How Accurate are Rapid Influenza Test Strips

Influenza, more commonly known as flu, is a contagious disease of birds and mammals. Symptoms of influenza normally include chills, fever, sore throat, headache, muscle pains, fatigue, and general discomfort. It has the same symptoms as a common cold and that is why it is easy to confuse it with influenza. However, influenza is more […]

About CVS HIV Tests

CVS is one of the leading pharmacy chains in the United States. CVS/Pharmacy has around 7,000 stores in 41 States and also Puerto Rico. It serves around 400 million customers nationwide. You can find beauty products, health and wellness products, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, seasonal merchandise, convenience foods, and many more products in CVS. Stores […]

HIV Tests You can find in Walgreens

Walgreens offer a wide range of products like consumer goods and services, health and wellness, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, non-prescription and prescription drugs, and much more. With over 8,300 stores nationwide, it is easy to find one near you.

Walgreens offers different types of test kits and one of them is HIV tests. There are free HIV […]

Top 10 States with Highest Cases of Syphilis for 2009

Syphilis is an STD that is transmitted by the bacterium known as Treponema pallidum. It results from sexual contact but there are cases when the disease can be congenital. It is also divided into two primary categories.

The first category is known as primary syphilis or one that is caused by direct sexual contact with […]

Top 10 States with Highest Cases of Gonorrhea for 2009

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium that can multiply and grow in the body. In turn, this sexually transmitted disease or STD may affect the joints and even the heart valves in severe cases.

Gonorrhea ranks second to Chlamydia in the US when it comes to bacterial forms of STDs. In 2009, a total of […]

Pros and Cons of Widespread HIV Testing in Developed Worlds

In some parts of the world, HIV is a much more prominent than it is in the industrialized areas of the West and the East. In many countries in Africa, for example, HIV infection rates are at epidemic proportions. One of the proposed ways for helping stop this epidemic is by doing more widespread testing […]

Free HIV Testing: Ways to Support Against AIDS

AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has been a worldwide health concern nowadays. It has been a subject of research to find a cure as well as a subject of preventions. There are also many organizations whose aim is to help AIDS patients. But it is not just about assisting the patients. It’s about educating […]

Things To Do & Not To Do When You Learn A Friend Is HIV Positive

There’s no denying the fact that being diagnosed positive for HIV will change your life. Fortunately for HIV-inflicted people of today, the government’s effort in making the society more aware of the real deal with the condition have been successful. And unlike the past years when being diagnosed positive for HIV meant being close to […]

Sexually Transmitted Disease Statistics & Trends in United States

In the USA, one in five Americans has a type of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Of those infected, 63 percent are in their teens and early twenties. As if this is not enough, each year 19 million Americans get infected for the first time. The upsurge of STD in the U.S. is blamed on the […]

Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

In the late 1950s, there were only five types of sexually transmitted diseases of which syphilis and gonorrhea figured prominently. A new type of STD appeared and in the 1980s, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infected 12 million worldwide and claimed 160,000 lives in the U.S. and 25 million in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, there are […]