6 Symptoms of Barium Poisoning and How to Deal With It

The possibility of barium poisoning is a reality among people working in and living near heavy industrial sites such as chemical plants, factories that produce rubber products and other such places. That is because barium is one of the components used in manufacturing the products created in these plants.

However, because many of these products end up in ordinary households, it is also possible for a person who does not work in or live near an industrial plant to experience barium poisoning. Rat poison, for instance, contains barium compounds. Some fluorescent bulbs have coatings made from barium oxide. Fish caught in waters near industrial sites may have absorbed barium from the water.

Given the considerable probability of a person becoming afflicted with barium poisoning, how would you know for sure if you or someone living with you ingested barium at toxic levels? If you find yourself or someone living in your household with symptoms of barium poisoning, then you should act immediately.

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What Is Barium?

In order to understand how serious barium poisoning is, we need first to understand what barium is in the first place. Barium is a heavy metal that naturally occurs in the environment. It is silvery white in appearance.

Barium is valuable in many industries that make use of heavy metal because it can remove traces of oxygen in some chemical compounds. It also increases the luster of glass. However, barium is explosive and can react violently when mixed with water. Also, it cannot be digested by the body; barium can be poisonous if the amount the body contains exceeds tolerable levels.

Symptoms of Barium Poisoning to Look For

When barium accumulates in the body, it usually affects the functions of the nervous system. Barium poisoning displays symptoms that are similar to flu, which is why it is not strange to find the condition misdiagnosed as flu. Common symptoms of barium poisoning include:

1. Muscle weakness and tremors

2. Difficulty in breathing
3. Stomach irritations accompanied by diarrhea
4. Anxiety
5. Cardiac irregularities such as abnormally high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat
6. Paralysis

What to Do in Case of Barium Poisoning

In case someone in your household has just ingested something that contains barium, the first thing you need to do is to induce him or her to vomit. This will get some of the barium out of the victim’s system. You can also mix a tablespoon of Epsom salts (sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate) with a glass of water and get the victim to drink it. Afterwards, you should bring the victim to the emergency room of the nearest hospital to make sure that he or she does not succumb to barium poisoning.

You can also prevent barium poisoning from happening in your home. For one, you should keep your rat poison or any other chemical substances in your house that contains barium out of reach of children. Make sure that you have labeled their containers properly.

You should also avoid eating fish that was caught near industrial sites and ascertain that the fish and seafood you eat does not contain barium or any other heavy metal. This will prevent you from accumulating barium in your system and suffer from barium poisoning later on.

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23 comments to 6 Symptoms of Barium Poisoning and How to Deal With It

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  • Heidi

    Our young son works in a plant mixing drilling mud components into a large hopper in a confined area. He wears a dusk mask but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has inhaled some dust in the process as he is new in his job. He empties large bags of barite (and bentonite I think) for many hours during the day to make the mud. He is home on his xmas break and has a terrible continual flu-like chesty cough (and it’s Summer) yet he doesn’t have any other flu related symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose.

    He doesn’t display any other listed symptoms of barium poisoning eg: difficulty in breathing, stomach, muscle or paralysis problems.

    Are we able to easily diagnose ourselves whether barite has accumulated in his body and if so, will his body be able to rid of it naturally, or will he need to be treated professionally?

    We would appreciate your advice.

  • Charles Murphy

    My wife has symptoms that include constant tenseness, weakness , anxiety, cannot use hands and is confined to a wheelchair. She recently test elevated for barium. What does this mean? She had not had any barium enemas or any other typical use of barium. Where could she have possibly come into contact with this? We live in West Texas near Abilene. Please help us here.

