Drug Testing Myths Busted

Drug testing has been an excellent deterrent to continuous drug abuse around the world. A lot of people, though, have found different methods to cheat drug tests to be able to enjoy years of continuous, undetected drug use. Some of these cheating methods have seemed to allow users to pass simple urine testing while many methods simply don’t work.

The Internet has become a large repository of information to cheat drug tests and both professionals and teen-agers have used the World Wide Web to help them pass drug tests. Below are some of the widely advertised methods to cheat drug tests and the corresponding reasons why they don’t work.

1. Aspirin-and-water combination. There has been research circulating in the Internet that taking up to four Aspirin tablets a few hours before testing and drinking large amounts of water can help you cheat drug tests. Aspirin is said to reduce the sensitivity of Marijuana (THC) in the urine sample and, in combination with water, is said to bring the levels of THC down in drug test results to levels way below the cut-off levels. This method is both unreliable and dangerous since urine color is checked (colorless urine indicates cheating has been attempted) and excessive dosage of aspirin is dangerous.

2. Taking vitamins. B-complex (B3 or Niacin, in particular) has been said to detoxify and cleanse the body from impurities and has been used to try to cheat drug tests but they’re all just false and empty promises. B3 or Niacin has no effect whatsoever on the amount of illegal substances in your system. There have also been numerous cases of teenagers overdosing on Niacin, causing severe allergic reactions, palpitations and even liver damage.

3. Using detoxifying shampoos. A hair follicle drug test is impossible to beat and this holds true despite advertisements for detoxifying shampoos on the Internet. Drug use is evident in hair follicles up to 30 days after use. Detox shampoos simply leave a residue on your hair that gives a better (but not fool-proof) chance of your drug test results coming back negative. Regular and heavy drug users, however stand little chance of getting away with negative drug test results even if they use these so-called detox shampoos.

4. Claiming that second-hand smoke caused you to fail. There are certain standards and cut-off levels that have been set by groups such as SAMHSA and NIDA for drug test results and this is to make sure that second-hand marijuana smokers won’t get tested positive for THC. If you are a primary smoker of Marijuana or Hashish, the levels of THC in your urine will definitely fall above the drug testing cut-off levels.

5. Drinking lots of cranberry or orange juice. A lot of people overload on cranberry juice or orange juice, thinking that this will dilute the amount of drugs in their system and subsequently allow them to pass urine testing. Drug adulteration kits test for the pH levels of urine samples and any acidic fruit juice can raise your urine’s pH level. Urine samples that have high pH levels are discarded and you may be asked to submit new samples until your urine has been determined as acceptable to be tested.

There are a lot of different methods to cheat drug tests being propagated through the Internet but most, if not all of them, are nothing but empty promises. The only foolproof way to pass drug tests is to stay clean and not take drugs in the first place.

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