State by State Steroid Testing in High Schools

Like drug abuse, steroid testing use and abuse is becoming rampant in the United States especially amongst school going children especially high school. It is because of this that each state has developed its own set of laws to deal with steroid use.

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States where steroid testing is mandatory

The states of New Jersey, Texas and Florida have mandatory laws that call for the steroid testing of high school students. New Jersey was the first state to put this law into practice; however they have not reported any positive test results yet. Florida has a law that requires a percentage of weightlifters, basketball and football players to be tested while Texas has a recent law that calls for general testing.

States where there are laws but testing is not mandatory

A few of the states in the Untied States have laws for steroid abuse. However mandatory testing is not part of that law. There are laws however on the consequences of steroid abuse. California has a law that prohibits athletes in high school from using ephedra. In Iowa, testing for steroid use randomly is not allowed but if an athlete is caught using it then suspension is an order. The state of Louisiana has a resolution passed to survey the extend to which steroids are used in high schools while schools in Maine are required to include steroids in their alcohol and drug policies. Minnesota and Virginia are a bit of strict with their policies. In Minnesota a person found guilty of selling steroids to minors can face a jail term of up to 20 years while in Virginia athletes can be banned for up to 2 years. Michigan and Pennsylvania have policies that prohibit the use of steroids.

States that have policies or testing on local or state levels

A majority of the states have testing programs or policies either at the state level or at the district level. The district of Alaska which is the biggest school district in the state of Anchorage has a ban on the use of steroids. In Colorado and Wisconsin, it is the Athletics association that mentions the use of steroids in the bulletins and literature that it sends out to schools that are members. Georgia and Rhode Island have policies that denounce using steroids while Illinois is in the process of forming a plan for steroid testing. Massachusetts promotes a wellness program and regulations against the use of steroids. Mississippi and Missouri have testing programs that are mandatory. Nevada requires its athletes to sign contracts that say that they won’t use steroids. New Mexico has a steroid task force as testing would be an expensive proposition. Oregon, Ohio and Nebraska find that education programs are more effective than testing programs. North Dakota has penalties for the use of steroids. Oklahoma, Wyoming and West Virginia have testing as part of their policies.

States that have no information or testing

There are also states that have no laws or legislature with reference to steroid testing. These are Washington, Utah, Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolinia, Tennessee, North Carolina, New York, Montana, Maryland, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho, Hawaii, Indiana, Delaware, Columbia, Arkansas, Arizona, Alabama and Connecticut.

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