  • John

    If what i have been reading about online and also can see for myself is true, there is a ongoing toxic downpour of barium, lead, aluminum oxide,arsenic,and other harmfull heavy metals being dumped all over the planet from planes its better known as Chemtrails and i am sure you can locate alot of info online if you start looking into the matter yourself. I dont fully understand why alot of our governments are allowing this to go on but i can see it for myself on a daily basis .I wake up early and go outside and look up at a blue clear sky, and sure enough plane after plane starts rolling over the sky leaving mile long “cloudlike” paths of what they claim are normal contrails, but as far as i know contrails are made from the hot jetexhaust getting in contact with the cold outside the engines and it disspates after a minute or less and the stuff these planes leave behind stays in the sky for hrs on end slowly turning a blue sky grey and dull looking more or less blocking out the sun. I have read alot about this “nonexsistant” problem and its becoming more and more clear to me that something is really goin on. A german doctor has also been in primetime tv talking about this issue as its not only happening in the states but all across the planet . Hope this might give you a clue as to where she might have gotten her barium poisoning.

  • Stephen

    charles murphy i know exactly where your wife got the barium from. ever heard of CHEMTRAILS (look it up) they contain the metal barium and the gov’t has jets flying all over the world spraying these “CHEMTRAILS”. tell your wife to eat all the fiber and fruits and veggies she can. it will help rid the barium. the chemtrails are part of a much bigger story than we are led to believe.

  • Dennie Mehocich

    Hello Everyone:
    I live in San Rafael, CA. We had a long period of very strange weather starting in April with changing weather each day the last week of May, including horrible smells in the air, horrible sensations on the skin, and horrible tastes in the mouth. We had destructive very high winds and abnormally large clouds, including HAARP-like luminous clouds, for this time of year just before that. At 2:30 a.m. on the morning of June 3rd, I woke up with a “frozen” face, pins and needles and numbness in hands, arms, feet and lower legs. It felt like I was going paralyzed. The cops called an ambulance for me but denied any weird smells in the air (I can clearly smell the crap). The ER doc put in my chart that I am “delusional…” This idiot didn’t realize I was exhibiting classic signs of barium poisoning. My Ba level was 270 out of an optimal <11 mcg/L. I should be dead. Where did the barium come from? The Effing Weather experiments being conducted over the Pacific Ocean. They are blasting us with this crap and it is NOW TIME TO START A PUBLIC DISCUSSION OF THIS, UPFRONT, AND IN FRONT OF OUR SO-CALLED "ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES," AS WELL AS THE ZIONIST-OWNED AND CONTROLLED MASS MEDIA. SO LET'S ALL GET OVER OUR CHICKEN-LIVERED LITTLE BITTY SELVES AND GET MOVING NOW. SHEESH.

  • Seymour

    There is a lot of paranoia about substances here, and many viewpoints I’ve just read are… well, ill informed.

    Right now, as I post this, I am suffering from Barium poisoning, and not for the first time. This is because I regularly work with Soluble Barium salts in large quantities, and yesterday was one of those days.

    I ache, feel lethargic, my gut feels bad and I have a headache.

    Tomorrow, I should feel fine. This stuff does not seem to accumulate. Most will be excreted within 24 hours in my urine, if I remember correctly, the rest will be excreted in other ways, and just a tiny bit will replace calcium in my bones (not a bad thing).

    Because I know what I’m up against with Barium, I don’t fear it.

    Now, I don’t deny that there are cover ups in government and media worlds. But all this chem-trail talk is clearly paranoid and uninformed panic. Firstly, what evidence is there for it? Other peoples confused ideas do not count as evidence.

    Why would a plane carry up toxic substances which play no role in any part of an airlines flight, simply to dump them in the sky? There are much cheaper ways of dumping toxic chemicals, that do not require adding more weight in the form of dispersing equipment and the substances themselves on a plane- a vehicle where weight is an expense.

    And since When was Aluminium oxide a ‘hevy metal’? It’s neither heavy, nor toxic.

    I’m off to detox…

  • jezebel levi

    Maybe they are using the barium to be able to pick up images of our bodies via xray.

