Follicle Drug Testing Good for Athletes?

Drugs can dramatically affect an athlete’s performance, which is why drug testing is a must for athletes, especially professional ones. A drug test does not only identify whether or not an athlete is abusing drugs, but it also helps ensure the safety and well-being of the athlete’s team and opponents.

A person’s strand of hair […]

Pros and Cons of Urine and Hair Drug Testing Methods to Detect Illicit Drug Use and Date Rape Drugs

There are a variety of drug testing methods being used to detect use of illicit drugs. The list includes saliva or oral drug testing as well as spray or sweat patch testing. But the more popular methods are hair drug testing and urine drug testing.

Pros and cons of hair drug testing

Hair drug testing […]

Drug Testing Myths Busted

Drug testing has been an excellent deterrent to continuous drug abuse around the world. A lot of people, though, have found different methods to cheat drug tests to be able to enjoy years of continuous, undetected drug use. Some of these cheating methods have seemed to allow users to pass simple urine testing while many […]

How Hair Drug Tests Work

Hair drug tests are the easy to use and a very accurate form of drug testing available on the market these days. Even so, that does not stop people from trying to cheat these tests and tamper with the samples (or their body) in order to create a false negative or positive. A […]

Hair Follicle Drug Testing: Is It the Right Drug Testing Method For You?

Hair folicle drug testing is one of the most beneficial means of detecting drug abuse in just about any setting. Whether you need to test for drugs in the workplace, in schools or even at home, hair testing can provide the level of accuracy and the reliability you need. Besides, what is the point of […]

Myths in Beating Hair Drug Tests

People who view hair drug testing as a threat for different reasons look for various ways to pass hair drug tests. The popularity of these methods led to an increasing growth of a market niche that help people pass drug testing. You will find numerous places online that claim to have products that can beat […]

Hair Drug Testing in the News

Hair drug testing has been catching the news wires lately as it touches Celebrity rumours, family issues, and concern in the workplace and public service. Let us take a quick look of some interesting news articles that has hit the hair wires on drug testing.

Fire-fighters in Drug Trouble

In the Boston fire department, forty […]

Hair Drug Testing in Other Countries

The relevance of drug testing in the workplace has different degrees of variability across the globe. The view of the importance of hair drug testing varies from one country to another. Hair drug testing is more applicable for developed countries that have more stringent laws in relation to the quality of work environment. Among developing […]

What Parents Need To Know About Hair Drug Testing

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Kit

Hair drug testing is a rather simple procedure. To start, you remove a strand of hair from your head or the participant’s head. This strand is then sent away to a lab for analysis. There are various types of drug tests available on the market. The two most common […]