How To Keep a Healthy Heart

Taking care of our heart is important because it pumps the life in us. A weak heart would make you prone to diseases because the body will not function well. Working your way to a healthy heart means that you have to give up factors that strongly damage the way your heart works. But as […]

CRP Tests: An Overview

CRP is the ‘C-Reactive Protein’ which is produced by the liver & released in the blood to chase the goose down! It is basically a marker/ signal for the body which tells us that something, deep inside, has gone haywire! It is a major part of the inflammatory response which our body produces to combat […]

Coronary Heart Diseases

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), commonly known as coronary artery disease (CAD), atherosclerotic heart disease or ischemic heart disease, is a result of formation of cholesterol plaques on the inner side of the arterial (type of blood vessels) walls that supply oxygen and nutrients to the myocardium (heart muscles). The plaque often narrows the arteries blocking […]

CRP & Inflammation: How Testing Can Help You

C-reactive proteins are the major acute proteins produced by liver in response to tissue damage. Its name derives from its pattern recognition activity as they act as soluble receptors which can recognize receptor patterns on microbial surface and bind to these surfaces and promote their opsonization. Precisely, C-reactive proteins bind to the C-polysaccharide cell-wall components […]

CRP Tests: Comparative Analysis With Other Inflammation Tests

C-Reaction protein or CRP is a protein found in blood whose concentration increases with an onset of immune response when various bacterial and viral infections kick in. This increase is not only limited to any specific defect caused by a foreign particle or micro-organism & can also increases in response to various diseases caused due […]

How Safe Is Your Heart?

A heart disease does not come announced. It has no externally visible symptoms and it usually does not give its victim a second chance at life. People have this tendency to ignore the threat of something this important simply because it does not stare down their faces as it arrives. Most people wake up to […]

How CRP is Important For People With Cardiovascular Complications

C – reactive protein (CRP) is an inflammatory protein, produced in the liver, which is the secreted as a first line of defense against any bacterial infection or viral invasion. The levels of CRP have also been found to jump in patients with heart diseases. It has been shown that levels of CRP molecules associated […]