Drug Testing for a Safe Factory: Advantages of Drug Testing in Manufacturing

Definitely, despite the arguments of privacy invasion when it comes to drug testing, having one in your company provides more benefits than downsides. This is especially true when you are running a manufacturing company. Keep in mind that your major resource will be your people, who will run the factory equipment, produce the goods that you need, and thus provide you of the profits that will help keep the business afloat at all times.

Here are some of the advantages of having a drug testing program in a manufacturing company:

1. There is a very small chance that you will hire someone who is into drug abuse. The world of manufacturing is basically fast paced, and you need someone who will definitely be an asset, not a liability. By having a drug testing as one of the pre-employment requirements, you can already determine which of the candidates is into drug abuse and remove him/her from the employee list. This will save you from major headaches in the future.

2. There will be fewer accidents in the manufacturing company. Those who are into drug abuse are clumsy and usually out of their proper minds—just one of the many drug effects they have to go through. Hence, it is highly likely that they will meet some accidents while in the manufacturing company. This will be additional cost to you, as you may have to shoulder for their treatment. With the drug testing program, therefore, you can lessen the probability of an accident while being able to minimize on your company-related expenses.

3. There will be lesser cases of absenteeism and worse fraud. Individuals with drug abuse problem are normally absent simply because their body is too weak to report to work. Making things worse is the fact that they can sometimes feel the urge to commit a crime, such as theft and fraud in order to satisfy their cravings for drugs. A drug testing program will help you guarantee that there will be no such people in the workplace. This will only give the management peace of mind, but it will also help other employees believe that they are really working in a very safe environment. Besides, absenteeism is actually a costly behavior for the manufacturing company. It will mean that they will not be able to meet their desired number of produced goods and hence their desired profit or quota at a certain period.

4. You can easily provide solutions to the existing drug issues in the company. A workplace drug testing program will help you identify which of your employees is into drug abuse and what kind of treatment they need. This way, you can help them go back to their normal lives, perform better in their respective jobs, and encourage them to become more sociable and work harmoniously with other employees.

Do not waste time. If your manufacturing company does not have its own drug testing program, with the advantages listed above, for sure you know that you badly need one.

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