10 Best Long-Term Rehab Centers in US for Alcohol Addiction

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A long-term rehab program usually lasts longer than 30 to 90 days. There is no specific number of days to qualify as a long-term rehab program, although many treatments for addiction and alcoholism last for 90 to 120 days.

These are 10 of the best long-term rehab centers in the US for alcohol addiction:

1. Turning Point Home

1315 25th Street, San Diego, California 92102


Turning Point Home is a peer-oriented and community-based rehab center for women dealing with alcoholism. Turning Point Home provides these women with food, shelter and recovery services.

The Turning Point program lasts from three months up to one year. This program includes Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drug and alcohol education, household chores and responsibilities and relapse prevention.

2. Decision Point Center

505 Whipple Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301


The Decision Point Center is a long-term treatment center for those dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Their addiction treatment program is designed for people who need care beyond the traditional 30 days usually provided by a rehab center.

3. Burning Tree

2837 County Road 101, Kaufman, Texas 75142


Burning Tree provides a long-term drug and alcohol dependence treatment for both adult men and women. This rehab center has a strong relapse prevention program. The length of time that a client stays at Burning Tree is determined by the individual’s progress during treatment and the treatment team’s evaluation.

4. Morningside Recovery

3404 A Via Lido, Newport Beach, California 92663


Morningside Recovery is a rehab center that specializes in addiction and dual diagnosis. They have treated thousands of people dealing with alcoholism with an individualized program.

The most important part of Morningside Recovery’s alcohol treatment program is the aftercare. When the patient leaves Newport Beach, it is not the end of the program. The client is provided with a transitional work program, career counseling, job placement services and relapse prevention.

5. The Crossroads Foundation

3594 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, California 92103


The Crossroads Foundation deals with women facing drug and alcohol addiction. This drug rehab center offers a 24-hour residential program of six to nine months. The program is made up of four phases of recovery, including mandatory treatment, individual and group counseling, and recovery and ancillary services.

6. Teen Challenge

5450 Lea Street, San Diego, California 92105


Teen Challenge is an organization that provides children, youth and adults a faith-based solution to drug and alcohol addiction.

Many of the Teen Challenge centers offer a one-year program for those dealing with alcoholism. Residents do not have jobs because with this program, recovery is their full-time job. The length of the program is anywhere from a year to 18 months.

7. San Diego Rescue Mission

5150 University Avenue, San Diego, California 92105


San Diego Rescue Mission caters to the homeless, the abused, the poor and the addicted. If you have few resources and are facing drug or alcohol addiction, this is the place to go.

The San Diego Rescue Mission offers a 12-month residential recovery program in both the Men’s Center and the Women & Children’s Center. The program is centered on building a relationship with Jesus Christ.

8. Mission Waco Manna House

1315 N. 15th, Waco, Texas 76707


Mission Waco’s Manna House is set up like a Christian home, and is where adult males facing drug and alcohol addiction can seek treatment.

The Manna House follows a three-phase, faith-based treatment program that takes three to six months long. A transitional program that lasts up to 12 months then follows it.

9. Straight Way Training Center

1161 FM Country, 218 Road, Hungerford, Texas 77448


The Straight Way Training Center (SWTC) is a drug and alcohol rehab program.

People who are willing to turn their lives away from drug addiction and alcoholism can take a 15-month program. Divided into four phases, the program touches on life basics, life principles, leadership training and re-entry.

10. Sober Living by the Sea

4816 Seashore Drive, Suite B, Newport Beach, California 92663


Sober Living by the Sea offers a long-term residential treatment in Newport Beach for alcoholism and addiction. Extended Care clients are mostly composed of those who have finished primary treatment, which are the first 30 to 60 days of sobriety.

Clients in the Extended Care program undergo treatment that allows them some freedom for other activities. They are allowed to participate in outdoor activities such as golfing, surfing, yoga, sailing and sports fishing.