How To Increase Progesterone Levels Naturally In Your Body

hormones-main_Full Imbalances of progesterone levels can occur from multiple conditions such as menopause, pregnancy, adrenal hyperplasia, certain cancers and PMS. The symptoms of this imbalance are relatively small (tender breasts, changes in libido, mood swings, and irregular periods among them) but the toll they can take on our quality of life can be dramatic. Infertility, an increased risk of miscarriage and an increased risk for developing cancer are just a few of the side effects that can come to affect us without the appropriate treatment. However, when hormonal treatment can bring about some of the same symptoms and side effects, what can we do?

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Increasing Progesterone Naturally

While hormone therapy was once the main treatment for hormonal imbalance, it has become increasingly common to treat it with natural methods instead. The side effects of hormonal therapy have a higher degree of risk than what many doctors would like to see their patients go through. The balance of hormones is a tricky business and too much or too little of either estrogen or progesterone can impact a woman’s life drastically. The leading concern in using hormonal therapy is the increased risk for cancer in the reproductive organs common to menopausal and post-menopausal patients who receive it. With that in mind more natural methods are now in use.

Safe and easy to use saliva hormone imbalance test kit

Safe and easy to use saliva hormone imbalance test kit

1. Schedule a Doctor’s Visit: Go see your doctor and see if your progesterone level is low enough to require treatment. If it is, see how low it is so that you can best determine progesterone level you are losing and the urgency with which you need to seek treatment.

2. Find Natural Supplements: Look for supplements that match what you require to properly regulate progesterone production. They are available in oral, intra-vaginal, injectible and intra-dermal forms. Oral supplements are generally only available through a prescription from your doctor. Please be sure to research each supplement before starting to take them to determine side effect and allergy issues.

3. Stay Tested: Be sure to keep seeing your doctor and get regular hormone testing. The balance needs to be maintained. High levels of progesterone can be just as risky as low ones.

4. Watch Your Diet: Only eat foods that don’t boost hormone production lest you or else you risk unbalancing your hormones otherwise.

5. Avoid These: Avoid blue cohosh, vitex, saw palmetto berry, lavender, tea tree oil, licorice, hops, rhodiola rose root, black cohosh, dong quai, red clover blossom and motherwort leaf as they all increase levels of estrogen further lowering progesterone.

6. Reduce Stress: Stress reduces progesterone production drastically, the less you have of it the better.

7. Exercise: Improving your overall health does wonders for the regulation of all your body’s hormones and secretions at the same time as helping you feel better about yourself.

8. Diet: Eating these foods can help improve your progesterone levels: Wild Yams, walnuts, whole grains, soy milk, red meat, chicken, shellfish, turkey, turmeric, thyme and oregano. Foods that are rich in vitamin B-6, zinc, and promote progesterone production like these can help.

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17 comments to How To Increase Progesterone Levels Naturally In Your Body

  • Marie

    I’d like to make one comment if I may…
    I found most of what you have said on this website to be quite accurate and informative, except for your comment on vitex.
    It says above that one should avoid vitex if trying to increase levels of progesterone because it will promote more estrogen and further lowering progesterone. However, if I click on “8 easy tips to improve progesterone levels in the body you recommend “Chasteberry” which is indeed what vitex is made with.
    Vitex/Chasteberry is probably the most helpful herb for hormones because it doesn’t cause you to produce too much or too little of anything. It instead helps to restore a natural homeostasis hormonally. Woman who are more sensitive to creams or bio-identical hormones will benefit from Vitex/Chasteberry, although they need to be patient because unlike the creams or oral prescriptions it can take a few months to really see a significant improvement.

  • Stephanie Ann Chapman


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    Thank you,

    Stephanie ann Chapman

  • Zoe

    Soy is estrogenic and should NOT be consumed by those with low progesterone. I don’t recommend soy milk.

  • I believe the best way for a woman to replace hormones is by getting them at a compounding pharmacy because these bioidentical hormones can be customized perfectly to address the woman or man’s exact needs and women should be allowed to make a choice between synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones.

  • monica lytle

    Why would docs not put patients on bioidentical hormones if they know their progesterone levels are low? Especially with history of multiple miscarriages and nearly every other symptom?

  • Jan

    I have low estrogen and when I was eating soy it was not good. It caused my breasts to swell and pain in my nipples like a pregnant women. I also had a hard time losing weight. When I stopped the soy within a few days all my symptoms went away. Just to make sure it was the soy I started doing soy again and all my symptoms came back. Stopped the soy and they went away. Soy raises estrogen.

  • Jan

    Correction on my last post I meant to write I have Estrogen dominance but it is still on the low end…

  • Lola

    Wish I had known about Vitex last year. Been trying for a baby for 13 months; took Vitex for 6 months last year. Screwed up my periods (50+ days) and no luck. Find out that I have low progrestone to start with, and the Vitex only made it worse. Thank you for this site.

