NAADAC or National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors – What Does it Offer?

Before this organization was named NAADAC in 1982, it was first called as the National Association of Alcoholism Counselors and Trainers or NAACT. The said name was given when it was founded in 1972. The ultimate aim of the organization back then was to develop the professional background and qualification of professional counselors. When it was called NAADAC, the members of the organization increased as it also opened its doors for administrators and social workers as well as for individuals who are interested and active in prevention, treatment, intervention, research and education.

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What can you expect from NAADAC?

It will be easy to say that you can expect nothing but the best from the company. But aside from that general statement though, there are a couple of things that the organization can offer including:

  1. Promotion of excellence in health care. NAADAC advocates the highest quality services for families, communities and individual clients. This is made possible by providing training, certification and education to its members.
  2. Provision of a variety of certification programs. The list of certification provided by NAADAC includes the Tobacco Addiction Credential, National Certified Addiction Counselor (NCAC) and Masters Addiction Counselor or (MAC).
  3. Sustenance of quality health services. NAADAC had already provided credentials to around 15,000 professionals to date. With this, public health is sustained and continually protected.

Joining NAADAC

NAADAC membership can provide a lot of benefits. Among a list of advantages every member can enjoy are the following:

  1. It can provide you with a variety of tools you need as an addiction professional. One of which is called the Addiction Professional, NAADAC’s official publication journal.
  2. You become eligible to form part of the newest addition to NAADAC known as the Trainer’s Academy. Once you become part of the academy, you will be able to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field. You simply have to attend the so-called “train the trainers” forum. In addition, you can also have a contract with the company to train other counselors and professionals in the same field. Plus, you will also be given the privilege to be marketed as one of the organization’s trainers. To top it all, you will also be granted an honorarium for trainings you provide through NAADAC.
  3. You also get special discount rates for products and services offered by NAADAC. This includes discounts on professional liability insurance and professional certifications such as NCAC and MAC.

NAADAC certification

In order to become a certified NAADAC member, you need to meet requirements depending on the level of certification you want. The various levels include NCAC I, NCAC II, MAC, Nicotine Dependence Specialist Credential and Basic Level Certification. You may also obtain recertification from the organization and is required every two years or as soon as your credential expires. For a full list of information about NAADAC certification, visit the website’s specific link:

Over all, what you can expect from NAADAC is embodied by its mission that has been adopted in 1998. The organization, to these days, endeavor to empower, lead and unify professionals who have focused their valuable time in addiction concerns. The company continues to provide advocacy, ethics, development, standards of practice, research and education to professionals in this field.

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