Anabolic Steroids: Their Physiological and Health Effects

Anabolic Steroids improve the appearance of users and enhance strength and endurance, if taken in prescribed dosages under the supervision of a doctor. Misused and abused, they can cause changes in women that would give them masculine attributes like more hair growth, deeper voice and rougher skin and flat breasts, among other changes. In men, […]

Steroid Abuse Statistics by School-Age Children and Teenagers

Topic: Steroid Abuse Statistics by School-Age Children and Teenagers

We already know that anabolic steroids are primarily abused by bodybuilders, professional athletes, and fitness buffs. But what’s even more alarming is that students are getting access and taking anabolic steroids without sufficient knowledge on the side effects of steroids abuse. Although steroids are usually acquired […]

The Benefits of Steroids and Drug Addiction Counseling Programs

Counseling is one of the core processes involved in drug rehab programs. Its objective is to address the psychological aspect of addiction. When an individual with steroids and other drug addiction problem enters a drug rehab treatment, s/he goes through specific treatment therapies, steroid testing, medications, and counseling sessions. Counseling programs are meant to help […]

Medical Use of Steroids

Steroids remain a hot topic when it comes to drug abuse discussions. Several reports have highlighted the risks of steroids abuse, and somehow you will wonder why the compounds have been developed in the first place if they have the tendency to become harmful.

Initially, steroids were developed to treat hypogonadism, a condition wherein the […]

Steroid Substance Abuse in United Kingdom

Although the use and abuse of illegal drugs poses as a serious threat to the health of people as well as the society in the United Kingdom, steroid use is fast rising as yet another serious problem the country has to contend with. Although steroids have been branded as a controlled substance in the UK […]

All About Androgenic Steroid Tests

We’ve all read about them in the news or saw incidents on television of athletes being condemned for taking them. Scientifically, they’re known as androgenic steroids, but they’re more commonly known as just “steroids,” and athletes have been using these androgenic steroids illegally for years.

Derived from synthetic testosterone, these steroids are given to patients […]

Most Common Performance Enhancers Among Race Horses

There is a giant push to end drugging horses with steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in both harness racing as well as thoroughbred racing. Drug testing is done through most racing commissions, especially when it comes to thoroughbred racing, to make sure that the horses are not being given performance enhancing drugs to make […]

10 Famous Athletes Who Got Caught Abusing Steroids With a Steroid Test in 2009

It is common knowledge that steroids are a consistently abused device in the sports world. Acknowledging this, the level of drug and steroid testing conducted by professional sports organizations has increased tremendously in recent years in a concerted attempt to stop these athletes and prevent others from using these dangerous drugs. In 2009 there were […]

Steroid Abuse and Steroid Testing in High Schools

Steroids have become a major problem in the sports industry. Recent admissions by famous professional players who use them, has sent a firestorm of controversy through the entire world as everybody reacted to the news that even heroes cheat the system. It should be no surprise then that steroid use is just as much of […]

How Steroid Use Changes Testosterone/Epitestosterone Ratio

Exogenous consumption of anabolic steroidal hormone – testosterone has been associated with a significant increase in the muscle mass, stamina and endurance making it one of the most abused synthetic hormones, topping the charts ever since its discovery! For decades, a diverse array of anabolic steroids has ceremoniously been abused for exogenous performance enhancement. So, […]