Home Kit Menopause Testing

Menopause is a natural course in a woman’s life. It is part of aging and a stage in a woman’s life when her menstruation period stops and she longer has the capability to become pregnant. Menopause can occur anytime after a woman reaches her 35th year but typically, it occurs in her late 40s and […]

Popular Home Remedies for Menopause Relief

A woman’s body experiences change a lot of times in one lifetime. As a teen, they start with monthly periods, the experience of bearing a child, then menopause. When a woman reaches the age of 40, it is likely that they start to feel the symptoms of menopause. Each woman goes through menopause differently but […]

Post-Menopause: Diagnosis, Symptoms & Treatment

Contrary to what many people believe, when a woman undergoes menopause she does not just experience an immediate halt in her menstrual cycle. In fact, a woman would undergo through a number of stages which is considered as the transitional period. During this transitional period, a woman may not have menstruation for a few months […]

All About Menopause

Unlike men, women have what they call a “biological clock.” This means that they only have a certain period when they could be able to conceive and bear a child. This is because once a woman reaches a certain age her ovaries would stop producing egg cells. This is brought about by a decline in […]

Top 10 Signs & Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause can present itself in many ways. The most notable symptom is the tapering off of menstruation. However, before this even begins, there are many signs and symptoms of menopause that can indicate that menopause is just around the corner. Here is the top ten.

Hot Flashes

It is so common, it is almost cliche, […]