Quick Guide On Your Future Child’s Blood Type

Blood typing is a method of determining a person’s blood type by serological methods. These blood types depend on whether or not there are certain antigens on the red blood cells & if there are antibodies to these substances. By careful planning a couple can decide & project its child’s blood type which is quite important because not all blood groups are compatible with each other & if child & mother are of incompatible blood types, mixing of their blood may lead to blood clumping or agglutination, which may be fatal for both mother & the baby.

Allele Combination Blood Type

Deciding your child’s blood type:

Each biological parent donates one of the two A/B/O alleles to his/her child. Alleles are possible types of a particular gene, in this case the blood type gene. There are three basic blood type alleles: A, B, and O which codes for A, B or none of the RBC surface antigens that decide corresponding blood types respectively. Children have two alleles, one inherited from each parent. The possible combinations of the three alleles are OO, AO, BO, AB, AA, and BB. The blood group that you belong to, depends on what types and combinations of alleles you have inherited from your parents.

Consequently, a person with blood type B may have a B and an O allele, or they may have two B alleles. If both parents are blood type B and both have a B and a recessive O, then their children will either be BB (if each parent passed on the B allele), BO (if one parent passed on B and the other parent passed on O), or OO (if both parents passed on the O allele). If the child is BB or BO, they have blood type B. If the child is OO, they will have blood type O.

Instant Blood Type Test Kit

Rh Factor is also an antigen the alleles for which are also inherited from our parents, but independently of the ABO blood type alleles. Someone who is Rh positive or “Rh+” has at least one Rh+ allele, but could have two in homozygous state. Their genotype could be Rh+/Rh+ or Rh+/Rh-.

Similar to A, B, O & AB blood types, Rhesus factor (Rh +/-) genetics is determined from the possible allele combinations inherited from each parent. The DNA of each parent carries two Rh alleles either positive (+) or negative (-). The positive Rh factor allele is dominant over the negative Rh factor allele meaning that if a parent’s pair of Rh factor alleles are one positive (+) and one negative (-), the positive allele will dominate the negative allele and result in a positive Rh factor (Rh+). Therefore it is quite possible that two parents with Rh+ factors to produce an Rh- child. So careful pre-marital blood typing counseling & planning is advisable.

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34 comments to Quick Guide On Your Future Child’s Blood Type

  • alma marie diabo

    My dad is O- and my mom is A+. All of my siblings are A+ except me I’m O-. Why am I the only child with my dad’s blood type? Please explain!

  • My dad is O- and my mom is A+. I’m O positive . Is that combination possible

  • Lynn Sarvis

    Same scenario here. Mother A+, Father O- and I’m O-!How?I was home birthed so no question of hospital mixup. Then I found this site and now I understand. Mother had to be Rh heterozygous, carrying both Rh- and Rh+ factors and giving me the Rh- allele. She also had to be AO to give me the O component. Thank you for this site!!!!

  • Curious


    My blood group is B+ and wife’s B+, what are the chaces of having baby with different blood group.

  • Tom

    Hai my blood group is B+ and wife’s A+,what are the chances of having baby with different blood group?

  • The information I sent was private! I would like it “removed” from your website immediately.
    You’s never requested permission to share my information. I expect it to be removed within 24 hrs.

  • suresh

    Hai, my blood group is B+ and wife’s B+,what are the chances of having baby with different blood group?

  • amaz0n

    ya… well my parents are O- and AB- and i’m A+ …

  • Alicia

    If my mom is A+ and my father is 0- Can I be a B-?

  • baby

    i would like to ask mother is type A and the father is type B . why our child he has type o how it happen Pls i need advice.


  • adewusi

    Can you explain this for me? Am having a blood group O and a genotype AA with ‘D’ positive

  • elma

    hi…i wanted to know that why is it my daughter has a type AB+ ? while me the mother has B+ and her father is TYPE 0- but now me and my kid father is broke up already because he accusing me for cheating that i never did………..thanks
    need the answer…..
    have a nice day

  • nagaraj

    if couple having blood group of AB +ve and O -ve then what will be the possible blood group of their twin

  • my mother ab+ ,father o- can my blood group may be o+

  • ipsita

    how i know the blood group of baby before delivery?

  • babycubs

    im an B+ n my husband is a B one of our kids is an O+. Is that possible? while our other child is a B+

  • Miranda

    I am AB+ and my husband is O- what will our child be?

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  • Davy

    I My blood group is O+ and my wife is A-, what will be the possible blood group for my child?


    My blood group is B+ and my wife’s Blood group is also B+ . Please tell me what will be the blood group of my baby.

  • ron

    My blood group is A and husband’s B,do we have a chance to have a baby? and is it also what we called ABO incompatibility? pleas explain. tnx

  • Jimmy

    I am male 27 with blood group AB- and my wife female 25 with blood group B+. My wife is skeptic about her pregnancy and having child. She thinks that positive negative blood group leads to problem in having pregnancy. I would like to know whether her saying stands valid or not…

  • Luna

    I am AB+, my father is B and my mother is O. I am not sure how i came out AB XD. I do have a great grandmother with AB however.
    Jimmy, you and your wife are safe. Since she is the one with positive there wont be any complications with pregnancy because of the blood. The only time that this would cause complications was if she was negative and the unborn child was positive. I am + and my husband is – and we have a healthy 4yr old girl and there werent any problems.

  • Casie

    I have a+ and my husband has ab. Is it possible for our child to be a+?

  • Eman

    My mother is O- and my father is B+, all my brothers are B+, but I am B-, is this combination possible?

  • ashi

    i’m A neg and my mom A posit and my dad is O posit. group if it is possible my blood group is A neg.

  • charmain

    is it normal for both parents with b+ blood group to have a child with o- bllod group

  • Melissa W

    I was wondering if I could figure out my husbands blood type without having to have him tested. I the momma am O+, our first born is O+, our second born is O-…. Does this mean my husband there dad is O-???

  • Mai

    My husband’s blood type is B positive and I’m O positive. What’s our baby’s blood type will be?

  • dan boersma

    mother was ab+ im o- how can child be o+

  • Rachel

    Hello! My mother is A- and has been told she has the rh negative factor. None of her three kids have this. My father was O+ I am the only child O+. She told me I was taken immediatley after delivery for tests and things. Could you explain why this happened?

  • Ema

    Im a- my husband A+ my to children a- is it possible ?

  • elisa

    father is o+ and mother is o+ then baby’s blood type is b+ , is it possible? mother’s parents are both b+ , can the baby inherit that blood type? please help.. thank u so much

  • bob

    my father blood group is a+ and mother is b+ then what % chance of having o+ male child?