Drug Testing Cheats: How They Work and How to Catch Them

A popular ‘80s cartoon action hero once said that “knowing is half the battle,” and although this can definitely be applied to the mundane things you encounter everyday, this ideology can also be applied to the ongoing battle against illegal drugs and drug test cheating.

If you are an employer looking for new recruits or are a concerned family man who suspects that a relative is abusing drugs, then chances are, you’ve used rapid, on-site drug testing kits to detect drug users in your office or family. You may not know, though, that there are many ways for substance abusers to pass a drug test. While some can be effective drug cheating methods, there are others that don’t work. Find out which common methods work and which don’t to further arm yourself and your family in the battle against drugs.

1. Drinking lots of water. This method probably worked 10 years ago during the first incarnations of drug testing kits but technology has made detecting this method of drug test cheating possible. The color of urine alone, which becomes clear when the user has drank lots of water, is a sure indication of attempted drug test cheating. Also, drugs such as Marijuana are non-water-soluble and cannot be cleared out of the blood by taking in large amounts of water.

2. Adding household items to urine sample. Bleach, table salt and vinegar added to urine samples have been said to mask the presence of illegal drugs in a drug user’s system. But drug testing kits have optional adulteration kits that can detect if different substances have been added to a urine sample. Hydrogen Peroxide, for example, can turn urine brown if Pyridinium Chlorochromate, a drug test cheating chemical, has been added to it.

3. Using someone else’s urine. Most drug users who want to pass a drug test will hide a container of someone else’s urine in his pants or jacket and pour this into the drug testing cup People who do this are often caught, however, because clothes and pockets are checked before someone goes into a bathroom or testing room to have his urine sample collected. Still others conceal clean urine in very small containers hidden in shoes or other places that are less noticeable. Temperature strips in drug testing cups, however, can determine if the urine sample collected is fresh by its warmth.

4. Taking commercial cleansing drinks. A lot of detoxifying drinks and mixes are being sold on the Internet, promising that they will help users pass drug tests. Most of those vulnerable to these scams are teenagers who want an easy way to pass a drug test. QuickKlean, Golden Seal and Super Clean 13 are just some brands that claim to cleanse the system of illegal substances. Golden Seal is used to help digestion and to soothe stomach ailments and bladder infections and is falsely believed to mask the presence of illegal substances in urine. The use of Golden Seal to cheat drug tests is easily detected by a dark urine color.

The battle against illegal drugs and its use is a decades-old war that harms families more than you realize. Teen-agers have become the highest age group of drug abusers in the world and most drug abuse has remained undetected because of rampant drug test cheating. Take the first step in keeping the world and your family safe from drug abuse by keeping your eyes open to it and also by being aware of how people cheat to pass a drug test.

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