Possible Reasons for Low or High Male Sperm Count & Its Effects

Although it is the woman who is responsible for conceiving, there is still a big role for man to play. It is not only the woman who is required to be fertile to get pregnant. Man must be equally fertile so that the union of sperm and ovum would be possible. This means that the man should have healthy and more than enough sperms to take on the role of fertilization.

One of the most common reasons why men fail to cause fertilization is due to low sperm count. Although only one sperm is required to unite with the ovum for fertilization, the low sperm count has effect in terms of fertility. This is because there is strength in number. When there is low sperm count, there is the tendency that the sperm is not healthy enough to help create a fetus.

There are many factors why men may have low sperm count or high sperm count, for that matter. Since there is a problem in low sperm count, we will settle on this issue first. Below are possible reasons for low sperm counts in men:

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• Sperm ducts are damaged – Surgeries, infection, or other medical condition may have caused the sperm duct to be damaged.
• Hormonal disorder – This is one of the common reasons for low sperm count. This could be genetic in nature or may have been caused by poor lifestyle such as smoking or drinking.
• Varicocele – This is the swelling of the scrotum’s veins, which hamper the production of the sperm.

Knowing the reasons above will guide men why they have low sperm counts. Aside from this, it should be noted that there are factors that increases the risk for the reasons indicated above. The risks factors include:

• Poor Lifestyle –Smoking, substance abuse, and excessive alcohol consumption.
• Genetics – It could be that it is in the family line that there is hormonal disorder.
• Surgery and other diseases – When you experience surgeries, medications, or other diseases, it could be that your sexual health may also be affected.

While these are the causes of low sperm count, it is also quite important to note that having otherwise will help produce high sperm count. A healthy lifestyle may help you produce high sperm count. Eating the right food, exercising, and avoiding vices will help you produce more sperms. To be fully healthy, physicians may recommend a supplement that targets production of male hormones aiding in the production of sperm as well.

Effects of Sperm Counts

Sperm is important for fertilization. Without it, it is not possible for a woman to conceive. If couples want to have an offspring, it is important that both of them have healthy reproductive system. Man with low sperm count may not help in the producing a baby. What is then needed is for him to get appropriate treatment so that he will have enough sperm to produce an offspring. Most of the time, since it is about reproduction, couples are together in having their sexual health checked up. In most cases, even if it’s only the man who has problem in sperm count, the woman also needs to be checked for other possible diagnosis.

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