Q.E.D Saliva Alcohol Test Procedure and Trouble Shooting Guide

Testing kits are designed to be convenient and easy to use. They are made to give quick and accurate results. The Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test kit is the only alcohol test kit that is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and CLIA waived. It is great for organizations that are following a drug and […]

The Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test: A Low Cost Alternative in Determining Alcohol Concentration in the Body

Drug and alcohol testing programs need testing kits that are approved by organizations in charge of regulating testing policies, like the Department of Transportation (DOT). Agencies and organizations under the DOT are required to have a drug and alcohol testing program to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment. Together with the testing […]

The Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test Procedure

The Q.E.D. Saliva Alcohol Test kit is an easy and accurate way to detect whole blood alcohol concentration in the body. Its compact design makes it easy to test individuals, anytime and anywhere. Each test kit contains alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD, diaphorase, tetrazolium salt, and oxidizing reagent. These reagents react to ethanol present in the saliva […]

Have You Developed an Alcohol Allergy?

There are times that the body is unable to break down alcohol contents leading you to feel uncomfortable feelings associated with nasal congestion and flushed skin after drinking alcohol. When you experience these general symptoms, then you are experiencing an allergic reaction to alcohol. Along with this, an alcohol test using the alcohol testing kits […]

The Triumphs and Failures of EtG Tests

Several studies have shown that employees with drugs and alcohol problems are likely to have higher incidence of absenteeism, are less productive, have higher medical costs, and have more incidents and injuries. During the late 1980s, the U.S. Supreme Court approved employer drug and alcohol testing for applicants and employees under special circumstances. This was […]

Alcohol ETG Testing – What it is and What it is Not?

According to Alcohol Test Info, statistics say that around 67% of the total number of complaints raised by employees in the workplace is related to alcoholism problems. In the US alone, 50% of automobile fatalities and industrial accidents are related to alcohol use as well. This then brought about concepts such as alcohol ETG testing.


How to Become a DOT Certified Collector

It was in 1991 when the United States Department of Transportation launched the act known as Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing. This is an act that requires alcohol testing as well as drug testing for transportation employees. The list includes industries such as aviation, railroads, trucking, pipelines and mass transit.

In this regard, the DOT is […]

How Do Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets Work?

Over the past decades, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the top causes of traffic fatalities in United States. Incidentally, about a third of these drunk drivers are repeat alcohol offenders. Since these alcoholic offenders have higher risk of involvement in traffic accidents, the US government is putting its substantial efforts in offender monitoring. Thus, […]

AAMRO or the American Association of Medical Review Officers – What Does it Offer?

AAMRO was founded in 1991 and since then, this medical society became dedicated to provide certification and set national standards for people in the medical field as well as other professionals who conduct drug and alcohol testing. It uses a set of practices together with training programs and the administering of examinations that will certify […]

The Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC) – Facts to Know about the Organization

The MROCC is formed by the American Medical Association and some members of medical specialty societies like the American Society of Addiction Medicine, The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology and American College of Medical Toxicology. Wonder what’s the purpose of this organization?

The organization was actually […]