  • Michael Cartwright

    My daughter passed away unexpectedly June 29 at the age of 14. The judge ordered an autopsy, which is standard procedure in unexplained deaths especially in youth cases. A toxicology report was ordered to test for drugs and such. That toxicology came back negative. So I continue weekly to contact the Medical Examiner to see if they have discovered anything new. There has been no change in their findings until yesterday when they told me she had “Barium Toxicity” but not as a cause, just as an additional result. She could not tell me what that means and the research I’ve attempted seems to go nowhere as far as an answer. We live just outside of Houston. There are power plants on the coast, but we are 70+ miles from there. Does any of this make since? Could death be caused by this? I do not know the level of barium, she just stated barium toxicity. I can’t get the full report until the police complete their report. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jerry

    For two months now, in Ca sky has been filled with chemtrails.Two weeks ago, my mom went out for a walk. Then she ended up getting sick. She caught a fever which she still has. Moreover, she is showing all the symptoms of Barium poisoning. Her hands and legs are curling up, she vomits and now her calcium and potassium levels are declining.

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  • Mary Mahonan

    Have you noticed where you live, that the skies do not have chemtrails on the holidays? I’ve been watching. Nor on the weekends.

    My children have been very sick for last 6 years. I have traced it to our beautiful ceramic log fireplace. I had the air tested in front of it. It was positive for arsenic and barium. They are going through chelation therapy and lots of supplements. After 2nd round of chelation they do a urine challenge. 10x amount of uranium, 5x mercury, 8x lead , 2x mercury plus other heavy metals. I have tested ceramic teapot and found it leaches aluminum, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, and uranium, as well as the distilled pure water that I boil in it. I have also checked other ceramic and plastic plates, flatware from KMart and Dollar Stores. ALL items that say “Made in China” leach heavy metals. My tea cups from Germany and France and USA do NOT leach anything. Enough said. Watch what you buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janice Coniglio

    I have recently found that I have high levels of barium, mercury and nickle. Would someone tell me how to test for barium?

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  • Brent

    Yesterday I had to get a CT scan. I was going there and had to get an iodine shot. I was already uneasy about that but then I had to drink a Barium Sulfate Suspension so they could see the scan better.

    Then right when I walked threw the door I get a Banana Smoothie 450 ML made of barium. I hoped the doctors knew what they we’re talking about so I downed the the drink. The drink is made in Canada, but they can pass by saying it was made in (USA) because they have a company in Lake Success, NY 11042.

    Another thing, while they’re spraying chemical trails containing around 50% barium / 50% aluminum not to mention all the other chemicals. I thought are you fucking kidding me? Didn’t I get my daily dose of barium in the air already?

    I’m not a doctor but barium is barium and the sky is supposed to be blue not grey. Another thing you should know they never spray around the Bush’s family farm in Texas. As well as the small privately owned islands for the (elites). So you know it’s good for everyone.

    This world is going to hell, good luck to the good people and god bless the wicked ones.

    Feel free to email me if you have any information about this Barium Sulfate Suspension (2.1% w/v, 2.0% w/w) Banana Smoothie.


  • michael

    i am in uk. A few weeks ago i told my mate he was paranoid.
    How wrong was i. I have since seen them spraying frequently. Some planes are some arent. Im realising that they are actually making clouds! I have seen the different ways they spray and the way it disperses. It sounds crazy when you have not seen it but its very obvious. I want to know what they are doing! Greyish blue sky lack of sun fake clouds grid lines verticle aeroplanes. It seemed semi
    Covert at first ie very early morning but now they seem to do it just whenever they get the order.
    Some me the planes seen to be military type planes but even normal passenger type planes sometimes do it.
    It keeps changing. Seen none today but they were out earlier.

  • Beckie

    @Seymour… I have Barium poisoning but from a Medical device which had 6 impregnated Barium beads as radiopaque markers. Fusion failed at day 3, I was the first in our area for this to be used on, as a result my health has declined, no-one will remove the bone graft in my neck to get those things out. With all the havoc Barium causes I have a Brain Aneurysm, swelling on the Brain, Kidney, Blood disorder, M.S., the list goes on…. wondering if you could share your knowledge ??? Hope to hear something, Thank you