  • kimmy

    hey there me and my partner have been trying for 2 yrs for a baby.i have low progrestone levels and i was wounding is there any other way of making them higher. if so can you plaese point me in the right way.

  • Victoria

    Some of these facts seem to be wrong… SOY MILK has estrogen in it, that isn’t something you should take if you have low progesterone!! Also red meat, and chicken can have added hormones in them so avoid those too unless you buy organic or know where your meat is coming from where they aren’t treating with hormones. Although it might be helpful for some women to try bioidentical hormones, natural is always the way to go. God gave us these herbs and foods for a reason, we just have to utilize them. And only then if that doesn’t work should you call a doctor. P.S> adding wild yams to my diet did wonders for my low progesterone!

  • Stacey

    Hello there. I just wanted to clear something up about Vitex. It is very good for you if you have a luteal phase deficiency (low progesterone is usually the cause of LPD). it is a slow acting herb so it will take 3-6 cycles to FULLY work. I was diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding after a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I tried 3 different types of birth control to try and straighten out my hormones and they all made it worse. I heard about vitex and so I researched it and gave it a shot. In my very first cycle on it my extreme PMS symptoms disappeared. I had debilitating cramps normally. I actually didn’t even feel like it was a period. I took it for two cycles and started ovulating again and this is 1.5 years after the miscarriage. So ladies if u do have low progesterone, LPD, POCS or anything like that I think you should give it a shot! It’ll work or it won’t work…it’s only a herb.

  • Maan

    I was diagnosed to have PCOS and the doctor said that I also have low progesterone level….I only take medecines and pills for that matter. I never thought that there are other ways to treat imbalance hormones naturally. I am now on extreme diet and exercise and I want to include wild yam and milk in my diet. I really think this is very helpful.

  • Alanna

    The information presented on the web, in regards to naturally increasing progesterone levels, is quite conflicting. Most sites recommend black cohosh and dong quai! Please do thorough research before committing to any herb or medication because even an herb can have horrific side effects and some are particularly TOXIC to expecting moms. However, i do agree that any natural remedy is far better then anything out of a pharmacy. The time you spend researching natural remedies should be half the time you spend researching a prospecting pharmaceutical drug. Upon my own research i have found that almost every prescribed drug for low levels can lead to CANCER, HEART ATTACK, STROKE, and an entire list of “less severe” side effects. If neither option is appealing, there are other methods. Since my own diagnosis, i have become an organic raw vegan. My energy levels are outstanding, I no longer have anxiety, acne, headaches, muscle pain, or sleeping problems! ALL OF WHICH ARE SYMPTOMS OF LOW PROGESTERONE!! And the best part, normal levels across the board! No herbs other then what I cook with and no medications. Please, research EVERY option before you make a decision. I know how painful it is to loose baby after baby but is it worth a heart attack? It is worth cancer? Not for me.

  • Santina Aloisi

    I agree with u. Need to discipline myself back to being vegan as I was before the pregnancy, ” living one with the land” have tremendously suffered outside that world. A sure cure to endrimitriosis and living life again.

  • crusty

    Very interesting and helpful, I have very low progesterone, high testosterone, and normal estrogen, but on the low end. I don’t have too many issues but I get about 9 periods a year (they come every 35-40+ days) and are quite heavy and painful. I have a healthy diet, exxercise regularly but I still have the same abdominal fat since I had my son (oh 10 yrs ago) This was my main reason for checking my hormones…its good to know there are some simple things. I know smoking raises my test. and I am very muscular already so that must be part.I usually get sick if I don’t eat enough food and especially red meat. But we buy all our stuff from wholefoods where it is natural/organic and raised without all that crap. I am going to try the wild yam and stick to the parts of my diet mentioned on here, interestingly foods I typically want. Pay attention to your body, I am so thankful I followed my gut and got my horomones tested, they are as I thought. now I can do something.

  • crusty

    ** meant to say we buy all our food there now, and i have cut back from 12 cigs to 4 a day, with the intention of going to 0. Also for anyone who is looking into there own issues,.my levels were prog. 1.48, 44.53 for prog. and 50.17 test (all are in pg/ml during the luteal phase day 19 of my cycle)

  • Hi, me an my partner are trying for a baby an have been for nearly 2yrs now an no joy :( my menstral cycle isn’t regular, but It’s at some point once every 4-6week, but some times only 14days apart. Iv had my level checked at the doc’s and they are all fine. A friend told me she was given lil’ orange pill’s, to prepare her womb for pregnancy an she caught after 3weeks…, I don’t really Want to go down the drug line an was wondering if any1 knew of anything that might help that’s organic??? Or that won’t cause any harm.