The Importance of Performing DNA Paternity Testing

Would you pay child support for kids that aren’t yours?

This is a bothersome question that surely no man would wish to encounter at any point in his life. Unfortunately, it could happen, and the only way to prove whether or not you are the biological father of a child is by means of DNA […]

8 Reasons to a DNA Paternity Test

Paternity testing is a study of DNA regions of individuals in order to learn whether relationships exist between them. It is known that a child’s DNA is made of of exactly equal portions of the mother’s and father’s genetic material. So any DNA characteristics of the child that are not also found in the mother […]

All About DNA Paternity Testing

DNA testing/fingerprinting refers to the process of examining an individual’s DNA markers for the purpose of genetic human identification and for determining the relationship between two people.

DNA is located throughout the human body in the same identical form i.e. the DNA in the blood is the same as that in the skin, cheek lining, […]

DNA Paternity Testing for Fathers

DNA paternity testing has been a virtual godsend for many fathers or potential fathers over the years, and a curse for others. While once in the realm of science fiction, it is now possible to prove conclusively, one way or the other, if a man is indeed the father of a child.

Over the course […]