Scariest Quit Alcohol Signs and Promotional Materials

Ads advocating quitting alcohol generally are focused on adolescents and pregnant women. However, the most successful anti-alcohol ads are those dedicated to the premise ‘Don’t Drink and Drive.’ The latter group of advertisements generally focus on accidents and deaths directly caused by the impaired ability of those who have had a drink or two and then attempt to operate a vehicle.

Call an Attorney

This particular advertisement appears on the web site of an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. Although not specifically focused on eliminating the use of alcohol from your life, it shows a very real scenario of what could happen for the driver who has had too much to drink. Being stopped for DUI is a pretty scary business, which is reflected in the pictures of the drunk driver being stopped, arrested, handcuffed and transported to the jail.

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Street Living

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This advertisement is actually promoting the services of a youth services center. It portrays a bleak picture of a teenager who is living on the streets. The background is a series of murals, posters and graffiti that reflect some of the side effects of this particular lifestyle. Alcohol, drugs, prostitution and poverty are all graphically represented in the placement of the youngster. Although the picture depict3ed here is very scary, it may be difficult for a drinker to make the connection between homelessness and drinking.

Facts About Alcohol

This entire web site is dedicated to presenting the facts about advertising and alcohol. It is chock full of facts against drinking, drinking and driving, and underage drinking. This more scholarly presentation doesn’t rely on pictures to prevent the message. It will appeal to the person looking for logical reasons to dispense with alcohol. It contains categories of anti-alcohol focused on each of the major violators.

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Driving Drunk

Here’s a web site with a series of seven imaginative ads to promote non-drinking. Most have the theme of ‘Don’t Drive Drunk.’ Each portrays the scary results of using alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Each of the ads shows an end result of drinking while driving = death or disability.
When the purpose of these ads is to create in the viewer a desire to be more responsible when drinking, it is important that the attention be captured immediately. Through innovative images, and limited words, each of the ads packs a powerful punch to encourage the viewer to never drink and drive.

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Don’t Drink and Drive

This grouping of don’t drink and drive ads includes several that makes you stop and think about the potential danger you are exposing yourself and others to. For example, the Heineken public service announcement makes you stop and think at more than one level about the dangers of drinking while driving. You are endangering yourself and others as well. Overindulgence in alcohol could lead to blindness or worse.

Here is the don’t drink and drive advertisements.

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