Pros and Cons of Student Drug Testing at Schools

Drug addiction is a psychological and physical dependency of an individual to drugs. It is referred to as a disease of the brain wherein its normal functioning is affected with constant use of illicit substances or narcotic drugs supposedly intended to help patients suffering from chronic pain due to cancer and other medical conditions.

Substance […]

All you need to know about K/2Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids

What is K2/Spice?

K2 or “Spice” is a concoction of herbs and spices that are sprayed with a synthetic compound that mimics the effects of THC. They are originally marketed as herbal incense and are sold in head shops, tobacco shops, online and offline retail outlets, and at gas stations.

What are the […]

Drug Testing in School in UK – Pros and Cons of Drug Testing Students in High Schools in UK

Many have suggested drug screening and tests be conducted in schools for the welfare of the students and personnel. Since the time of Tony Blair, drug testing in schools have been a much-debated issue along with drug screening in the workplace. The questions always go about the necessity and effectiveness of these drug tests.

Whilst […]

Drug Testing for Giving Educational Scholarships: Advantages and Disadvantages

The price for a decent education increases every year, especially in good universities and colleges. This is why it makes perfect sense for diligent students to work hard to attain scholarships and grants to be able to pursue their education without having to worry about tuition. In the past, students only had to accomplish a […]

What is JWH-018? Why is it Dangerous? What do Parents Need to Know?

JWH-018 is known as a chemical with analgesic properties thus it is often described as a pain-killer. It was actually named after the initials of its proponent John W. Huffman. It is a cannabinoid agonist for the receptors tagged as CB1 and CB2 and comes from the family of naphthoylindoles. The JWH-018 can be consumed […]

Ten Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs

Each year, more and more children fall into the many traps of drug abuse. Even children as young as ten years old have started experimenting with illegal drugs, most of which they pick up from their peers in school. Some even smoke marijuana at home and keep their stash in places undetected by parents.

Keep […]

Helping Your Kids Deal with Drug Testing Fears – Talk to Them about It!

Drug testing in schools is one way of preventing the use of illicit drugs. Unlike mandatory testing made for employees, this one is made at random. At some points, there are controversies linked behind the imposition of drug tests in students. Add to that the fact that there are common drug testing fears that one […]

Most Common Urine Drug Test Cheating Methods Used by Teens

In an attempt to control the amount of drug abuse in teens, drug testing and evaluation has become increasingly more common. The practice began in the 80s when President Reagan added drug testing to the federal job application process; since then many businesses have adapted the practice. This concern for the effects of drug abuse […]

Drug Abuse and Drug Testing Trends in High Schools in Texas

According to the latest survey, the vast majority of substance abusers in the state of Texas are between the ages of 18 and 25, which implies that the majority of users are likely teenagers who are in high school. Texas deals with a very high meth addiction and violence rate compounded by problems with heroin, […]

State by State Steroid Testing in High Schools

Like drug abuse, steroid testing use and abuse is becoming rampant in the United States especially amongst school going children especially high school. It is because of this that each state has developed its own set of laws to deal with steroid use.

Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit

States where steroid testing is mandatory