How To Choose a DNA Ancestry Test?

Many people today are becoming curious about their genetic ancestry. DNA testing has become a useful tool in identifying and finding ancestors. DNA tests have been around for many years but it is only recently that the cost of genetic testing has finally come down into the realm of possibility for the average individual interested […]

DNA Relationship Testing Between Family Members

DNA relationship testing can be used to confirm the existence of biological relationships between relatives. Types of relationship tests include sibling or siblingship DNA testing, avuncular DNA testing, and grandparent or grandparentage DNA testing.

Sibling DNA Testing (or siblingship DNA testing) is used to determine whether two alleged siblings have biological parents in common when […]

DNA Tests You Can Find in Walgreens

When it comes to getting tested, it is best to do it in a clinic with professionals performing the tests. However, there are some tests that you can now perform in the privacy of your home, on your on time, and that are cost effective and easy to use.

If you are thinking of getting […]

Forensics DNA Immigration Testing: DNA Tests To Prove Your Parentage

DNA testing plays an important part in completing the immigration process of family members. It helps establish a biological relationship between a petitioner and beneficiary, especially when evidence like birth certificates is missing or considered insufficient to support the application. These tests have to be carried out in an accredited and recognized lab and include […]

Common Prenatal Genetic Testing

Prenatal genetic testing is a test done during pregnancy to screen or diagnose possible birth defects. It aims to assess whether or not the chance of a baby for developing disease is high or low, although it may not directly indicate the presents or absence of the disease. About 2% or 3% of babies have […]

Pros and Cons of Using Genetic Testing for the Best Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight has been an uphill battle for most. Trying out different workout regimes and different meal plans only to lose a couple and gain it back after a while. This could mean eating more than what your body needs and doing less exercise. If you are religious in following your diet and workout, it’s […]

Myths and Facts about DNA Testing (Common Questions and Answer about DNA Paternity Testing)

1. Myth no 1 DNA Paternity Test can be done after the child is born

Fact: It is not true.The paternity of the baby can be determined before it is born. By using DNA prenatal paternity testing you can know the paternity of the unborn child.

2. Myth no 2 The paternity test involves […]

Important Cases That Changed Verdict After DNA Testing

According to the law, anyone is innocent until proven guilty. The law also states that even the worst criminal of the world has the right to be defended by a lawyer and be protected by the jurisdiction of the law until proven guilty. There are some instances that the justice system of a certain country […]

Dog DNA Testing: How They Work

We can do different DNA tests to check for a child’s real father, so it does make sense that dog DNA testing is available for those who want to check their dog breeds. It might sound too crazy to be true, but there are many different dog breed test kits being sold online and in […]

5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Genetic Test Kit

Extensive clinical research has shown without a doubt that genetics has a major influence on an individual’s health. Certain cancers are thought to be strongly influenced by genetic components in addition to other health conditions. It’s not surprising then that an increasing number of people today are buying genetic test kits to determine if they […]