Strategies To Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking continues to be one of the most troubling health concerns in the world, claiming millions of lives and hurting the health of millions more. Despite its known risks, a lot of people still continue to enjoy their tobacco sticks and puff at will.

If you are a cigarette smoker who wants to kick […]

Who Needs Lung Cancer Early Detection Testing?

Lung cancer early detection testing is a form of screening procedure to find abnormal cell growth in the lungs when symptoms are few. Cancerous cells detected at an early stage are more likely to be treated with less invasive procedures. Treatment of cancer at its early stages opens more doors for treatment options, and has […]

Positive Effects of Marijuana on those Suffering from Chronic Pain

Millions suffer from chronic pain and the medicine available to manage these types of pain is not enough. This is the reason why researchers are continuously looking and testing for new medicine that provides pain relief without weakening side-effects. Patients and medical professionals are desperate for new ways on how to manage pain. One promising […]

Health Effects of Ingesting Marijuana versus Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is being studied because of its potential to cure chronic pain and other serious health problems. However, it is still a controversial subject due to other reported side-effects of inducing the drug. According to studies, among recreational substances, marijuana is said to be the safest out there. Although this is backed up by scientific […]

The Little Known Effects of Smoking One or Two Cigarettes a Day

Out with your friends for the weekend and you decide to have a smoke. It’s just one cigarette and probably have a couple more since most of them are smoking, thinking it will not cause you serious health problems because you are only smoking for the weekend.

People choose to be “occasional” or “social” smokers […]

Top 10 Brands for Electronic Cigarettes

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History of Nicotine

Christopher Columbus testified to the wide scale use of tobacco amongst Native Americans when he discovered America in the late 15th Century but there is anecdotal evidence of earlier voyages by other explorers to the continent who had testified in witnessing people smoking tobacco.

While in Europe, the history of nicotine begins on 1560 when […]

The Pros and Cons of a Regular Nicotine Test in the Workplace

Even if the World Health Organization has published studies that state that smoking cigarettes kills up to 5 million people a year, a lot of people still continue to smoke tobacco and don’t even think of quitting. In response to the rising health expenses and productivity losses incurred because of smoking in the workplace, several […]

Five Healthy Alternatives to Cigarette Smoking

The quintessential Marlboro Man may have made smoking cool and hip in the 1950s but these days, cigarette smoking is on the decline because of studies that show the different negative effects cigarettes and tobacco have on your health. Those who have stopped this nasty habit can tell you that there is no easy way […]

Top Grants for Tobacco Smoking Studies

Although smoking is the leading cause of lung and oral cancer worldwide, there is still not enough funding, a study grant or opportunities for students, doctors and researchers to find out more about nicotine and tobacco smoking as well as its effects on health. There are, however, a number of study grants and even grant […]