Early Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Children

The early stages of autism in children can be determined as early as 18 months. Around the time when a child starts to communicate with people around them, play, and interact. As a parent, you see every step of your child’s growth, and as they age you can detect for signs of autism if you feel that your child is having a hard time playing or interacting with others.

Autism happens when a child has a problem developing language, behavior, and social skills. They may be more aggressive or reserved than other children. Others may have a problem speaking, especially when they are about the age where they should start mimicking the words they hear. The important thing is to detect the early signs of autism so it can be treated. A parent can also try an autism test to help detect if there is a problem.

Here are the early signs and symptoms of autism in children:

Social Skills

  • Fails to smile when they are smiled at.
  • Child fails to respond when they are called by their name. Sometimes, they would appear that they can’t hear you.
  • Fails to respond or initiate cuddling
  • Child doesn’t want to play with others
  • Doesn’t make eye contact, like when he or she is being fed.

Verbal Skills

  • Fails to make noises to attract your attention. Not even baby talk.
  • No spoken word by 16th month.
  • Fails to repeat or remember meaningful phrases by their 2nd year.
  • Abnormal speech tone.
  • Fails to ask for help or make requests.


  • Fails to follow objects visually
  • Doesn’t do hand gestures to communicate, like wave to say hi. Or fails to reach out their arms when they want to be carried.
  • Fails to imitate facial expressions.

If you notice these signs during your child’s first two years, there is a possibility that your child is autistic. Early detection is crucial, once you observed the signs and symptoms you can do an autism test then consult a doctor. The sooner it is detected, the more chances you have of getting treatment for the symptoms.




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