  • Donalf

    I’m sorry to hear about the reports of ill health amongst posters, or their loved ones. About barium; it’s in the same chemical group (II, alkaline earths) as calcium, except that it is very toxic, unlike calcium. Barium has many “salts”, chemical compounds of a metal, and an acid (usually), and with one exception, they are all toxic. The one exception is barium sulfate; the product of barium’s reaction with either sulfuric acid, or, the sulfate ion (SO4), in solution. The reason this salt is not harmful (it is used in the famous barium enemas), is because it is virtually insoluble in water, and therefore, has no vehicle for entry into the body. I was exposed to barium while fabricating high-powered rocket motors, and the majority of those suffering from barium poisoning, get their contacts usually through occupational hazard, illegal dumping, or improper handling. I wish to reassure those who are concerned that the high-altitude contrails seen from jets will cause them barium poisoning. Barium salts tend to be extremely heavy (rivaling lead), and usually fairly reactive. Loading barium onto an airliner with the intent of ejecting it through the aircraft’s exhaust efflux, is a VERY bad idea for several reasons. First, the weight; on a commercial aircraft, extra weight means extra fuel, means higher operating costs – something ALL major airlines avoid as much as possible. Loading lead-weight barium salts would constitute a large weight penalty that would make the aircraft fly slower, lower, and with poor fuel economy. Secondly, injecting barium salts into a jet engine would completely throw off the delicate air/fuel balance needed for the plane to fly, not to mention that the barium would cake up inside the turbine and compressor housings (and possibly the combustion chamber), completely wrecking a multi-million dollar jet engine. Given that businesses run with an eye on every penny spent, ask yourself this; would you sacrifice thousands of dollars per day of extra fuel, AND millions of dollars worth of jet engines, just so you don’t have to properly dispose of some barium salts?

  • Amie

    wow Donalf have you looked up weather modification, owning the weather in 2025, geo-engineering,chemtrails, cloud seeding etc? What about the geneva convention of 1977? how about the space preservation act of 2001…?? all fo which prove chemtrails exist/weather modification exist.

    A suspected chemtrail plane went down in Calfornia back in May 2011, due to engine malfunction, probably due to carrying substances not normally carried on an airliner. The silver lake of what loked like aluminum around the aircraft definitley looked suspect.

    Besides the overwhelming evidence on paper and in offical documents, testimony , witnesses and video…..all ya have to do really is look up and pay attention. I gaurantee you , that once you do that you will realize what is going on.

  • timothytrespas

    hello friends. I am amazed to read the”don’t panic it’s only barium” posts! WAKE UP FRIENDS! IT is TOXIC. and they are using nano-particles. mixed with alumina, and other self-replicating nano-products, as well as viruses, DNA, and other experimental chemicals. this mixture is being spayed on us from above. and it gets in EVERYTHING! air, water, food, etc, down the chain.
    we all should KNOW IT IS TOXIC, making us sick and killing many. We are seeing the planned NEW WORLD ORDER working to destroy government. look at the facts. It is happening, he government is doing it, the information is getting out.Look at all things on the timeline and wonder why would ‘they’ want us to know what is being done illegally. it is all connected, morgellans, nanotechnology, chemtrails, HARP/GWEN/CDMA/TDMA/G4 microwave technology, MIND CONTROL, 9/11 inside job, etc… ask yourself “what would make you give up all you know and love and accept a new world order of 1 govt, 1 money, 1 religion, martial law, etc?” the answer is what ‘they’ are doing to us all kow to bring this change into reality. wake up your heart to your creator and let us create a world of love without the fear they are creating in us to feed off of. transcend fear and hate and love your torturers. PS I am a targeted individual so I have ben researching this nonstop. blessings and love.

  • Marilyn

    Cloud Seeding is REAL!! It was on Nightline on ABC tonight. They went up on a plane, showed the chemicals being sprayed in the clouds to produce rain, and they talked about the Barium they were spraying that was “not toxic”. I can not believe it is allowed and that they lie or are so misinformed to say it is not toxic. Get involved everyone…the spraying has gotten out of hand and it affects everyone!

  • Hello

    It gives me an inkling of hope for the future that the commenters here are aware of the geoengineering (chemtrail) problem. It is a sorry thing how long it’s taking people to notice though. I am super sensitive to the stinky chemtrail spray and have had barium type symptoms during heavy spraying for six years, and very serious breathing problems too. It’s obvious it’s from chemtrails. I just hope we can stop it now.