Effective Techniques on Educating Employees about Your Drug-Free Workplace Program

Educating employees about a drug-free workplace program can help them understand every aspect of the policy. Employee education can be a lengthy process which will demand a lot of effort and creativity.

One of the most effective techniques to reinforce your organization’s drug-free workplace policy is to integrate your drug prevention education programs with health […]

SAMHSA’s Health Information Network FAQ

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Health Information Network is the nation’s one-stop resource for information regarding substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment policies, programs, and practices.

Below are the frequently asked questions that will give you general information regarding the SAMHSA Health Information Network, as well as access to relevant resources.

What […]

Top 10 Extreme Video Game Addiction Cases

Video game addiction refers to an individual’s compulsive use of computers and video games to the point of disrupting his daily activities. As the youth today becomes dependent on the Internet for leisure and entertainment, the issue of excessive video game playing began to alarm concerned parents.

Video games that are associated with violence, such […]

National Substance Abuse Organizations

These past few years, the number of teenagers and adults abusing drugs has relatively decreased. However, despite the good news, the prevalence of drug use has continued to be a top problem in many countries around the globe.

With this, the government has supported national substance abuse organizations to fulfill the great deal of effort […]

Government Substance Abuse Organizations

The government also plays a significant role in helping people pursue a drug- free environment. In the United States, there about 20 million people who work in the government and most of them are assigned in some organizations that help combat the rampant issue of drug abuse among teens and adults.

Government organizations on drug […]

Substance Abuse Organization by State

In a vast continent like America, various substance abuse organizations exist by state in order to immediately cater to the needs of the people in their designated areas. Especially that drug and substance abuse ruin the development of social and health condition, the substance organizations by state aim to improve the quantity and quality of […]

Top 4 Organization in UK that can help if your loved one has a drug abuse problem

It is a fact that drug abuse still ranks among the top issue and problems in the UK today. Alarming studies reveal that the average age when kids start heroin is 15 years old! In 2002, several reports even state that the United Kingdom had the most number of drug-related deaths in Europe and that […]

History of Substance Abuse and Drug Abuse Statistics in UK

The use and abuse of illegal drugs is a huge problem around the world, even if stricter and stronger drug abuse policies are being practiced. This rings especially true in the United Kingdom, where a recent report released by St George’s University of London revealed that drug-related deaths have risen by as much as 11.8 […]

Substance Abuse Counselors: Should They Disclose Personal Information to Patients?

Substance abuse counselors are expected to keep their patient’s records confidential at all times. This is part of the code of ethics that govern the practice of their profession. But what if we turn the tables and ask: Should substance abuse counselors disclose their personal information to their patients? Should their records be kept confidential?


Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Testing Kits

Medical marijuana has long been a topic of many discussions, from heated debates among lawmakers and government authorities to friendly exchanges of opinions among family members, friends and colleagues. Probably one of the main reasons this is a favorite topic of several discussions is the fact that, until this very day, […]