What You Need to Know About Workplace Drug Testing Related Legal Issues

No matter how careful you are as an employer, you still might find yourself on the business end of a lawsuit stemming from your drug testing program. This is the inherent risk involved in having a drug testing program in place. While these lawsuits can be problematic, having to deal with them is still a […]

Evolution Of Most Popular Abused Drugs In The US

Drugs have been abused in the United States for well over a century with opiates being a very common addiction throughout most of the 19th century as well as legal to purchase up until 1914. By the 1940s, heroin and marijuana were two of the most common drugs abused in the United States, most often […]

9 Top Health Blogs To Follow For Health Consciousness

There is plenty of information right online that you can use to stay health conscious. These blogs range from those that focus on new medications and treatments that are available to the public to those that concentrate on how you can stay healthy using home testing products. Those who are interested in trying to stay […]

7 Activities to do at Your Workplace During Drug Free Work Week

Here are a few ideas that can be very helpful when you are trying to reiterate the idea of a drug free workplace:

Host a Safety and Health Social Event: This type of activity offers a great opportunity to show how much fun a social gathering can be with food and non-alcoholic drinks instead of […]

Why Split Specimen Urine Drug Testing?

This is a form of testing required by all Department Of Transportation testing sites. The Department of Transportation (or DOT) regulations for drug testing are also often used by employers to determine if their employees are drug free when conducting their work. This is because these regulations are fair both to the employer and the […]

Seven Places Where Employees Hide Drugs in the Work Place

The crackdown on illegal substances and drug abuse is getting more difficult and challenging every year. Although employees are tested for drug use before they are hired, drug users just wait until after drug testing to resume their drug use. Some even hide drugs in their offices and sneak out to smoke marijuana or snort […]

Seven Factors that Decrease Drug Detection Times for Drug Testing

Drug screening is being used all over the world as an effective means to combat and put a stop to drug abuse. A lot of illegal drug users have been detected because of effective drug screening tests. However, a few users go by unnoticed because they try different methods of cheating drug tests. Some just […]

Ten Most Common Places Where Kids Hide Drugs

Each year, more and more children fall into the many traps of drug abuse. Even children as young as ten years old have started experimenting with illegal drugs, most of which they pick up from their peers in school. Some even smoke marijuana at home and keep their stash in places undetected by parents.

Keep […]

Drug Testing Myths Busted

Drug testing has been an excellent deterrent to continuous drug abuse around the world. A lot of people, though, have found different methods to cheat drug tests to be able to enjoy years of continuous, undetected drug use. Some of these cheating methods have seemed to allow users to pass simple urine testing while many […]

How to Detect Urine Adulteration and How to Prevent Drug Test Tampering

Although drug testing has become a practical, inexpensive way to determine whether your staff or your family has been abusing drugs, people has found ways to tamper testing samples to pass drug tests and yield negative results. Urine adulteration is a very popular way to cheat drug tests and the knowledge and understanding of how […]