National Drug Control Strategy – Substance Abuse and Drug Use Statistics

The National Drug Control Strategy represents the US Government’s efforts towards reducing the harmful effects of illegal drug usage on society at large. The strategy does not believe in an enforcement system representing a kind of war on drugs; neither does it tilt towards legalization of drug usage. It believes that drug abuse is a […]

Substance Abuse & Homelessness

It is a common belief that substance abuse and homelessness are interlinked, but the nature of this linkage is something that is debated quite often. Does substance abuse lead to homelessness or does homelessness form the basis for substance abuse? A typical stereotype associated with the homeless population is that they are substance abusers and […]

Drug Abuse Information, Prevention and Treatment Resources

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) – is a U.S. federal-government scientific research institute whose mission is to “lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.” As part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, NIDA leads the nation in using […]

SAMHSA’s Health Information Network FAQ

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Health Information Network is the nation’s one-stop resource for information regarding substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment policies, programs, and practices.

Below are the frequently asked questions that will give you general information regarding the SAMHSA Health Information Network, as well as access to relevant resources.

What […]

National Substance Abuse Organizations

These past few years, the number of teenagers and adults abusing drugs has relatively decreased. However, despite the good news, the prevalence of drug use has continued to be a top problem in many countries around the globe.

With this, the government has supported national substance abuse organizations to fulfill the great deal of effort […]

National Substance Abuse Associations

Every country is surrounded by people with one common interest who come together to build up one united idea which are then link to larger business and organizations to form an associate of business professionals or enthusiast.

In the United States, one of the largest associations target drug and substance abuse among teenagers and adults. […]

Substance Abuse Organization by State

In a vast continent like America, various substance abuse organizations exist by state in order to immediately cater to the needs of the people in their designated areas. Especially that drug and substance abuse ruin the development of social and health condition, the substance organizations by state aim to improve the quantity and quality of […]

How to Become an Addiction Counselor (Drug / Alcohol & Others)

Addiction counselors play an indispensable role in the society. Their chief job is to give victims of drug and substance abuse addiction a new perspective in life by providing intent advices, guidelines for rehabilitation, prospect to change and hope to take part in the horde of productive individuals for the future. An addiction counselor’s job […]

Top 5 Summer Activities to Keep Your Teens Away From Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use

Some of the most common reasons why teens get involved in drugs are peer pressure, emotional and psychological pains, fitting in, socializing, and life transition. But did you know that boredom can also prompt them to experiment on drugs? This is precisely the reason why various anti-drug sectors focus on offering volunteer projects to keep […]

How Do Drug Courts Work? Terminology About Drug Courts in the USA

A Drug Court is a special type of court that is responsible for handling cases involving substance abuse offenders. It is an alternative approach of dealing with drug addicts. In a Drug Court, various service agencies converge and aim for the best possible results—to change the lives of these offenders for the better.

It is […]