Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

For years, governments all over the world have implemented stricter policies to curb illicit drug use. However, people hooked on drugs have evolved in terms of preferences, thereby giving rise to abuse of prescription drugs.

While these medications are still being legally sold to treat illnesses, prescription drugs are also freely available to users. The […]

Top 10 Greatest Medications

Through the continuous growth of population all over the world and the changes of the earth’s natural habitat, humans have been exposed to different illnesses and life threatening conditions. With the advance of technology, chemicals have been invented to preserve food. Later on, these chemicals brought about deadly effects to the body. The presence of […]

6 Things to Know About Prescription Drug Abuse in the UK

Michael Jackson. Heath Ledger. Brittany Murphy. Ana Nicole Smith. All of them are popular celebrities—people who thousands all over the world look up to. Their fame and star qualities aren’t the only things that they have in common, though. All three—Jackson, Ledger, Smith and Murphy have died supposedly because of prescription drug abuse. With the […]

How to Manage Chronic Pain Through Pain Management Clinics

Pain is probably one of the oldest medical problem and affliction that man has known. For thousands (or even billions) of years, man has looked for solutions and different medicine to treat chronic pain. And although pain management clinics were yet to be born, many doctors alleviated chronic pain through different drugs, such as opium […]

3 Common Prescription Drugs That Can Cause A Positive Drug Test For Amphetamines

Drug testing is common among employers today, including random drug testing that can occur in some workplaces. Most of the drug testing that is done is used to screen out illegal drug use such as street drugs. Street drugs such as amphetamines include cocaine as well as methamphetamines, two of the most common street […]

Prescription Drug Abuse and How to Detect It

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem that affects all walks of life. It is in fact, the single most overlooked form of drug addiction in the United States and in this time of financial turmoil it’s on the rise.

What is the Problem?

The reason that this form of drug abuse is so prevalent […]

Myths and Facts About Prescription Drug Abuse in the U.S.

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise and it’s making headlines. The wave of information that has come with it can be overwhelming, conflicting and outright inaccurate. So how do you know if someone you know is at risk? How do you know what’s true and what’s not?

Separating Fact from Fiction

Finding the answers […]

Increase Prescription Drug Abuse of Vicodin for Non-Medical Use

Vicodin is a hydrocondone, which is a semisynthetic narcotic analgesic. It is also related to antitissue functions, which in turn make it similar to codeine. The main usage of this medicine is to affect and sooth the central nervous system. It is believe that once you take a vicodin, you may experience certain side effects […]

Prescription Drug Abuse: Is It a White Suburb Problem Only?

There has always been a debate whether the issue of drug abuse was merely related to the white population or not. Well, after numerous studies and researches, experts have come to the conclusion that when the issue revolves around comparing the drug abuse amongst races, then whites are more likely to use drugs when compared […]

Most Popular Prescription Drugs Abused in USA

There is a sufficient increase in the number of people who have started depending on numerous over the counter medications. At the same time, it has been noticed that there are numerous so called patients, who have started administering numerous prescription drugs, which under ordinary circumstances are not essentially needed to cure an ailment. An […]