Characteristics of Organizations with Drug Testing Programs / Organizations that Do Not Have Drug Testing Programs

Drug testing programs first appeared in the United States in the early 1970s, and the proportion of companies with these programs likely peaked in the mid-1990s. A drug testing program is a kind of program that has been adopted in workplaces to address substance abuse problems and the potential adverse consequences associated with them. Although there are a number of benefits to implementing pre and post-employment drug testing in several organizations, there are still some companies that do not implement drug testing programs.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in cooperation with and commissioned by The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) conducted a study to obtain the current opinions of human resources professionals about workplace drug testing. The study, which was conducted in March 2011 revealed that the majority of organizations (57%) conduct drug tests on all job candidates while only 29% do not conduct drug tests on any job candidate. In addition, most employers who use tests on job candidates have done so for seven years or more. When employers do post-employment drug tests, the most common tests are post-accident testing, random testing, and reasonable suspicion testing. The most notable benefits of workplace drug testing are as follows: Increased worker productivity, decrease in absenteeism rates, decrease in workers’ compensation incidence rates, and decrease in employee turnover rates.

On the other hand, 24% of the employers that don’t have a drug testing program said the primary reason was that their organization did not “believe” in drug testing. Other reasons were drug testing was not required by the state or government (18%); “no return on investment and too costly” (16%); drug testing is not applicable or necessary to their business (11%); and administratively too difficult to implement claimed by 7%.

TestCountry understands that having a drug-free work environment incorporates with having to implement a well-planned drug testing policy. This is why TestCountry offers a wide range of services to assist in the development, implementation, and the improvement of corporate drug testing programs. Striving for quality, cost effectiveness, accuracy and exceptional customer service, TestCountry has served thousands of customers in setting up their drug testing programs. If you do not have an employee drug testing policy, we can help you draft your policy and implement a program designed to meet your needs.

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