Progesterone Levels during the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Progesterone is the hormone responsible for regulating women’s menstrual cycle. This hormone and estrogens maintains the balance of women’s monthly periods. Men also produce a small amount of this hormone for sexual maturity, but not as important as testosterone. It plays an important part in the overall reproduction process, most especially in women.

Progesterone […]

Most Common Office and Laboratory Tests During Pregnancy

Giving birth to a child is a dream of every woman. It is crucial to undergo pregnancy tests for a safe and sound delivery. Here, is a list of some common pregnancy tests.

1. Gynaecological Examination

Once you know that you’re pregnant, it is advisable to visit your physician for a complete gynecological examination. […]

6 Signs and Symptoms of Elevated Homocysteine


Homocysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is produced by the body and found in blood plasma. Amino acids are considered to be the building blocks of all the body’s proteins. A homocysteine is a product that is naturally made and is commonly acquired from consuming meat.

Homocysteine levels vary with a person’s […]

Reasons For High And Low Levels Of Estradiol Balance In Your Body

What is Estradiol?

Estradiol is a steroid hormone in the human body that represents estrogen and comes from cholesterol. Estradiol is a critical part of sexual and reproductive function and it also helps regulate other functions in the body such as bone growth. It is also used to treat symptoms of menopause..

What Triggers off […]

How To Increase Progesterone Levels Naturally In Your Body

Imbalances of progesterone levels can occur from multiple conditions such as menopause, pregnancy, adrenal hyperplasia, certain cancers and PMS. The symptoms of this imbalance are relatively small (tender breasts, changes in libido, mood swings, and irregular periods among them) but the toll they can take on our quality of life can be […]

Reasons For Low Levels Of Progesterone Hormone In Women

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone in the body that helps regulate reproductive function. This hormone is what causes a woman to have menstrual cycles, ovulate and to maintain a healthy pregnancy when she conceives. It is a vital part of proper hormonal function and can determine if a women is fertile and […]

Signs and Symptoms of Low Levels of Progesterone Hormone During Pregnancy

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone that glands in a woman’s body create to control her menstruation and reproduction. Progesterone is made right before ovulation to increase a woman’s odds of becoming pregnant. It works by increasing a woman’s body temp by a small amount and producing extra vaginal mucus increasing the odds of […]

Signs and Symptoms of Estriol Hormonal Imbalance

Estriol, also known as ‘oestriol,’ along with Estrone and Estradiol, is one of the three most important Estrogens produced in your body. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the monthly menses as well as feminine characteristics in a woman. A steroid, Estrogen is responsible for reproductive and sexual characteristics in females. Released by the ovaries, […]

Most Common Reasons for Elevated Cortisol Hormone Levels

Packing a big punch, Cortisol, is responsible for the well-being of both, your mind and body. Not only does it help your body combat stressful or anxious situations, it also keeps your blood pressure, insulin levels, and glucose metabolism under check. Perhaps that is why the American Medical Association (AMA) has reported that elevated […]

Detecting Cocaine Use – The Party Drug

Cocaine is a stimulant drawn from the Erythroxlyn coca plant. It affects the central nervous system and suppresses appetite and causes users to experience elevations in alertness, stamina, body temp, heart rate and a strong sense of euphoria. Due to its ease of use (cocaine can be sniffed, smoked, injected, and chewed among other things) […]